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Tarot Card for the Day ~ November 21

November 20, 2009

Wheel of Fortune

Arthur’s Dream

 A really good card for a Saturday, ‘cos we can spend the weekend thinking about it, practicing a little bit and working out how to implement its advice scme the new week. 

 In pretty much any reading, Wheel of Fortune augurs well, especially for the immediate future.  It usually betokens a happy change of fortune and the beginning of a positive cycle. 

 Some readers would say, hop on!  Make the most of your life, NOW!!!!

 I agree with those interpretations, but my work with clients has prompted me to put a particular spin on that energy, no pun intended, for a change.  When the Wheel turns up I usually say something like,

 Look.  Take a moment.  Pay attention here. 

 You’re finally in a position to really be on top of the world, in the way you have wanted to be. 

 So first of all, let yourself believe in that.  Let yourself KNOW it.  Do what you need to do to move beyond doubt.  As I’ve said before, doubt kills more dreams than anything anyone else could possibly do.

 A special tweak to this, though, and it takes a bit of explanation. 

 The card says that over the years, and perhaps particularly in the recent past, you have learned tough lessons in hard ways. [Whenever I mention this aspect to a client, I almost always hear, “Damn right I have.”]  

One positive result of that is that you’ve developed a refined ability to pick up on and read the subtle vibrations of a situation – of situations in general – to a much greater extent than most people. 

This is a very effective tool for you right now. 

I repeat:

This is a very effective tool for you right now!!!! 

Honoring it, using it will be to your advantage.  Okay?  Are we on the same page here?

In fact, giving yourself permission to read and trust and use what you perceive about those subtle vibes (in an intelligent, I’m not gonna overload my mouth and blow my asshole up kinda way) is key to keeping yourself on top of the world. 

It will help you if pay attention to the fact that the Wheel of Fortune is always in spin, and remember you can move along with it at the right moments and in the right rhythm. By doing so you can keep yourself from losing your footing and being dumped into the moat.

As I’ve said before with this card, one of these days I’ll have to do an article listing some of the excuses I’ve heard, and… used, for not going with what we KNOW from reading the vibrations of a situation. [Like, “My boyfriend will find me annoying.  He doesn’t like to be contradicted.”  Get a clue, M’Dear.  He already finds you annoying.  And he’s gonna find you annoying ANYWAY!]  [Or, “She would never do that to me.  She’s my FRIEND.  She TOLD me so!”  Oyeah?  Betcha she already has.  Twice.] 

I’m not asking you to be paranoid — just honestly connected to the intuitive insights that come to you AS THEY COME TO YOU!   

There’s an old shamanic saying: “You know what you know.  Do what you know.” 

With the Wheel of Fortune, I’d tweak that a touch to say, “You know what you know.  Believe in what you know.  Act − in a skillful, respectful, savvy way − on what you know.”

Make sense?  Please?

Top o’ the world to ya!  Permanently!!

Bright blessings, joy, success and light!

Quote for the Day:  I have as much authority as the Pope, I just don’t have as many people who believe it.  ~ George Carlin

Today’s Weather:  Lemur-like wazzawiris.  Lumicate your panjandrum and keep it near the door. 

On This Date: 1877Thomas Edison announces his invention of the phonograph, a machine that can record and play sound. [Tommy can you HEAR me?]

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