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Tarot Card for the day ~ November 30

November 29, 2009
The Tower

Vortigern’s Fortress


This is the third time this card has shown up in November. 

That would lead me to believe some of us really do need to go back to the shop and hammer out a few of the most basic details about who we are, what we believe, what is the capital of Abyssinia [Sorry! Wrong movie!], what we want to build and why.  Or maybe we all need to do so, especially as we move into the emotional maelstrom that is the holidays.  Because the Tower has come to tweak our karma uh-gain! 

As I’ve written before, it’s such a valuable card.

So here we go.  I hope.  Pretty please.

This is definitely one of those OhBugger! kinda cards, [and we seem to be seeing them regularly of late, eh?] at least from its appearance. 

It’s one of those cards for which − by my interpretation, which veers a good piece from the norm − I’m supposed to tell you, “Ah, yes, yes, yes.  Don’t jump to conclusions.  Don’t leap before you look.  Really significant opportunities for growth here.” 

Remember the teachers (from High School Math types to your skating coach to Ram Dass to Sai Baba to Miss Laura on Romper Room to even President Obama) who have said that?  It always really means, “Get ready for some work!”  Even I admit that, and I have the honesty quotient of a watermelon.  In winter. 

Well, so, maybe that hard work thing IS the case here.  Maybe.  But with this card, it’s also a matter of IMPORTANT work that will be worth your time and attention for sure.   Hard work, maybe, but SO VERY meaningful.

Now, The Tower isn’t a dire card, at least not as I’ve been given to understand it – intuitively and through my experience with clients. 

But when my clients see it as it’s depicted in the Legend deck − a huge red dragon fighting a ginormous white one, completely destroying a massive royal fortress in the process – it sort of makes them go, “Eeep,” if not  “Holy St. Swithin,” suck in their breath,  swallow hard and say, “WTF!”  [That’s Westminster Tiramisu Foundation.]

So what’s different about my understanding of the card and what it offers?  I usually say something like:

“Okay, I know it looks scary, dragons fighting, castles blown to bits.  But really, it’s positive.


“The card is asking you examine yourself, your dreams and your being. 

“It’s saying, ‘Hey.  Stop for a minute.  Look at your life.  Think about it for a minute.  

“If you take your life down to its foundation, down to what’s REALLY important, what’s really essential to the you that is really you, then WHAT IS THAT TRUE FOUNDATION?  Who are you?  What are you?  What is it that you really have to build upon, and wish to build upon, this time around?  And, by the way, what will you build upon it?’”

This evaluation should be applied to every area of significance in your life, particularly those in which you’re experiencing some transition.  [Transition.  What a weenie word.  How about stress.  Or wobble.  Or outright caving in.  Better?)

What is the true foundation – for YOU:

What is the true foundation of career?

What is the true foundation of family?

What is the true foundation of relationships – of each and every kind, from the most intimate and powerful to minor friendships to the bagger at the grocery store?

What is the true foundation of joy?

What is the true foundation of spiritual connectedness?

What is the true foundation of physical health?

What is the true foundation of emotional health?

What is the true foundation of creativity?

What is the true foundation of home?

What is the true foundation of beauty?

And so on, all through the entire list: everything on your own personal list of areas of your life that are important to you. 

What IS the true foundation for YOU?

Once you know what your various true foundations are, then you can determine what you’d like to build upon them, how you want to do it, and what the best way is to go about it. 

And it’s perfectly okay if what you wish to build changes.  It can be a villa one week, a pagoda the next, a log cabin sometime next month and a fairy castle sometime after that.  So long as you know what your foundations are, and honor them, then what you are about building is and will be perfect.

What are your foundations in each area of your being?  How can you be mindful of them?  How can you stay mindful of them?  What do you wish to build upon them?  How can you begin today?  

Bright blessings and a deep, happy, helpful knowing of yourself!

Quote for the Day: Christmas crept into Pine Cove like a creeping Christmas thing: dragging garland, ribbon, and sleigh bells, oozing eggnog, reeking of pine, and threatening festive doom like a cold sore under the mistletoe.  ~ Christopher Moore from The Supidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror 

Today’s Weather:  Wampeters.  Miscognition. Paralapsed woomics.  You might as well just start the day with a jelly donut.  

On This Date: 1786 – Peter Leopold Joseph of Habsburg-Lorraine, Grand Duke of Tuscany, promulgates a penal reform making his country the first state to abolish the death penalty. For this, November 30 is commemorated by 300 cities around the world as Cities for Life Day.

And: 1954 – In Sylacauga, Alabama, United States, the Hodges Meteorite crashes through a roof and hits a woman taking an afternoon nap in the only documented case of a human being hit by a rock from space. [So keep a low profile.]