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Tarot Card for the Day ~ June 1

May 31, 2010

Four of Swords

Isolt of the White Hands

Fortune Cookie: Carve out some time to just be at peace, take it easy, do what’s comfortable and healing; just let the river flow on by.

Quite a lovely card for the first day of June ~ especially in a world that seems a tad overwhelmed (and maybe overwhelming) in many directions. 

Now, as I normally ask at the top of the post for this card:

Which one of y’all isn’t getting enough rest, enough recuperation, enough time far from the madding crowd? 

[Headline: Tarot Guy Blown Out Window by Draft as Readers All Raise Hands.]   

Look into this card and its advice, then, will ya?  But don’t just make it another item on an overly long to-do list.  Seek a way to make DIFFERENT choices.

The Four of Swords, then,  is a card of respite and recovery.  It speaks of moving from a stressful environment to a place of safety, calm and comfort. [Regular readers know I prefer under the bed if not under the floorboards.]

Some readers find that this card speaks of solitude or hermit’s repose.  Others see it as predicting renewal.

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, finds such things as healing, gentle soul searching, convalescing and regaining strength and direction in this card.  [And I’ve been finding a lot of clients the past month or so are expressing a feeling of lack of direction.  So Looky Here you guys!]

 To me, the Four of Swords says:

“Now!  Today! [Especially because it’s a Monday kind of Tuesday!] Make a mini-retreat!  Give yourself time and space to rest, recharge, recuperate.  As Anna-Marie Ferguson also says, this card recommends you leave a stressful, chaotic situation in order to clear the mind and reevaluate plans ~  so you can refine your sense of where you actually want to go!

Please be sure to carve out at least half an hour, if not most of the day, to just be at peace, take it easy, do what’s comfortable and healing as you let the river (and pretty much everything else) flow by. 

Bright blessings, peace, calm and healing!

Quote for the Day:   Be here now.  ~ Ram Dass

Today’s Weather:  Eddie Poe, angling for a metaphor. 

On This Date: 1494Friar John Cor records the first known written reference to a batch of scotch whisky.

And: 1815Napoleon swears fidelity to the Constitution of France.

Heh, heh, heh.    Heh, heh heh.


Tarot Card for the Day ~ May 31

May 31, 2010

Queen of Spears


Focus for the Day:  What is your unique personal sacred quest?  How can you recommit to it, know it more fully, and take a concrete step toward it today? How can you open to that in you which is compassionate, kind, healing, artistic, gentle, honorable, mystical – and let those qualities become the pillars of your strength?

We last saw this card toward the end of January.  And it’s such a valuable card for our world at this time, so I’m grateful to have it come ’round again. 

Some readers find the Queen of Spears to be a dark, kind, friendly and honorable woman, or any person whose energy reflects those qualities.  Others see her as a person of deep spiritual strength, one who encourages the higher aspirations of others.  I like that.  Still others find her to be the archetypal shepherdess,  or one known for mysticism and visionary experiences. 

I perceive the Queen of Spears to be the card of the feminine sacred questAlthough most people don’t know it or remember it – even the ones who have read Arthurian legends since childhood – there was one lone woman who was among those who quested for the Holy Grail. 

She was Dindrane, Percivale’s sister.  A princess and an anchoress − in Christianity, a woman who chooses to withdraw from the world to live a solitary life of prayer − she was a most helpful director, motivator and advisor to the only three knights who did in fact ultimately achieve the Grail.  

In our culture, as in most cultures over the past 5,000 years, it is generally the guys who go off questing, pursuing the sacred, etc., etc., etc. blah, blah, blah.  Or at least it’s the fellas whose stories get told.  Time for that to change, and also time for us, umm… penile Americans to aspire to, embrace and foster the divine feminine.

So today, and throughout the summer season at the very least:

Ladies: each of you, what is your unique personal sacred quest?  How can you recommit to it, know it more fully, and take a concrete step toward it today?

Gentlemen: how can you open to that in you which is congruent with the energy of the Divine Feminine — compassionate, kind, healing, artistic, gentle, honorable, mystical – and let those qualities become the pillars of your strength?

Bright blessings and the touch of the beautifully and deeply sacred!

Quote for the Day: …we can not dedicate, we can not consecrate, we can not hallow this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract.  ~ Abraham Lincoln

Today’s Weather:  The fae weep. 

On This Date: 1759 – The Province of Pennsylvania bans all theater productions.  [A. Maz. Ing!]

Tarot Card for the Day ~ May 30

May 30, 2010

Six of Shields

Castle of Maidens

Fortune Cookie: Know what you would bring back to your life.  Know that this moment is the time when that renewal, that reconnection, that return, can begin. 

Listen, people.  Really. It’s Sunday fer Guinness sake! So I keep trying very hard to tell you this isn’t about the scene with Zoot, Dingo and Sir Galahad in  “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” 

The one with the dialogue that goes

Dingo: You must spank her well, and after you are done with her, you may deal with her as you like… and then… spank me.
All the Maidens: And me. And me too. And me.
Dingo: Yes. Yes, you must give us all a good spanking.  And after the spanking, sex.
Galahad: Well, I could stay a bit longer…

Lancelot dashes in, knocks the maidens away and pulls Galahad from the castle.

Sir Lancelot: We’re in the nick of time. You were in great peril.
Sir Galahad: I don’t think I was.
Sir Lancelot: Yes, you were. You were in terrible peril.
Sir Galahad: Look, let me go back in there and face the peril.
Sir Lancelot: No, it’s too perilous.
Sir Galahad: Look, it’s my duty as a knight to sample as much peril as I can.
Sir Lancelot: No, we’ve got to find the Holy Grail. Come on.
Sir Galahad: Oh, let me have just a little bit of peril?
Sir Lancelot: No. It’s unhealthy.


But it’s not THAT scene. 


And although the Arthurian Castle of Maidens story may have led to about the kind of scenes you’d have expected from the Pythons (see above), the real legend − and the meaning of the card − is actually very good, very kind, very positive. 

[And completely without spandex, not even of any kind.] 


Pretty much any reader will tell you that the Six of Shields betokens generosity, charitable acts and material gain.  Some might also indicate that it’s a sign that you will soon reach a position where you feel you can help others.  (Always good!)

In my readings, I’m often intuitively prompted to take the interpretation a bit farther and in a slightly different direction.  [Which of you nastynoses said, “What else is new?”] I’m likely to say something like:

Okay. Yo!  Focus for a minute!

Let your inner vision move back and forth in time across your life. 

Something that is yours by right

that was lost or taken from you

will be restored to you in full. 

So today, right now, this moment let yourself attend to what that might be and how it can most happily be brought into being.   

This card can apply to many different aspects of life [and really is very timely during Springtime, when we worry that things aren’t as happy and bright as our ideals would ask]:

~ the artist who (thinks he) has lost his Muse

~ the investor who (fears she) has lost her basis

~ the manager who (believes he) has lost connection to his artistry

~ the writer who (worries she) has lost her hope of prosperity

It can even imply a return of misappropriated property, a renewal of a sundered relationship, or the reopening of a realm of hopefulness that seemed long gone.

So the important thing to do is − without bludgeoning yourself!! − scan your life and acknowledge what it is you fear has been lost to you, or what you have in fact lost. Then let yourself understand that TODAY is the day you can renew that connection, revivify that dream, and reconnect with that hope. 

By the way, some readers feel that this card tells us to be attentive to the possibility of helpful intervention by/through positive masculine energy.  So keep an eye out for that.  And if it’s there, for God’s sake, accept it!

Know what you would bring back to your life.  Know that this moment is the time when that renewal, that reconnection, that return, can begin.  Go from there!

Bright blessings, joy and light! 

Thought for the Day:  It is necessary to posit something which is necessary of itself, and has no cause of its necessity outside of itself but is the cause of necessity in other things. And all people call this thing God. ~ Thomas Aquinas   [Huh?]

 Today’s Weather:  Mixed postulants. Over behind the impatiens.  Throw a bucket o’ water on ’em! 

On This Date: 1859 – Westminster’s Big Ben rang for the first time in London.

This is the 150th day of the year.  Time to start work on your New Year’s resolutions?  


Tarot Card for the Day ~ May 29

May 28, 2010

The Priestess


Fortune Cookie:  Know your magic. (Know you’re magic!Own your magic.  (Own you’re magic!Do what’s necessary for you to be and feel inspired.  Then use your magic consciously to benefit yourself and others.

Hmmmmm… The Priestess last appeared for us just twenty four days ago. And as I see it, it’s a wonderful magic-of-any-season-kinda-card. Perfect for the informal beginning of Summer, then, yes? So give ye a goode and attent ear here.  Or there.  Or wherever.

In general, The Priestess is seen as a keeper of secrets, of ancient or arcane wisdom.

She is also known as a wielder of strong intuitive powers.  So, this would be a good time to let your intuition guide you − try not to get in its way!

[So I suppose this would be a good day to get a reading.  Or to schedule one, anyhow!

Some readers would say mystical studies may also appeal to you at this time, and you could take up the study of subjects such as astrology, tarot or other esoteric knowledge. And that incredible gifts await you. All you have to do is acknowledge that within lies all knowledge. There is some sense to this last bit ALWAYS!

Or, if it wasn’t a weekday, this would be a superb day to go to the Art Museum and just hang out among the unsurpassably beautiful power objects from other times, places and dimensions.  Basking in their amazing vibrations can be spiritually empowering, and just sitting with them can alter your state of consciousness as profoundly as purposeful meditation.  Or go in with your favorite MP3 meditation, and sit by something that sets your soul on fire. Try it.  Really. You’ll be amazed!

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, sees The Priestess as indicating inspiration and a powerful connection with the collective unconscious or world soul.  Also, astute psychic ability.  A good time for it, as the coming of spring brings periods where the realms of magic open for us!  There can also be elements of a need for solitude today, so honor that if you feel it and if you can.

Finally, the Priestess is recognized as one who can walk fully and successfully in two worlds – that of ordinary reality and its people, and that the of the higher realms and the Fay.  [Time to read old books about Findhorn again, maybe? (  Or get to know Perelandra (]

When this card turns up for a client, I usually offer something like,

The Priestess is an important role model.  She owns her magic and uses it for her benefit and for the good of those she loves. 

So, one of the critical questions that I often finding myself working through with clients is, “What IS your magic?”  You can’t own it if you haven’t even identified it and been willing to stake a claim to it. 

And don’t try to weenie out of the discussion by assuming I’m ONLY talking about Dumbledore-caliber ceremonial high magic.

So what IS your magic

Is it a gift for healing from your hands or in your soothing voice? 

Is it a long-developed ability to coax amazing music from even the most beat-up old piano (or guitar, or flute, or djembe)? 

Is it a capacity to write clearly and with passion about things that would normally be a complete yawn? 

Is it the knack to lighten the mood of a tense meeting with a smile and an off-the-wall analogy?  

Is it a love for numbers that helps a not-for-profit manage its razor thin margin? 

Is it a talent for teaching and inspiring? 

Is it an ability to grow moss in the desert or sell refrigerators to an Inuit?

What is your magic?  It’s what you love to do, and what lifts people around you when you do it, or what allows them some hope and healing because you do it − even if you’re stuffed away in a cubbyhole somewhere.   

Know your magic. 

(Know you’re magic!) 

Own your magic. 

(Own you’re magic!) 

Do what’s necessary for you to be and feel inspired.  Then use your magic consciously to benefit yourself and others.


Bright blessings, light and 


Quote for the Day: A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.  ~ James Dent

Today’s Weather: An inebriated and befuddled piskie down past the holly hedge.  Spare the poor feller some vanilla porter.  

Pixie by HaleyDavis.jpg

On This Date: 1913Igor Stravinsky‘s ballet score The Rite of Spring receives its premiere performance in Paris, provoking a riot.

Tarot Card for the Day ~ May 28

May 27, 2010

Queen of Shields


Fortune Cookie:  Ask yourself, “What is really important?  Now how do I attend to that?  And how can I do it really, really well?”

Hmmm…  The King of Shields showed up just a week ago.  And he and the Queen have a lot in common.  It’s obvious people need to attend much more exclusively to the things that are really important to attend to.  Do I have your attention now?  Eh?


Other readers find this card indicates opulence, generosity, liberty, security, and perhaps even greatness of soul.  Always good stuff.

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck I use, sees it betokening a sensible, considerate woman (or person), an effective advocate, one who uses her considerable influence and power to help those less fortunate.  [Find me one such.  And send her my way as ye marketinge manageress!]

So if that’s the kind of energy you’re hoping to find and/or embody today, JUMP IN!

In working with my clients, I’ve come to see the Queen of Shields as very strongly paralleling the King of Shields.

This is, therefore what I call the card of the Good Queen.  [For those of you old enough to get the reference, I’ve also occasionally called it “the Harriet Nelson card.”]

This is the queen who understands that her mission is to care for the health of her kingdom – perhaps behind the scenes, perhaps boldly and with great fanfare − and to help take care of her subjects so that they generally can take care of themselves.

She knows how the crops are growing, how the children are faring, whether the creatures are well, if the King’s men are living up to their obligations and so on.  She’s perfectly comfortable taking the limelight, and will be sweet or brash about it as will best serve the kingdom, but she does not seek it for herself and does not actually give a brass farthing for it except as a tool for doing good. 

Like the King, the hard lesson she has learned is that there will always be more things asked of her than she can possibly fulfill, more things in need of attention than she can possibly do.  She has, therefore, come to understand and be comfortable with the necessity of allocating resources, caring and effort in such a way as will provide the greatest return and benefit to her King and the kingdom.

In her world, it IS NOT the squeakiest wheel that gets the grease; it’s the wheel whose repair is most significant and valuable to the King, the people and the land.

So, beginning today, how should you come to understand better the myriad workings of your kingdom?  (What, in fact, IS your kingdom?)  And how do you need to give yourself in a functional, practical way permission to attend to that which is really MOST IMPORTANT rather than that which seems MOST URGENT (or most annoying) in order to keep your kingdom’s balance, harmony and prosperity at the forefront of your rule?  What do you need to let go of, or let go fallow, or let go to hell, for that matter, in order for the stuff you truly came here to do to get done and get done well?   

So ask yourself, “What is really important?  Now how do I attend to that?  And how can I do it really, really well?”

Bright blessings as you rule all you survey!

Quote for the Day:  For NASA, space is still a high priority.  ~ J. Danforth Quayle [Good.  God.]

Today’s Waethyr: Dandelion pie.  Whipped fluffymuffins.  Toad tweezles.

On This Date: 1892 – In San Francisco, California, John Muir organizes the Sierra Club.

Tarot Card for the Day ~ May 27

May 27, 2010

Page of Cups

The Salmon

Saw this fellow last in the beginning of December! It’s a card with counsel that’s good for a regular reminding.

In Celtic legend, Salmon was considered the wisest of all creatures.  He dwelt in a great well overhung by the Hazel, the tree of knowledge.  As the fruit (hazel nuts) of the tree dropped into the well, Salmon ate of them and grew greater and deeper and truer in wisdom.

When this card shows up for a client, I share about the legend and then say something like,

First of all, this card is a call to find meaningful opportunities to seek wisdom and increase your knowledge – scholarly pursuits may be perfect just now.  So get started on that immediately if you feel some call to do so. 

Beyond that, Page of Cups is a card of creativity.  So be prepared to explore how you may begin or expand creative projects starting today.   

And in many traditions,  The Fish represents spirituality.  Salmon is one of the only creatures on the Earth who returns to its place of  birth to procreate.  So this card speaks of a primal, powerful drive toward reconnection with Source − with the Divine, with Ultimate Reality, whatever name you choose to give to it.  Or perhaps a drive to return to a place you consider sacred — perfect given the season, no?

Some readers find the Page of Cups represents

a fair young person,


an imaginative, reflective, inspiring friend

So if any of these pop up in meaningful ways today [including via an email Tarot card, already], eagerly accept the gifts they bring.        

What this card recommends and requests, all in all, is

Know what wisdom you seek.   

Begin or ramp up your search or endeavor now.

Give your creativity more free play in your life.

Open to very solid and inspiring reconnection with Source in beautiful, meaningful, transcendent ways.




Bright blessings, grace and peace!


Quote for the Day: Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.  ~ Buddha

Today’s Weather:  Piscatorial chinchillas posing as small aardvarks all amid the gloamin’ sa gae!  

On This Date:  Circa 563 BC –The birthday of the Buddha.  Among Buddhist holidays, this day is the most important.  [Me, I’m looking forward to gathering with the family beneath a tinsel covered Bodhi Tree and sharing gifts of Enlightenment, followed by a big breakfast!]  


Tarot Card for the Day ~ May 27

May 26, 2010

Ten of Cups


Fortune Cookie: Stretch the fabric of your reality by thoroughly embracing the miraculous in your existence.  Remember though: it can’t be a half-assed embrace. 


This card last turned for us less than three weeks ago.  And it’s a terrific, wonderful card.  So before you read my interpretation…

What does this card say to YOU?  What do you see in it, just uniquely FOR YOU?  What legends come back to you?  What old hopes?  What dreams?  What is YOUR interpretation of the card? 

And what will you do with THAT today?


Getting back to my chattering, tens in any Tarot deck betoken

the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, or even

the end of one way of life and the beginning of another. 

So, when this card comes up in a reading for a clients, I ask them to consider how the things they are experiencing – and more importantly, what they have begun to seek in life just now – represent the potential end of a cycle and moving into something wonderful, new, even miraculous.  [You know.  Like me having something new to say about a card for a change.  Or something.]

How can you acknowledge the end of a cycle?

How can you recognize that the end of this cycle is a positive thing, and is “just in time/just at the right time?”

How can you own the potential to move into something wonderful and powerful and new? 

Aaaaaaaah, [ha ha ha hahaha] but there’s more to it. [Of course.  Right?]

I consider the Ten of Cups to be one of the two great WISH cards of the deck.  

 So, when this card turns  – after I stop beaming at the client and stop wondering why it hasn’t come up in a reading for me lately − I usually say something like:

Ohboy!  Ohboy!   Ohboy!  [Sometimes I’m subject to bursts of enthusiasm.]  You shall most assuredly indeed have comfort, joy, healing and delight − perhaps through what may seem almost miraculous intervention –


  IF you are clear within yourself about what your wishes truly are,

IF you truly believe in the goodness and the justness of your wishes,

IF you allow yourself to truly believe in miracles,

AND IF you hold true to your miraculous quest, moment by moment by moment, no matter how farfetched or hopeless it may seem, no matter how misunderstood you and your quest may be by everyone else.

[Corbenic, as I’ve said before, is one of the names given to the castle in which the Holy Grail resided until the Grail knights achieved their sacred quest.  The Grail Kings, guardians of the Grail, held to their family’s sacred mission for hundreds of years on faith and belief in the miracles to come.]

The Universe smiles on those who stretch the fabric of our reality by thoroughly embracing the miraculous in their existence.  Remember though: it can’t be a half-assed embrace.  You have to really reach out and take hold.  You have to let yourself KNOW that the miraculous operates in your life NOW

So, as I’ve said before, it might be very useful to go through today repeating at least a thousand times,

“I create miracles. My life IS miracles. Our world is miracles.”

Because you do, and it is.  With every breath, every thought, every hope, every smile, there are millions of miracles being born within and through you.

Let the Universe see that you believe in miracles, and watch what unfolds.

Bright blessings!  And miracles!

Quote for the Day:  I believe we are on an irreversible trend toward more freedom and democracy – but that could change.    ~ Dan Quayle

Today’s Weather:  Near record… something.  Highs.  Lows.  Middles.  Something. 

On This Date: 1933 – The Walt Disney Company releases the cartoon The Three Little Pigs, with its hit song “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Tarot Card for the Day ~ May 25

May 25, 2010

Eight of Cups

Chapel Perilous


Fortune Cookie: refuse to be confined, repressed, dimmed by anything or anyone – especially yourself!

This card last popped up for the blog at the beginning of February. It’s one that has a lot of helpful direction to it.  It is, however, another one of those cards that sets clients awhimperin’ just from the visuals.  [Except for those who are superGoth.  They just ask for directions so they can find the place.  And whether there is an app for the thing.]

The card, you see, (at least in the deck I use) portrays a wayfaring knight who has ridden into a lonely chapel to protect himself and his steed from a furious storm. He notices that the altar is without any adornment, save for a large, brightly flaming  golden candle. As he waits, and drips, he sees a giant, clawed, monstrous hand reach in through the window high above the altar and make to extinguish the light.

What a swell and encouraging image.  Yes?

Anyway, some readers believe the Eight of Cups conveys either turning away from felicity and celebration, or the exact opposite [I guess it depends which side of bed the reader fell out of].  Others believe this is a card that calls for the querent (questioner) to look for a deeper meaning in life; it betokens a time for soul searching

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, finds this card to be about abandoning a path, a change of plans, and escaping an unhealthy situation, among other things.  I can work with those meanings.

Of course, I have my own particular take on the card.  When it turns up for a client,  once I have gotten them to calm back down from the impact of the visual, I usually say things like

~ Do not let anyone or anything – especially yourself − put a bushel basket over your light.

~ Do not allow anyone or anything – especially yourself or your perception of your self − hold you under its thumb.

If necessary:



Go elsewhere. Hastily.

Try something else.

Reach out for other options. 

Rework your priorities and take life from there.



Today, refuse to be confined, repressed, dimmed by anyone or anything – especially yourself!

Bright blessings and an open path to your true self!

Thought for the Day:  Politics: “Poli” a Latin word meaning “many”; and “tics” meaning “bloodsucking creatures”.   ~  Robin Williams

Today’s Weather:  Mainly rumpled.  Iron your stiltskin.  Carefully!

On This Date: 1787 – In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, delegates convene a Constitutional Convention to write a new Constitution for the United States. George Washington presides.


Tarot Card for the Day ~ May 24

May 24, 2010

Four of Shields

King Mark

Fortune Cookie: Believe in yourself.  Believe in your dreams.  Help give them focus in ordinary reality by working closely and deeply with insights from someone who can TRULY help be an architect of their creation. 

Oh.          Oh.           Oh. 

Bugger.    Bugger.     Bugger.

Okay.  Look, Universe.  I know there are messages I have trouble hearing.  But really, do ya hafta lay this one on me again already?  We only saw it Saturday, already. My throat is still hoarse from seeing the thing and screaming  Arrrrrr rrrrrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  hhh!!!!

[Spirit of full disclosure:  you might wanna take a couple Tylenol before you try to wade through my interpretation of this card.  Or a couple mushrooms.  Celebrex.  Something.]

I suppose I say O. B. O. B. O. B. because this is a card that always gives me hives and reflux.  No attitude to have, perhaps, but the card leads me to say rude things and argue with God when it turns up for me.  So I suppose I better pay [even more] attention [than normal] here.  And if I must, you must.  I’m not dealing with this all by myself.  So there!

I feel MUCH better now.  Thanks!

Where were we?

The Four of Shields is, in part, a card about strategic planning with really honest, true, deep objectivity.  [I’m an Aquarian.  Need I say more?  See two words in red above.]

As I have confessed before on this blog, I can come up with a brilliant, elegant project planning and tracking system for you if you like.  Just don’t expect me to use the [bleepin’] thing.  That scenario literally happened in an organization I worked for many years ago. 

Anyway, as I say pretty much every time the Four of Shields turns up:

This is one of those cards that clients, particularly intuitive, artistic clients, find incredibly less than charming when it shows in a reading. 

It IS, after all a very

Be grounded in ordinary reality

as you work to take the next steps on your path

until you are soaring –

so eventually you CAN soar

as you deserve to

kind of messenger.

But remember, O artistes, intuitivoes and others of our ilk [and I use the term ilk with the greatest of affection], there are times grounded behavior can be beneficial. And hardly painful at all.  Mostly.  I’ve heard. 

[By the way, on that grounded until you get soaring thing: if, as you’ll see below, a key element of this card is to get yourself a wonderful mentor, why do we sometimes have trouble with wanting to do that or following through on it?  

Is it because we’re not clear enough about who we really are and what our goal actually is?  Hmmmmm…?   

And I ask again,  Hmmmmm…?

And I say again,



Because, you know, part of the REASON to hook up with a mentor is so that you can take an honest look at what some realistic goals might be − for the next part of your path, anyway.  And sometimes we’re afraid those goals won’t seem good enough, to us or to others.

Well… Flux that Shitake!!!!  {Cleaned that one up.  Yup! Yup! Yup!}

No matter how high or low the goal, it’s still a matter of one step at a time, over and over again.  And the mentor can help you see that in a useful, perhaps even kindly and encouraging way.  And perhaps help you get a handle on who you really are/who you’re trying to become as well.]    

Where was I? 

Oh.  Okay.

For me the Four of Shields basically says:

~ Be prepared to become concrete in your planning,

    at least for the moment

    [and don’t beat up on yourself if it ain’t easy]

~ Do this in the following way:

~ Find someone who is an acknowledged expert in

   what you seek to achieve, and/or who is a

   respected (especially by you) wizard in the successful

   laying out of the kind of path you seek to walk

~ Work together closely, over some time to develop

   YOUR plan

~ Follow that plan.  And follow it carefully,

  at least for some time into the foreseeable future 

  until you will naturally and inevitably soar.  

Once upon a time, this whole process was called, simply, Get yourself an amazing and powerful Mentor!  And listen to that mentor’s guidance!  AND FOLLOW THROUGH ON IT!!!! And that can still apply here.

In this blog, if you’ve been around for a bit, you know that I’ve used John Lennon and the Beatles as illustrations of following your bliss despite predictions of failure.  (And if you’ve already read this story at least three times, READ IT AGAIN!  Otherwise it’s back to hustling pay-as-you-go cell phones for you.  Right?) 

Well, aside from the fact that the Beatles were brilliant to the point of magical, they also were able to make some of their first huge leaps because of Brian Epstein

He was a superb businessman and their manager beginning in 1962.  He married his ordinary-reality-based magic to his aspirations to be a major player on the music scene and to the Beatles incomparable artistry and passion.  And the world was changed.

Now, maybe you don’t have a Brian-the-Wizard to pull out of your hat. Yet.  But who and what DO you have?  How can you access him/her/them?  Give it some thought today, and take that concrete and valuable baby step along the path by actually accessing them!

Believe in yourself.  Believe in your dreams.  Help give them focus in ordinary reality by working closely and deeply with insights from someone who can help be an architect of their creation. 

Bright blessings and tremendous success! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! YEAH!!!  

Quote for the Day: I was the kid next door’s imaginary friend. ~ Emo Philips

Today’s Weather:  Mild darkness early will evolve into prolonged darkness overnight.  In case you didn’t know.   

On This Date: 1626Peter Minuit buys Manhattan.

Tarot Card for the Day ~ May 23

May 23, 2010

Ace of Swords

Sword of Strange Hangings 

Fortune Cookie:  Undertake a quest for a new beginning in a way that is firm yet considerate of the law: WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!  

This is a card that turned for us just over a month ago. And just a month before that. And less than two weeks before that.  So, aside from me, IS THERE ANYBODY NOT PAYING SUFFICIENT ATTENTION TO THIS CARD?  I mean it.  Really!  Own up.  Right.  Attention.  Right?  Right. 


All right, boys and girls, ALL TOGETHER NOW:

Aces in any Tarot deck are cards of a new beginning.


~ How can you (how do you need to) begin your life anew, today, right now?

~ What changes can you begin, even in ways that may seem small? 

~ What potentials can you believe in, hope for, reach for and remember?

When the Ace of Swords comes up in a reading, as it did in a big way for a client earlier this week, I say something like:

Your new beginning has to do with going on an adventure, of giving yourself permission to go after something that really sets your heart and soul on fire. 

Please understand, if you undertake this quest, it very well may involve the release of some element of your life that no longer serves you. 

Should you find that to be the case, strive to let the release be as quick and clean as possible, a very skillful surgery.”

I’ll stand by that. 

But as I’ve worked with clients who have had this card come up, I’ve also come to perceive that the adventure, the new beginning and the release tend to have an aspect of destiny to them: we often find that the person has reached a point where they must make some choices to move forward in order to evolve as their life offers them the potential to do. 

And what I often see is, in doing so, they do very well to remember that even big changes can be initiated and made without creating negative karma.  And I’m going to keep telling myself that until I believe it.

By the way, I have also found that this card betokens a positive outcome for skillfully undertaken literal surgery. 

(And for some people, the adventure they decide to go on, and the “surgery” of the release they decide to make, can lead to a profound healing of the romantic side of life as well.)

What is your new beginning?  What adventure does your destiny call you to − beginning today?   What may you be called to release? 

Undertake your quest in a way that is firm yet considerate of the law:



Bright blessings and joyous adventures!

Quote for the Day:  Oh, you hate your job? Why didn’t you say so? There’s a support group for that. It’s called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.  ~ Drew Carey [Whose birthday is May 23.] 

Today’s Weather:  Intermittent breakfronts with jelling grout.  Cooler near places and people that are.  

On This Date: 1829Accordion patent granted to Cyrill Demian in Vienna[Not something you hear about every day.]