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Working with ANY Dream

September 30, 2008

Working with ANY Dream


If you haven’t already developed an ongoing dreamwork practice, these twelve questions can help you explore and reveal the meaning of any dream.


1.  What Was I Just Thinking?  For some people, especially those new to dreamwork, the question “What did I dream?” can seem heavy, fraught with consequence.  It may be easier to begin with a gentle “Now what was I just thinking?” to start the process. 


2.  What’s the Weather?  How you’re feeling, not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually, can be a valuable indicator about the meaning and the importance of the dream.  (If I dream of being a gladiator in the ring, there will be tremendous difference to the dream’s meaning if I wake up feeling elated and empowered rather than battered, hopeless and defeated.) So, are you sunny, stormy, fogged in, misty, etc?


3.  What Pops In?  Do you have any immediate associations (whether strong or not) prompted by any of the persons, images or situations in the dream?


4.  What’s Been On Your Mind, Lately?  What’s going on in your life, and what themes have been surfacing in your personal, emotional, physical and spiritual evolution?  Our dreams offer us a safe process to work out our changes, and provide insight to guide us. 


5.  What If It’s Real?   Sometimes dreams are warnings.  How closely does the dream correspond to something that could actually, literally, happen exactly as illustrated?


6.  What Is the Cast of Characters?  Many dreamwork traditions specify that every object in a dream is a character in that dream (like the dancing mushrooms in a Disney movie). Note the ones that resonate for you in a special way.  Note as many as you feel drawn to remember.


7.  What Symbols Speak?  Anyone and anything in a dream can be symbolically important: a chair, a bird or a motorcycle, let alone a cave, a highway, a snake.  Before you run off to Google “snow leopard,” give yourself some time to ask yourself, “What does ‘snow leopard’ represent to me?”  Work it through, and see what this new awareness brings to the dream.  Then, Google it for additional cultural insights if you wish.


8.  What Would You Do If…?  What would do if you were an infinitely wise and powerful being?  How would you change the dream?  Who and what would you question, and what would you ask, to correct the situation or to obtain deeper meaning?


9.   What Layers Can You Perceive?  Every dream has multiple meanings. Is this truth readily perceptible?  If it’s a really juicy dream with a lot to it, what meanings do you perceive as you go back to re-explore it again and again? 


10. What Wisdom Is Offered?  Does the dream answer any questions, offer any transformative guidance?  If your dream was an angelic being sent to direct to you for healing, comfort and growth, what would its gift be? 


11. What Would Give the Dream Life?  How can you get closer to your dream, and bring its vibration into ordinary reality?  Write it as a poem, or write a poem about it?  Draw it?  Sing it? Dance it?  Obtain an object that reminds you of it?    


12.  What Will Honor the Dream?  How might you wish to change your day, your attitude, your life to take advantage of the wisdom and healing the dream has brought?  What will you do?


Brightest blessings!


© 2006, 2008 Stephen Neal Szpatura


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Card for the Day ~ October 1

September 30, 2008

King of Spears

King Pellinore

The card of the Renaissance Man (or Renaissance Woman).  Look for, or give yourself permission to have, a restless curiosity that thrives by going in many different directions.  But remember, the characteristic that distinguishes a true Renaissance Being from a dibbler-dabbler is the commitment to explore deeply, to develop true expertise in the interests that call out to you.  Deeper learning and wisdom, not just fakin’ it or cramming to get by, are required here.

Brightest blessings!

Card for the Day ~ September 30

September 30, 2008

Ace of Swords

The Sword of Strange Hangings 

Aces in any Tarot deck are cards of a new beginning.  How can you (how do you need to) begin your life anew, today, right now? What changes can you begin, even in small ways?  What potentials can you believe in, hope for, reach for and remember?

The Ace of Swords says take a risk in the nature of a spiritual adventure.  And if aspects of your life must be released, do it quickly, cleanly, surgically to free yourself from oppression.  And remember: DON’T be your own worst oppressor!

Brightest blessings! 

A Healing Story

September 30, 2008

Five Magic Seeds


This morning I awoke and knew without question it is right and good to seek the help of our village healer.  At last! 

I walked the long, winding road to her cottage out in the country.  As I passed through the gateway in the huge old hedge that separated her land from the road I smelled a livening, potent scent of countless herbs and flowers.  I slowly strode across the long, long garden to her porch, stepped up and knocked on the door.

She came out and we sat in the cool, airy shade of an arbor, chatting comfortably about the beauty of the summer soon to come.  I sensed her scanning me, body, mind and soul and opened myself to her examination.  After a time, she stood and walked back into the house, returning a few minutes later with a glass of cool scented herbal tea in one hand and two little cloth packets tied with purple ribbons in the other.

She handed me the glass and one tiny bundle.  I opened it and saw five seeds of varying size and shape, each different than the other.

“Swallow them down, one at a time, each with a separate sip of tea,” she said.  “Taste them.  Sense them.  Let them become a part of your being.”

And so I did, taking the first onto my tongue.  I let it sit there, savoring the taste, scent and weight of it. I became aware of its life force moving into my own, propping up, strengthening, healing.  And so with each in turn until I had swallowed all five.

 “The first is for wisdom and clarity,” she said, “the second for courage.  One is for deep, true and growing connection to Life Force, that which brings all actions and beings and things together as one.  One is for peace of mind.  And the last imbues hope for the future, a key to every healing.”

She closed her eyes, smiled and gently held the other bundle in both her hands, as though hugging a dear friend and saying, “Farewll.”

“These are exactly the same as the others.  Take them and plant them around your home, that you may not only feel their power within but moment by moment see and smell, touch and taste their beauty, their power and their presence in your life and in your mending.”

She smiled at me much as she had at the seeds, touched my hand and walked me out through the garden to the hedge.  I returned home and created my garden of healing within and without.  It will take me into the future.

Card for the Day

September 29, 2008

Seven of Spears: Arch of the Twelve Kings

Utter, total complete victory after a series of long, draining battles. 

Overcoming opposition.  Defending a noble vision.

A Tarot Card for This Blog: The Nine of Shields

September 24, 2008

Nine of  Shields: The Lady Ragnell
Magical transformation
through love
by being given
(or giving one’s self)
to do what you really want to do 
and be who you really are.
Foresight brings success!
Adhering to one’s values. 
Diplomacy, prudence and honor. 
Fulfilling obligations. 

Honoring a promise brings fortune!