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Tarot Card for the Day ~ November 16

November 15, 2009

Eight of Shields


I’m always almost deliriously happy whenever this card shows up in a reading or on this blog.  It’s a card with SO much potential, and so much useful direction ~ if only we’d actually follow it! 

I always tell my clients that Eight of Shields is the card of magical work. 

And you can interpret that as magical WORK

or MAGICAL work

(Or both, of course.  But, as I always request, feel it through for a minute and see if one doesn’t resonate more strongly, at least for today.)

So, let’s assume you focus on the first interpretation, magical WORK. 

Well then, you need to be engaged in, or actively seeking (because that counts, too), employment that is so perfect for you it isn’t like work, it’s like magic.  It’s such a joy when you are doing what you’re doing in the way you’re doing it with the people you’re doing it with, when it’s so right that you can hardly wait to roll out of bed to get at it every morning. 

As I’ve said before, believe it or not, those kind of careers and positions do actually exist.  I’ve had that experience, even in the corporate world, and it’s wonderful!  And it didn’t require handing anyone a small, extravagantly decorated hand grenade.  Hardly ever, ennyway.

So if a really soul-deep happy work scenario is not in your life now:

a.)  It’s likely in part because you don’t KNOW what you’d really love to do, or

b.)  You’re unwilling to admit to yourself what it is that you’d really love to do, and/or

c.)  You won’t let yourself believe that you could actually, successfully, happily have that in your life without starving, and so

d.)  You’re not letting yourself hold out for what you’d really love to do, or even

e.)  You’re not letting yourself figure out what baby steps would help take you in that direction, or

f.)  something, fergawdsake! 

Who CARES if you’re too old to be a Mouseketeer? 

If that’s what would really light up the universe for you, at least start down the path and see what the job placement elves put at your feet. 

But you’ve gotta be honest with yourself about your career ideals first!

Ah, but let’s assume it was the MAGICAL work interpretation that rang your chimes. 

Well then, what kind of regular, ongoing personal ritual, or ceremony, or magic or prayerwork are you doing in your life to bring about what you want in the world?

[Well why not?]

[What do you mean, “Such as?”

Well, such as burning the right color candles in the right phases of the moon with the right kind of prayer for financial abundance. 

Or getting the Feng Shui of your house together and in line with your desire to have (positive) fame in your life. 

Or even making the time every day to use guided meditation/guided imagery CDs to help boost your immune system and help increase your energy to help you engage in your own career revolution. 

Your magical work is exactly that: YOUR magical work.  For you it may be prayer, or shamanic journeys, or herbal-infused spellwork, or whatever floats your magical/spiritual boat.  But do it.  DO IT!

And think about really working with both interpretations (magical WORK + MAGICAL work = MAGICAL LIFE!) together. 

Move toward your magical WORK, and let your MAGICAL work help get you there more quickly, and keep you happier, more connected, more fulfilled while you work on getting there.  It’ll make the world better for you, and everyone and everything.

Bright blessings and magical blissings!

Quote for the Day:  Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. ~ Scott Adams

Today’s Weather: Bangles protruding across intermittent nymphadoras.  Pestilential vapors to the south.  Use a bacon*/port reduction.  

On This Date: 1384 – Jadwiga is crowned King of Poland.  This despite the fact that she is a woman. [I will not go there.  I will not go there.  I will not go there.]


* Sir Francis Bacon

Tarot Card for the Day ~ November 15

November 15, 2009

King of Spears

King Pellinore

Haven’t seen this extraordinary fellow since early August.

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of Legend, the Arthurian Tarot, finds the King of Spears to be a mature man [I suppose these days, for this blog, we should say PERSON] of wisdom, someone with humor and theatrical flair.  [Anybody come to mind?  Al Franken, maybe?  Dr. Ruth?]  So keep an eye out for that kind of energy today. Better still, seek to embody it yourself.

I see the King of Spears as the card of the Renaissance Man (or Renaissance Woman). 

Look for 

~ or better still, give yourself permission to have ~

a restless, joyful, driving curiosity that you allow to take you toward many different fascinations

Here’s my picture of a typical Renaissance Person as represented by this card:

He or she

~ does trigonometry problems for fun and

~ does passable table magic and

~ can conjugate verbs in Latin, French and Japanese or Russian and

~ is on Neil Gaiman’s Twitter follow list and

~ converted a car to biodiesel with no help and

~ understands permaculture and has a rain garden and

~ sang backup for Tom Petty late one night (in a bar, if nowhere else) and

~ rides a Harley and

~ wrote a published urban fantasy novel and

~ owns a Prius and

~ works with Habitat for Humanity

He or she wants to learn

~ French cooking and

~ Feng Shui and 

~ Shamanic Healing and

~ judo and

~ controlled remote viewing and

~ Vedic astrology and

~ Thai massage and

~ book making and

~ classical guitar and

~ how to REALLY make money day trading and

~ how to build a PC by hand and

~ wants to design a line of edgy greeting cards and

~ wants to write a play for Broadway

And so on. 

(And will BY GOD! do so, by the way.) 

But remember, a true Renaissance Person is not just a dibbler-dabbler in lots of things.  The characteristic that distinguishes the Renaissance person is a real commitment to explore deeply, to develop true expertise in the many areas − one at a time if necessary − that appeal.  Patience, deep learning and wisdom, not just faking it or cramming to get by, are required here.

So, if you were to really own up to the Renaissancer in you, what interests, skills, and wisdom would you go after?  Which one first?  How can you start TODAY?

Brightest blessings, joy and wonder!

Quote for the Day:    One researcher thinks that, for some sufferers, nightmares are a “learned behavior.”  He says, “Dreams naturally want to change.  People who have nightmares don’t realize that.” ~ Margaret Talbot, form the article “Nightmare Scenario” in The New Yorker, November 16, 2009  [Link at  ]

Today’s Weather:  Rhythm guitar and mouth organ.  With ivory moonbeams.

 On This Date: 1969 – In Columbus, Ohio, Dave Thomas opens the first Wendy’s restaurant.  

 And: Roman Festival in honor of Feronia, a marginal rural goddess in Roman religion, to whom woods and springs were sacred, and a more important goddess among the Latins. Some Latins believed Feronia to be a harvest goddess, and honored her with the harvest firstfruits in order to secure a good harvest the following year. Feronia also served as a goddess of travellers, fire, and waters. Slaves regarded Feronia as a goddess of freedom, and believed that sitting on a holy stone in one of her sanctuaries would set them free. ~ Wikipedia