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Tarot Card for the Day ~ November 17

November 16, 2009

The Emperor



This guy last showed up in late August. So it might be worth taking a moment to ask yourself how things just now are similar to how they were around then. 

It’s okay.  I’ll wait.  Go ahead.

Really.  Go ahead.



This is a powerful, positive card [and I know bunches of folk who can use one at the moment], that encourages us to see the goodness flowing to us and our world.  Even more, it asks that we believe in it and be open to it.

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, writes that this card betokens

wisdom and power,

conquest and conviction,

courage and ambition

balanced with

reason and fair play.

It can also herald a caring person with many responsibilities, so have an eye out for someone like that. 

I perceive The Emperor to be a card of intellect well used and accomplishment attained. 

For some clients, I find that it indicates they may be thrust into a new position of power, even if they have not sought it.  When that is the case, I ask that they accept the new responsibilities (and the attendant opportunities) graciously.  I say something like:

“If the Universe didn’t think you were ready for this, it wouldn’t have put you in a position to receive it.  So go for it and be brilliant about it!  You can be, you know!!!!!”

Be open to the helpful counsel of others, so that a greater wisdom can be attained and acted on.

This is a card of progress and security.  So believe in that – own that − as a true, evident and inevitable possibility.

Use your wonderful intellect very well today; that’s why you have it.  Seek wisdom through the counsel of others who truly have something helpful to offer.  Know that, through such actions, progress and security can be yours.

Bright blissings!

Quote for the Day:  When one door closes another one opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us. ~ Alexander Graham Bell

Today’s Weather: Portentous pancakes of pandering.  Or is it just weird waffling toward mid-morning?  Carry a pocket wolverine.

On This Date: 1558 – Elizabethan era begins: Queen Mary I of England dies and is succeeded by her half-sister Elizabeth I of England.   

 And a special apology to Peggy for last Friday’s violation of my promise not to do wife jokes online or onstage.  

Question for Clients, Friends, Bloglodytes, Etc.

November 16, 2009


Question for Clients, Friends, Bloglodytes (Blogolinis?) and Everybody
Hi, Y’All ~
This question really applies to the nice folk in the Greater Cleveland area, but I’d be interested in feedback from all around. 
Some of you may be aware (because of the ruthless marketing demon who inhabits my keyboard) that I have written a couple of versions of a piece called “Alex, the Christmas Imp.”  It began as a children’s story, and has evolved into a fantasy for folks of… several ages. 
Anyway,  I’m thinking of doing a public reading of the children’s version, followed by a couple of sections from the… other version, so I can get some feedback via moment by moment audience response.  Or lack thereof. 
I would be doing the reading as a (relatively low-priced) fund raiser for a couple wee not-for-profit organizations; one of them might be a small church.  It would probably occur the week of December 7, before we’re all in final holiday frenzy.  It might be in Lakewood.
It would likely be in two segments of about 35 minutes each with a short intermission.  There might be some option to purchase refreshments. 
So, the questions are:
1. Do you think you might join me for such a thingy?
2. If you have kidlets of whatever age, would you bring them along (possibly at a reduced fee)?
[By the way, a THIRD version of the piece is available as a radio play on archived streaming audio at WKSU.  The link is  .]
So please let me know what you think.
Thanks so much!
P.S.  I apologize if you have received (many) more than one copy of this.  Darn that marketing demon!