A Tarot Card for This Blog: The Nine of Shields

September 24, 2008

Nine of  Shields: The Lady Ragnell
Magical transformation
through love
by being given
(or giving one’s self)
to do what you really want to do 
and be who you really are.
Foresight brings success!
Adhering to one’s values. 
Diplomacy, prudence and honor. 
Fulfilling obligations. 

Honoring a promise brings fortune!

Tarot Card Away for a Bit

May 26, 2013
See you around June 10.
Catching up with Things….

Tarot Card ~ May 25

May 25, 2013


Three of Cups

The Dressing of the Sacred Spring

Fortune Cookie: Own your power.  Help empower others.  Seek others whose goodness and LIGHT is empowering to you.  And do it in a joyful, celebratory way.  Today!

A card last seen in September… OF 2011!  And a perfect card to show up as so many move [eagerly or not-so-much] into a tidal wave of summery… stuff.

Anyway, always grateful to see this card.  It’s such a breath of fresh air, hope and goodness.

A good card to savor and contemplate, and keep in mind as we begin to slog through the muddy mess at the bottom of the garden.

First off, please remember that threes in any Tarot deck are power cards, or rather, that the issue the card is addressing is one of power, even if it doesn’t seem so on the surface.  Typically, a three would offer counsel such as

~ beware of power games,

~ be prepared for power struggles,

~ watch out for failure to own your power  −

or, better,






~ have a care against disempowerment

  in any area of life, whether by the action

   of others, or especially by your own action

   or inaction

~ empower yourself

~ empower those you love and believe in

~ accept the challenge of owning all of

   what you are and who you can be

Simple, really.  [And I should know, being gormly simple myownseff.]

The Three of Cups is a card of blessingIt’s very positive in the potential it bespeaks. 

Some readers find it to be a card of plenty, merriment or solaceOthers see it speaking of victory or celebration with friends.

Fine, fine, fine.

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, writes of the Three of Cups as acknowledging blessings, the realization of a dream, or festivities and bounty. Yessss!!!

I see it as a card of empowerment, fruitful completion and healingHow are these things to be fostered and achieved?    By engaging in heartfelt, beautiful and joyful sacred celebration with those of like mind and soul.


Uh…  No. Not exactly.


PuhhLEEEEZE, no. 


Jeez you guys!

I give up.

Please, today, take some time, even if just a moment, to connect with those in your circle who are positive, supportive and helpful − who inspire hope and joy and all good things in your life – even if you only do it for a minute.

Share something or share about something you can celebrate together.

Don’t forget to include your Spirit Guides, guardian angels, absent gurus, loving friends or even family members who have passed from this realm as you open to sharing and celebration.  And let yourself be empowered by what transpires.

Remember that the Celts believed (and still believe) the Divine is present in every place, everything  and everyone – including you and what you are doing now, and everywhere you will go and everything you will do today.  So GIVE YOURSELF THAT!

Own your power.  Help empower others.  Seek others whose goodness and LIGHT is empowering to you.  And do it in a joyful, celebratory way.  Today!  (Perfect excuse for celebration with good people!)

Bright blessings, joy and CELEBRATION!

Quote for the Day:  Kids. You gotta love them. I adore children. A little salt, a squeeze of lemon – perfect. ~ Jim Butcher

Today’s Weather:  The Tropic of Ambien.  Wear Grok Martens and carry a strumpet.  [What?  Oh.  Really?  You’re sure?  Right, then.]  Carry a crumpet.  Crumpet, it is!  Crumpet.  

Tarot Card ~ May 24

May 24, 2013


Ace of Cups

The Holy Grail

Fortune Cookie: What is your Holy Grail?  What is the highest, most perfect ideal you can strive for?  What is the purest, most positive thing you can aspire to do?  Who or what is the best, most brilliant, most caring version of yourself you can seek to become? Starting today, this minute, how can you honor THAT knowing, THAT aspect, THAT vision of yourself and your life?

We last saw this card ALL THE WAY back in March, 2012. It’s a wonderful, beautifully spiritual card, so I’m always grateful when it comes back around in any season.

Aces in any Tarot deck are cards of a new beginning.  So, that being the case, how can you (how would you like to or how do you need to) begin your life anew, today, right now?  What changes can you begin, even in small ways?  What potentials can you believe in, hope for, reach for and remember?  (And you can expect The Universe will keep asking that question until you most assuredly  remember to ask it alla tyme bya youseff!)

In any Tarot deck, the Ace of Cups is interpreted as a card of abundance, joy and even divine inspiration. [Ah, YES!!] Some readers speak of this as a card of tremendously uplifting energy. [Yes! Yes! YES!!!!]

There have been many visions of what the Grail may really be.  (I don’t say, “May have been.”  It’s still around here somewhere. Keep looking.)

~ Some have seen it as the vessel from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper.  Or a vessel from which he drank while on the cross.

~ Some perceive it as one of the Great Magical Cauldrons of Celtic spirituality.

~ Others have believed it to be a huge jewel broken from the crown of Lucifer when he was cast out of heaven.  [Me now, I’ve always thought Lucifer got a really bad and bogus rap.  What if he really WAS a light-bringer, and the religious bigotry and opposition of the times simply worked to dog him down? Eh? Could that EVER possibly happen.  Eh?]

~ It has even been written that the Grail is a great crystal at the juncture between the Shamanic upper, lower and middle worlds, and that our ordinary reality world balances upon its tip.

I see this card as being about regeneration − which makes sense, as so many of the objects I just mentioned are mystical, magical, regenerative tools.

The Ace of Cups asks that we be open to rebirth, perhaps a spiritual rebirth, and that we begin to seek it today.

Most importantly for me, our culture has come to see the Grail as a symbol of purity and perfection.  So when I work with clients and this card comes up, I say,

What is your Holy Grail?  What is the highest, most perfect ideal you can strive for? What is the purest, most positive thing you can aspire to do?  Who or what is the best, most brilliant, most caring version of yourself you can seek to become?

Photo: Holy grail painting

Now, starting today, this minute, how can you honor THAT knowing, THAT aspect, THAT vision of yourself and your life?




It may take a little work, sure, but you’re certainly worth it!  And so is the world you made your promises to.

Bright blessings, and a beautiful day full of magical early autumn!

Quote for the Day:  …I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it’s in your mind. ~ John Lennon

And: Find your Grail! ~ Spamalot

Today’s Waethyr: A few shaggy weregoldfish throwing pebbles at the wind to try and stop the rain.  Provide them a dram of Vanilla Java porter — and a nice, secluded koi pond to sober up.

Text From Last Night: …unusual? no.  …you two went to the park at 2am to “catch a pigeon” …and ACTUALLY CAME BACK WITH A PIGEON  …but nothing unusual

Tarot Card ~ May 23

May 22, 2013


The Magician



Fortune Cookie: Honor the Magician in you! And live a life in balance, moment by moment so you can access and use all of your wonderful, magical  skills and gifts.

We last saw this Card Of All Cards just, uh… last September. I say agin… Yo!!! Ya wanna pay some attention this time?


Poor you.  Those of you who have been here before will remember that this is a really long Nealian post.  Well, this card is worth a long read, and some extra contemplation. So here we goeth againeth.

I consider The Magician to be the Ace of the Major Arcana in the Tarot deck.  (The Major Arcana are the twenty-two cards that are all archetypal, allegorical figures – The Magician, The Tower, The Priestess, etc. − that have no complement in a regular deck of playing cards.)

So, as you’ve heard me say before, Aces in any Tarot deck are cards of a new beginning.


~ How can you (how do you need to) begin your life anew, today, right now?  Or at least open yourself to the possibilities that can help bring it?

~ What changes can you begin, even in small ways?

~ What potentials can you believe in, hope for, reach for and remember?

Here’s an excerpt from an article on my web site (www.shamanspath.org) that will give you a bit more Nealio’s uniquay perspectivo info about The Magician:

“When I look at The Magician, no matter what deck I hold, I consistently see (and sometimes sense through intuitive awareness) some specific elements or aspects:

There’s the element of deep scholarship and functional learning, often represented by books, scrolls or papers.

There’s the element of magical tools, including wands, crystals, and icons from various traditions.  [What are YOUR magical tools, by the way? Piano?  Pen?  Computer?  Healing hands? Trowel?  Paintbrush? Clay and cloth?  Voice?  Smile? Attitude? A killer cuppa coffee at just the right moment?  Or a killer cuppa somethin’?]

There’s an element of ceremony or ritual, often depicted in the motions of The Magician.

There’s a connection to the realms of Spirit, often represented through the presence of spirit helpers like angels or totem animals being present, and possibly assisting.

And there’s an aspect of connection to Power – of focusing will, energy, mind and soul to bring positive things into being in the world.

When I read for a client, I may find that each or any of those elements seen in the card should be selected and emphasized for a particular person, and then included in recommended “homework” I may suggest as a result of our session.

[For example: softly sing to yourself your favorite rock song from when you were sixteen years old. Sing it three times a day until the snow flies next December to help you reconnect with the magic that has always been in you but has been allowed to go fallow.]

[Or: remember and reread the three novels that have been most influential in your life to help remind you what you really care about, and why.]

[Or: write a quick toss-off (no judgement) haiku a day for thirty-six days to help re-find and heal the writer in your soul.]

Importantly, each of the elements I “see” in The Magician card is a thing that many of us have had learned out of us as we have “grown up.”

So we give those things, which are central to many traditional cultures and most spiritualities, extremely short shrift as we attend to our cultural paradigms for living a fulfilling life in the here and now as we have been taught.

As one client ruefully said, ‘I have ritual in my life.  I DO.  Every day except Sunday, I get up at seven.  I stop at the ’Buck’s at 7:45 for a grande cappuccino.  At noon, I eat rabbit food from a black plastic bowl.  I worship the Goddess of spinning at the gym ’most every evening, and I’m prostrate under goose down with TIVO by 10:00 at night.  I might as well be a nun.’

Well………… Okay.

But that’s not quite what I have in mind by ritual.  Although, over the course of working with any client, I may help them find that such events and actions, which most of us would consider meaningless from a perspective of personal ceremony, can in fact take on deeper meaning and become a connection to our higher aspects for our own magical good — if we consciously determine that they will.

But back to The Magician.

There’s an additional aspect of the card that I came to understand one afternoon when I was reading for someone on the cusp of a beneficial but stressful personal − let’s call it − evolution.

I stressed that The Magician, or in our case, Merlin the Wizard, brings together 1. learning + 2. tools + 3. ritual or ceremony + 4. spiritual connection + 5. guidance/embracing of power for the benefit of self and others.

BUT, I realized as I was speaking to this particular client:

in order to be able to do so – to be ready to blend, focus and use each of those elements at the right moment, perhaps in an instant – The Magician must attend to living a truly balanced and positive life, moment by moment.  And that’s something our culture hasn’t really helped us with much over the last century or two (or fifty, come to that).”

So given all that:

How do you need to honor the Magician in you? 

And how do you need to live a life in balance so you can access and use all of your wonderful skills and gifts IN THE MOMENT when they can be most helpful to you and to us all?

Work with that today, and see what magic you can claim − and work − for the highest and best of all of us!

Bright blessings and YOUR OWN Magic!!!

Quote for the Day:  That’s the thing with magic. You’ve got to know it’s still here, all around us, or it just stays invisible for you.  ~ Charles de Lint

And: …I’m looking for the face I had, before the world was made… ~ William Butler Yeats

And: There is another world, but it is in this one. ~ William Butler Yeats

Today’s Weather:  More faery fire.  Magics sacred and profane.  Quantum pentangles.  Dance! 

Text From Last Night: i showed up sober to class for the first time… my prof siad i was “off my game today.”  i love philosophy…

Tarot Card ~ May 22

May 21, 2013



The Chariot

Battle of Mount Badon

Fortune Cookie: Go after what you really want – aggressively.  But don’t let yourself get pulled out of balance (physically, emotionally, spiritually or in any other way), or lose your cool at a critical moment.

Wowie-Zowie, boys and girls!  We last saw this card around the end of March.  Of 2012!   So list ye noo with troolie attent ear an’ sh… shtuff. 

This is a great card for enny time o’ year, because the insights it offers are strong, clear and very important. Even when I’m not.

And, I might add, it’s a superb card for incorporating into an early summer booster, no matter what spiritual path you walk.

Traditional readings for this card include things like succor, providence and triumph.  Or something along the lines ofmake a choice, stand by it and carry it through. Or maybe even willpower, and recognizing that you have the ability to focus your will to accomplish amazing things.

[Yes.  YOU!]

Anna-Marie Ferguson’s Legend Tarot deck has The Chariot indicating victory, leadership and controlling a situation of conflicting sentiments, among other things.

I tend to interpret this card based on the counsel that has seemed most helpful to my clients when it has shown up.

When The Chariot appears, I say:

Okay.  Regarding what you’re asking about, what you want, or whatever the case may be:

Go after it.  Go after it aggressively.  Not even assertively.  Aggressively! Full tilt, run ’em over if they won’t cooperate, surrender or get out of your way kinda aggressively. 


Make very, very sure that in going after what you want, you do not let yourself become pulled off balance or pushed out of balance – or otherwise become out of balance – physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, romantically, or any-other-ly.

And keep a cool head.

Swear to heaven, I may weep!

Here’s the analogy:  When you’re driving a war chariot into battle, once you’re committed to the fight you’ve gotta push, drive, plunge.  But, if you lose your balance, you’ll get bounced out of the chariot and right onto the point of a spear, thus becoming instant dogmeat.

And when you’re going into battle, you must fight hard but remain cool and focused.  If you give over to wild emotion, you may lose sufficient awareness of what’s really going on around you, and thereby become raven kibble. 

So, today: Go after what you really wantaggressively.  But don’t let yourself get pulled out of balance, or lose your cool at a critical moment.

Bright Blessings, balance, focus and Charge!

Thought for the Day: When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realized that the Lord doesn’t work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me. ~

Tarot Card ~ May 21

May 21, 2013


Four of Cups

The Fading Fellowship

Fortune Cookie: Be honest with yourself about elements of disillusionment or burnout in life.  Be even more honest about any places where either your ego or your fears may be overriding your truer, better nature. 

Look toward YOUR Holy Grail, whatever that means to you.  Then begin to do what you need to stay grounded and true to your higher ideals.  And move toward them today.

We last saw this card back in the middle of October. And it really makes sense that it would show up right ’round when early summer is really starting to kick in in northeast Ohio as a reminder of some important things.  It’s one of those burnout ~ vs. ~ idealism kinda attention-getters.  And please note: this IS one of those

BE CAREFUL cards.   

When this card turns up for a client, I usually say something like:  Look.  There are a couple of possibilities you need to watch out for here. One is that you’re nearing a point of disillusionment in your life or real burnout, or both.


So you really need to look hard at how you’re living so you will start taking much better care of yourself on that score. [Anybody unclear about WHAT THAT MEANS???]

“The second possibility is that words like

imaginary vexations (watch out for THAT one!),








may apply with real impact somewhere in your life − although they may not necessarily be about you personally. [I hope.  I REALLY REALLY really hope.]

So what do you do in response to a card like this?

In the Legend deck I use, the image on the card gives a suggestion.  It shows the Knights of the Round Table during the period when they had conquered their initial passels of bad guys and had nothing much to do but sit around drinking, thumping their chests and generally being swine.


In the picture, there is one upright and stalwart fellow looking out a palace window.  What he is seeing is The Holy Grail, floating in over the castle walls.

He sounds the call, the knights all run down to the great hall, The Grail casts its holy and magical spell over all present, and the lot of them clean up their act, pull themselves together and go on one of the great spiritual quests of all time.

[And, I’ll tell ya: The world could really use a VALID great spiritual quest right now.  We might even be able to have it, if we didn’t automatically start by spending most of our time and energy hacking each other to bits about who knows God/Goddess by the right name {Poseidon? Gandhi? Gaga?} in the right color {Green?  White? Bronze? Ebony? Black leather? Blue pinstripe? Rhodamine red?} with the right kind of feet {One eagle claw/One old Nike Air Huarache? One Electric blue Manolo Blahnik/One ballet slipper?} and on and on.  And on .]

What this card implies is that, for your benefit and happiness,YOU CAN [and would do well to] be that one knight  looking out onto a greater vista and being open to great miracles.

Stay grounded.  Hold to your ideals.  Refuse to demean yourself or anyone else by succumbing to a get-along by going-along philosophy.  Don’t even agree with me if you don’t feel like it.  [But have another cuppa and think it over at least, willya?]

If you perceive that this card talks about the quality of your personal life:


Spend at least a little time taking stock of what is really important.

REALLY important. 


Figure out how you can pursue that!!!

If this is a card about your workplace or a relationship − and you find it’s a situation worth working on − let yourself say:

“Hold on.  IS this the right direction?  I think we need to look at changing.  What are the ways we can do so and move together, toward and for the highest and best?”

So, I repeat:  Be honest with yourself about elements of disillusionment or burnout in life.  Be even more honest about any places where either your ego or your fears may be overriding your truer, better nature. 

Look toward YOUR Holy Grail, whatever that means to you.  Then begin to do what you need to stay grounded and true to your higher ideals.  And move toward them today.

Bright Blessings, joy, renewal and a real and beautiful spiritual quest!

Quote for the Day: What goes around may come around, but it never ends up exactly the same place, you ever notice? ~ Thomas Pynchon, from Inherent Vice

Today’s Weather: Absinthe with blueberry cobbler. Study the code on a Burberry ‘brolly.   

Text from Today: Prayers for Oklahoma


Tarot Card ~ May 20

May 19, 2013


The Hierophant


Fortune Cookie: Get to know in a much deeper way your nature as a magical Renaissance man or woman, and bring together all of your expertise and faculties. 

No, he doesn’t look like Johnny Depp.  Or Keira Knightley, either.  So there.

We haven’t seen this card since… late November.  So I guess SOME OF US might well need a bit MORE of a reminder about who we may really be.  Eh?  EH? So do try to actually pay a little attention this time. [And maybe I will, too.  Maybe.]

As I’ve said before, this is a card so dense with information and direction, I hardly know where to start.   So, as ever, hang on a minute while I think about it.

t        t        t        t

t        t        t

t        t

t        t

t    t

t    t






Right!  Thanks.  Again.

First, I have heard some people refer to this card as the older, more grounded partner to The Priestess.  Fine, fine, fine with me.  But let’s go beyond that.

Some readers find that this card betokens a marriage alliance or servitude, but also mercy and goodness.  Others understand it as indicating the making of a long term commitment or that a new, helpful guiding influence is about to come into your life.  So keep an eye out for that, especially if things have been more bumpy or chaotic than normal. [Argh!]

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, sees The Hierophant in many postive ways.  Some of my favorites are: a person with experience he or she is willing to share; a generous spiritual mentor; initiation; drawing security and comfort from one’s roots.

But also, feeling constricted by conformity to orthodoxy.

[Not THESE guys!]

You won’t find me negating any of those possibilities.  But, still, I go in my own direction with a card as important as this. [Anybody at all surprised?]

When this card turns up for a client, I start off by reminding them that, in some Arthurian legends, Taliesin became Arthur’s magical helper after Merlin left the scene.  (In some tales, Taliesin and Merlin stand together at the water’s edge as the vessel bearing Arthur departs for Avalon.)  So it’s a card of magical assistance or guidance.

Taliesin was one of the great, archetypal Bards of the Island of the Mighty.  As such [at least as I understand it] he was a shapeshifter and wizard; a wisdom keeper; a singer; a poet; a musician; and he brought all those abilities together as a healer; and a teacher; and a community mediator.  Not to mention being the power behind the throne, for − in some of what I have read – you couldn’t lead a Celtic clan or tribe unless the Bards declared you were THE ONE.

So I see The Hierophant as being a kind of super, magical Renaissance man or woman, who brings together and uses (brilliantly) not only ordinary reality skills, training and power, but magical, spiritual, sacred connections and capacities as well.

This can also be the keeper of ancient and hidden and powerful wisdom… not a bad thing to be or to look out for.

One thing more.  In the first Tarot decks created LOOOOONG ago, there was no Hierophant card.  There was instead… The Pope.  Why?  Because, at the time, the Pope was The Absolute Pinnacle of Power and wealth, not only materially but  (as he was perceived at the time) also spiritually. At least in Europe.

So when the Hierophant shows up, I often say, Ya wanna really grow materially?  Devote a lot more quality time and effort to growing spiritually.  For you, the two must go hand in hand.


Be open to the possibility of a very beneficial new alliance.

Seek for (or perhaps seek to be) a generous spiritual mentor. 

Get to know in a much deeper way your nature as a magical Renaissance man or woman, and bring together all of your expertise and faculties. 

Own all of that, and move toward your highest and best both spiritually and materially.  

Start today!

Brightest, most diverse and magical blessings!

Thought for the Day:  Keep your mind too open, and you never know what might walk in. ~ Simon R. Green

Today’s Whether:  Circles and spirals and windmills. Freshy fields of the season. Chocolate droops.

Text From Last Night: …so of course coming back from my kamikaze massive twinkie/natcho run …to sooth Saturday afternoon munchies …I have to cross through a walk for hunger

Tarot Card ~ May 19

May 18, 2013


Page of Shields

The Badger


Fortune Cookie: Get down to what’s REALLY important; dig in to push that effort along. Pay very close attention to defining healthy boundaries as YOU perceive and need them. Then maintain and defend those boundaries fully.

Okay.  Once again, prithee: No side (or snide) remarks about haranguing the Tarot reader, or badgering the old badger, please.  As I said before, this is MY blog, and that kind of lame drivel is… MINE!  And I own it.  Especially on a Sunday.  So don’t press my luck. Don’t…  Umm…  Oh well.

We last saw this guy in January.  I was just thinking, based on what I’ve been seeing with clients, it was time for him to turn up again.

Typical readers might say something along the line that this card implies focused application, study or reflection.  They’d say, ummmmm… if you really concentrate on what’s important to you, right about now you’re in a position to achieve extraordinary results.  The implication is that you MUST put something extra in if you wish to get out what you really want.  So figure out what that’s about for you and go after it!

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, finds the card betokens such things as a tenacious, reliable person and a hunger for knowledge, among other interpretations.

In working with my clients, [and having encountered a badger just once in a meadow, and he was a MOODY little blighter] this is what I usually say when this card turns up:

I truly love badger. Badger really gets down to it and digs in to get things done.  Badger prefers to be peaceable, a homebody of sorts who attends to the things that are necessary, the things that are important within the bounds of his or her own little kingdom.

And if you ever cross into badger’s territory without his or her express permission, there is no anger, no fuss.  Badger will simply tear off your leg, leave you in a heap and go on about business, easy-peasy-comfy-cozy.

So I suggest that my clients understand badger as a pretty useful role model where defining and holding boundaries may be concerned, especially in our culture.  I haven’t ever had anyone NOT understand the importance of that. Nor comment that boundaries really weren’t an issue in their life, thanks.

So, for today:

~ Focus and study well, if you perceive that’s what’s in order.

~ Get down to what’s REALLY important; dig in to push that effort along. 

~ Pay very close attention to defining healthy boundaries as YOU perceive and need them.

Then maintain and defend those boundaries fully for the highest and best of all.


Bright blessings!


Quote for the Day: There is, I think, humor here which does not translate well from English into sanity. ~ Jim Butcher


Today’s Weather: Waggles, bobs, bazoonies and womps to keep us moderately tuned. That sacred place between infinite passion and a fast food breakfast.


Uhh… What? 


Text from Mars:worst thing for a hangover ever …A FREAKING BOLLYWOOD MOVIE [[[[[BLARING]]]]] in 9 am film class

Tarot Card ~ May 18

May 18, 2013


The Hanged Man

Castle Perilous

Fortune Fookie: Stay much more aware ~ especially intuitively ~ than normal.  Know that positive energy and opportunities are near and can benefit you.  Reach out and take hold of them, one by one, to get where you intend.

We last saw this fellow in November. Let’s see if we learned anything ‘t all from the good advice he brought last time. Maybe? [Why do I even ask?]

Here we go: 

[Gonzo Tarot reader slowly and carefully sidles to far end of table, humming “Who put the bomp/In the bomp bah bomp bah bomp??” or some other pleasant but innocuous tune.]

[As Sir Terry Pratchett put it in his book, The Light Fantastic, “He moved in a way that suggested he was attempting the world speed record for the nonchalant walk.”]

This is one of those cards whose visual depiction can set clients whimpering and collapsing into themselves in a repetitive rocking fugue the moment they see it.  Pretty amazing, really. I suppose I can understand that. The name alone is enough to cause mewling in all of the hardiest guys I’ve read for − okay in the only hardy guy I’ve read for.

Some decks picture a fellow hanging by a rope upside down by one leg from a tree, possibly with his head about to take a deep dunk in a fast flowing river.

Even my deck, Legend by Anna-Marie Ferguson pictures a passle-o-knights left hanging in a grove, one leg and both arms tied behind their backs to show the world that they were rendered utterly powerless and had, one by one, failed in their quests.

So I get why some readers interpret the card as indicating restriction, sacrifice or − at best − feeling drained.  Sort of an I need Ativan and a B12 shot kinda energy, ya see.

As the regular crew of bloglodytes expects by now, I see the card differently.  When it turns up for a client, whatever area of his or her life we’re examining, I usually say something like,

“Okay.  Right away now.  Keep breathing.  Nice deep breaths.  Good!  Not too much.  Don’t hyperventilate.  Have a little brandy or a shot o’ Jack Black, maybe a little Cuervo action. Try some flower essences.  Take a hit of this.  Good.  Hey!  Give it back!


There are several levels of meaning to this card.

“First, what the card is saying to you is, ‘If you’ve been feeling stuck in place or like you’re so deep in a rut you can’t see over the edge… Guess what?  Good news! You really have been.  You aren’t just a whining, puling little git.  And knowing that should actually make you feel better, Spunky!

“‘Second, it’s time for you to move up and out of that stuck space.  And very soon, if not immediately!’”

And this is How. 

So pay attention.

The Hanged Man asks that you be extra vigilant in keeping your intuitive antenna up for strong, wise, functional, interested and caring energy that can and will help pull you out of your rut.

The help may come in small chunks, like a better-paying job that can move you forward − as opposed to winning the Mega Millions jackpot. [Sorry!  Remember, I’m just the messenger here.] But the help will be here, maybe even is already here, and it will be here in the ways that can really, truly benefit you.

Your mission then is to stay tuned in, be aware, notice the positive energy or helpful opportunity, reach out for it and grab onto it when it shows up, and use it to move you along to where you really want to be.

As if that weren’t enough, I find that there is an additional directive from the Hanged Man.

The card basically says that, in those moments when the new, positive, helpful energy and opportunities aren’t readily apparent – and those moments happen to all of us − your mission is to refuse to get sucked into the old It sucks to be me! I’m hopeless!  I’m helpless! whirlpool.

Rather, use the time for

deep prayerwork,

healing meditation, shamanic journeying, etc.

Go deep within for wisdom and direction; embrace your own spirituality, guidance, hope and healing.

Use the “fallow time” in practices that will help you become more fully connected to your truer, deeper, self and to the channels of spiritual power and assistance around you.


Stay aware. 

Stay much more aware than normal, in fact, especially intuitively

Know that positive energy and opportunities are there and will benefit you.  Reach out and take hold of them, one by one, to get you where you intend.  

If nothin’s shakin’, use the time for prayer, meditation, magical and deep wisdom studies and spiritual practice to increase those elements that are of and for your highest and best.

Bright blessings and beautiful positive flow upward, out to freedom!   

Quote for the Day: You are what you want to become. Why search anymore? You are a wonderful manifestation. The whole universe has come together to make your existence possible. There is nothing that is not you. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Today’s Weather: Galaxy de pommes frites.  Starbender tenders.  And wherefore the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a?  Eh? Just askin’… 

Text From Last Night: …knew that by this time this year would be smoking  weed at a friend’s gay wedding, asking “Mitt… Who?”

Tarot Card ~ May 17

May 16, 2013


The Moon

Morgan Le Fay

Fortune Cookie: Work with your dreams.  Seek the change that is desirable now.  Honor and empower the feminine aspects in you. Own your magic and use it.  Today.

Yipes!  We last saw this card around the beginning of December.  And there CERTAINLY have been some big changes since then.  Let’s hope this card showing up now betokens the close of a very challenging cycle, and the beginning of healing to come.

The Moon is another one of those cards that has different meanings depending on who you studied with, where you come from, and  − if you’re a good reader and not just a good memorizer − the kinds of things you find your clients have gone through when The Moon has turned up to guide them.

Some readers say The Moon warns of darkness, hidden dangers and instability.  [Yummy.]  Some warn to be careful of distractions [from finally working on  those get ready for summer resolutions, I suppose. Me?  I’m nearly ready.  To think about them. Maybe.] Others stress the “Moony” aspects of fluctuating emotion, high levels of unconscious activity and intense dreams.  I find I can accept that last batch more easily.

For me, The Moon is first of all a card that betokens change.

Perhaps the change should be rhythmical and constantly evolving, like the changing of the moon itself.  

In some cases I’ve intuitively perceived it to be a warning that a client should change course, NOW!

At times I’ve found it indicative of the need to accept that change will come, so get to work on determining what would be the best, happiest, most fruitful and healing way to have it – so that a substantial change doesn’t just get handed to you half-baked on a soggy paper plate.

In this deck, because of the card’s embodiment as Morgan Le Fay, I find The Moon to have other important qualities and messages.  First, it is a card of feminine empowerment.  So − assuming you are of the feminine gender − own your power not just as a person, but as a woman.  And let yourself contemplate what that distinction might most fully mean to and for you.

Of course, if you’re masculine, this card directs that you more fully own your connection to the divine feminine, or to the artistic, intuitive, perhaps even Dionysian elements in your life.

And whether you are male or female, masculine or feminine, The Moon is a card that commands you to own your magic – whatever you understand that to be – and use it fully and well for the highest and best of all.   

Work with your dreams.  Seek the change that is desirable now.  Honor and empower the feminine aspects in you.  Own your magic and use it. Today.

Bright blessings and… YOUR magic!

Quote for the Day: It was so much easier to blame it on Them. It was bleakly depressing to think that They were Us. If it was Them, then nothing was anyone’s fault. If it was us, what did that make Me? After all, I’m one of Us. I must be. I’ve certainly never thought of myself as one of Them. No one ever thinks of themselves as one of Them. We’re always one of Us. It’s Them that do the bad things. ~  Terry Pratchett [Me?  I think the planet has spoken.  And We haz all bin Them.]

Today’s Weather:  Whack.  Whack.  Whack.  Whack.  Whoosh.  Whack!  Thump. 

Text from Last Night: i swear i just dislocated a hip staying still