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Tarot Card for the Day ~ May 22

May 21, 2010

Sometimes even I need to step out  of my Kourt Jester role a bit. 
For those of us (including me) who come to the Tarot Card for the Day looking for lightness, I probably sshould apologize in advance  for the disharmony that may (should) come from watching this video if you do — it’s one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever seen about what our day-to-day ignorance does.
If nothing else, I pray it will help me ramp up my environmental ethics, at least where the summer picnic is concerned.
If you take a moment to watch it, please pass the link along.

Four of Shields

King Mark

Fortune Cookie: Believe in yourself.  Believe in your dreams.  Help give them focus in ordinary reality by working closely and deeply with insights from someone who can TRULY help be an architect of their creation. 



It’s been only been a month since we last had to face up to this guy, and so I still wanna just say Arrrrrrrrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

[Spirit of full disclosure:  you might wanna take a couple Tylenol before you try to wade through my interpretation of this card.  Or a couple mushrooms.  Percocet.  Something.]

I suppose I say O. B. because this is a card that always gives me hives and reflux.  No attitude to have, perhaps, but the card leads me to say rude things and argue with God when it turns up for me.  So I suppose I better pay [even more] attention [than normal] here.  And if I must, you must.  I’m not dealing with this all by myself.  So there!

I feel MUCH better now.  Thanks!

Where were we?

The Four of Shields is, in part, a card about strategic planning with really honest, true, deep objectivity.  [I’m an Aquarian.  Need I say more?  See two words in red above.]

As I have confessed before on this blog, I can come up with a brilliant, elegant project planning and tracking system for you if you like.  Just don’t expect me to use the [bleepin’] thing.  That scenario literally happened in an organization I worked for many years ago. 

Anyway, as I say pretty much every time the Four of Shields turns up:

This is one of those cards that clients, particularly intuitive, artistic clients, find incredibly less than charming when it shows in a reading. 

It IS, after all a very

Be grounded in ordinary reality

as you work to take the next steps on your path

until you are soaring –

so eventually you CAN soar

as you deserve to

kind of messenger.

But remember, O artistes, intuitivoes and others of our ilk [and I use the term ilk with the greatest of affection], there are times grounded behavior can be beneficial. And hardly painful at all.  Mostly.  I’ve heard. 

[By the way, on that grounded until you get soaring thing: if, as you’ll see below, a key element of this card is to get yourself a wonderful mentor, why do we sometimes have trouble with wanting to do that or following through on it?  

Is it because we’re not clear enough about who we really are and what our goal actually is?  Hmmmmm…?   

And I ask again,  Hmmmmm…?




Because, you know, part of the REASON to hook up with a mentor is so that you can take an honest look at what some realistic goals might be − for the next part of your path, anyway.  And sometimes we’re afraid those goals won’t seem good enough, to us or to others.

Well… Flux that Shitake!!!!  {Cleaned that one up.  Yup! Yup! Yup!}

No matter how high or low the goal, it’s still a matter of one step at a time, over and over again.  And the mentor can help you see that in a useful, perhaps even kindly and encouraging way.  And perhaps help you get a handle on who you really are/who you’re trying to become as well.]    

Where was I? 

Oh.  Okay.

For me the Four of Shields basically says:

~ Be prepared to become concrete in your planning,

    at least for the moment

    [and don’t beat up on yourself if it ain’t easy]

~ Do this in the following way:

~ Find someone who is an acknowledged expert in

   what you seek to achieve, and/or who is a

   respected (especially by you) wizard in the successful

   laying out of the kind of path you seek to walk

~ Work together closely, over some time to develop

   YOUR plan

~ Follow that plan.  And follow it carefully,

  at least for some time into the foreseeable future 

  until you will naturally and inevitably soar.  

Once upon a time, this whole process was called, simply, Get yourself an amazing and powerful Mentor!  And listen to that mentor’s guidance!  AND FOLLOW THROUGH ON IT!!!! And that can still apply here.

In this blog, if you’ve been around for a bit, you know that I’ve used John Lennon and the Beatles as illustrations of following your bliss despite predictions of failure.  (And if you’ve already read this story at least three times, READ IT AGAIN!  Otherwise it’s back to hustling pay-as-you-go cell phones for you.  Right?) 

Well, aside from the fact that the Beatles were brilliant to the point of magical, they also were able to make some of their first huge leaps because of Brian Epstein

He was a superb businessman and their manager beginning in 1962.  He married his ordinary-reality-based magic to his aspirations to be a major player on the music scene and to the Beatles incomparable artistry and passion.  And the world was changed.

Now, maybe you don’t have a Brian-the-Wizard to pull out of your hat. Yet.  But who and what DO you have?  How can you access him/her/them?  Give it some thought today, and take that concrete and valuable baby step along the path by actually accessing them!

Believe in yourself.  Believe in your dreams.  Help give them focus in ordinary reality by working closely and deeply with insights from someone who can help be an architect of their creation. 

Bright blessings and tremendous success! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! YEAH!!!  

Quote for the Day:  I’m a one-man idiot! ~ Eddie Izzard

Today’s Weather:  Mild darkness early will evolve into prolonged darkness overnight.  In case you didn’t know.   

On This Date: 1906 – The Wright brothers are granted U.S. patent number 821,393 for their “Flying-Machine”.


Tarot Card for the Day ~ May 21

May 21, 2010

King of Shields


Fortune Cookie: Ask yourself, “What is REALLY important?  Now how do I attend to THAT?”


Last saw this card almost two months ago to the day.  As those of you who have been with the blog for a while know, the King of Shields is what I call the card of the Good King.

This is the king who knows what’s going on in his kingdom − how the crops in every county are doing (if not, in fact, how every farmer is doing), what his knights are up to (and what they should be up to), the state of repair of the entire kingdom’s major walls, bridges and roads, etc. − how the kingdom is doing.  Really. 

He’s perfectly comfortable in the limelight, although he does not seek it for himself and does not miss it when it isn’t on him. 

He is simply the good king who understands that his mission is to take care of his kingdom and take care of his subjects so that they generally can take care of themselves.  He considers himself the servant of all his people [even them’s wot’s most deservin’ of a good, solid gangster-smack].

The hard lesson he has learned is that there will always be more things asked of him than he can possibly fulfill, more things in need of attention than he can possibly do or see to, even by delegating. 

He has, therefore, come to understand and be comfortable with the necessity of allocating his resources, caring and effort, in such a way as will provide the greatest return and benefit to himself and especially to his people. 

In his realm, it ISN’T the squeakiest wheel that gets the grease; it’s the wheel whose repair is most significant and valuable to him, his people and his land.

So, beginning today, how can you come to understand better the myriad workings of your kingdom? 

What, in fact, IS your kingdom?  And how do you need to give yourself − in a functional, practical way − permission to attend to that which is really MOST IMPORTANT rather than that which seems MOST URGENT (or most annoying) in order to keep your kingdom’s balance, harmony and prosperity at the forefront of your rule? 

What do you need to let go of, or let go fallow, or let go to hell, for that matter, in order for the stuff you truly care about − the stuff you truly came here to do − to get done and get done well?  

So ask yourself, “What the hell is all that noise?  But more to the point, what is REALLY important?  Now how do I attend to THAT?”

Bright blessings!

Quote for the Day:  If you think anyone is sane you just don’t know enough about them. ~ Christopher Moore, from Practical Demonkeeping

Today’s Weather:  Mostly cursory.  Pockets of purple.  Wear a smoke alarm near each elbow.

On This Date:  Really. Not. Much.  Al Franken was born in 1951, though.

Tarot Card for the Day ~ May 20

May 19, 2010

The Empress


Fortune Cookie: If opportunity knocks, rise to the occasion!  Don’t hold yourself back.  And take a risk or two on something that you love and believe in.

Saw this card the end of March.  Glad it’s back, because we can all use a regular dose of encouragement and goodness like The Empress  provides — especially now that we FINALLY seem to be moving into summer for real!  [Note Tarot reader with fingers crossed on both hands.]

The Empress card really does take us lovingly by the throat and say, “Look: Today has the potential to be SUCH a great, beautiful day!  Remember that, will ya?  And take advantage of it.  That’s why we’re giving it to you.”

The Empress is a card of abundance, creativity, beauty and fertility.  

It’s a card of nurturing, both giving and receiving. 

In this day, you can find opportunities to go after your most enriching, ennobling dreams.  [So it really is pretty important that you have some idea what they are.  Right?] 

Open yourself to your museBelieve in your creativity and let it flow.  And keep an eye out for beneficence from an admirable, kind and generous community leader ~ most likely a woman. 

If opportunity knocks, rise to the occasion!  Don’t hold yourself back.  And take a risk or two on something that you love and believe in.

Bright blessings and beautiful opportunities!

Quote for the Day: Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life. ~ Wayne Dyer

Today’s Wathyr:  Mostly variable with considerable air and sky. Protection comes from a corn’ beef san’wich scapular.

On This Date: 1873Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis receive a U.S. patent for blue jeans with copper rivets.  [There may have been bigger historical events on this date ~ first Council of Nicea, Lindbergh begins his solo crossing, Shakespeare’s sonnets first published, stuff like that ~ but NONE more important says I!] 

Tarot Card for the Day ~ May 19

May 19, 2010
King of Cups

The Fisher King

Fortune Cookie: Do your work.  Do it brilliantly.  But know that you must WITHOUT FAIL build in play time (as YOU perceive it), recovery time, recharging time in order to be fulfilled in your life, and in order to fulfill your promises to the world at this time.

Aaahh…  A lovely, mellow and healing card.  And a powerful one, too.  One we saw only about five weeks ago, but it’s good to find again.

The Fisher King is, according to Arthurian legend, the hereditary guardian of The Holy Grail, which has rested within his family’s castle for generations or more.  There are many versions of why he has the title, Fisher King; some of these Celtic stories actually precede the Arthur legends by a long, LOOONG way.

Anyway, in my Nealio’s sprained-bashed-beatup-and-mangled faerystory version of what you need to know about him: 

The Fisher King is a kind, brave, generous, creative and well-balanced ruler who has a mystical bent and a deep respect for the sacred –  which is hardly surprising.  After all, he is about as much A PART of the sacred himself as a person can be.  So keep an eye out for such a person over the next few days.  Or see what you can do to emulate more fully those characteristics yourself.

At one point, The Fisher King took a magical wound, a wound that was unhealing.  In some traditions, the characteristic of this unhealing wound would, in and of itself, mark him as a shaman, or at least shamanically inclined. 

According to legend, the only time he was completely free of the wound’s ravaging pain was when he would go out alone in his little boat, fishing.  So he would do that at some point, if possible, every day − and then go back to his labors as guardian of The Grail.

And that begins to bring us back to the card itself.

When this card turns up for a client, I usually say something along the line of:

Look.  This is a period during which you’re going to be very busy

You’re probably going to have lots of responsibilities and have to go in a number of different directions at once. 

 And you’ll care enough about it all to want to do it ALL really well.

So, from the outset, remember to be fair, kind and generous to those who work with you and those who are around you in your life.

Be brave about going after what you really need to be able to do things well, and about going after what will really be for the highest and best of all concerned.

And remember to be fair, kind and generous to yourself as well. 

Plan from the beginning to build in – and use − specific, regular times for rest, recuperation, re-inspiration and whatever is necessary for you to be recharged AND fulfilled.

So do your work.  Do it brilliantly.  But know that you must WITHOUT FAIL build in play time (as YOU perceive it – for some of us, that’s a good, dream-filled nap), recovery time, recharging time in order to be fulfilled in your life, and in order to fulfill your promises to the world at this time.

Brightest blessings!

Quote for the Day: Always do whatever’s next.  ~ George Carlin

Today’s Weather:  Fog.  No, frog.  No, flog.  No. Uhhh….

On This Date:  1780 – New England’s Dark Day: A combination of thick smoke and heavy cloud cover causes complete darkness to fall on Eastern Canada and the New England area of the United States at 10:30 A.M.  [The primary cause of the event is believed to have been a combination of smoke from forest fires, a thick fog, and cloud cover. The darkness was so complete that candles were required from noon on. It did not disperse until the middle of the next night.]


Tarot Card for the Day ~ May 18

May 17, 2010

Page of Swords

The Adder

Fortune Cookie: Identify, own and begin a deep and bright personal transformation  TODAY!

This guy last, uh, popped up for us just about six weeks ago. He’s back.  He’s potent.  He’s wise.  He’s transformational.  Check him out! Take advantage of his wisdom. [Or else why are you reading this?  Hmmmm?]  

A typical reader might say the Page of Swords betokens something along the lines of authority, secret service, vigilance, maybe even spying.

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, includes insight, receiving info first-hand about an important matter, and overseeing confidential affairs, among other insights this card brings.

So if any of those phrases pop out for you — like if you’re still waiting for notice about your parole hearing or whatever — keep your intuitive antenna up about the matter that resonates a bunch.

As I look at this card in the Legend deck, I’m reminded that The Snake (in this case, Adder) is a universal symbol of at least five things [although even I must occasionally remember that the Great Sigmund is reported to have said “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar…”].  Yeah, okay, fine. 

Where were we.  Oh yeh.  Snake is a universal symbol of at least five things.

Snake symbolizes:

1. transformation and rebirth (the snake sheds its skin, and in that process experiences rebirth;  it has become a new creature and a creature renewed)

2. healing (the Rod of Asklepios, Greek God of Healing and Medicine, was entwined by a snake, and snakes were sacred totem animals, guardians and helpers at the temples of dream healing dedicated to him)

3. subconscious wisdom (knowledge of the Shamanic Lower World, which is almost universally understood to be a place of deep and beautiful healing as well as  a place of ancient and traditional wisdom)

4. masculine energy (any questions on this one?  Go back to our friend Freud)

5. clandestine affairs (the sneaky sneaky sneaky snakey)

So when the Page of Swords shows up for a client, I’m likely to ask him or her

~ what kind of deep personal transformation have you been longing for?

~ how can you be open to a rebirth − for personal and/or planetary healing?

~ how can you connect with deeper and perhaps archaic or ancestral wisdom, (Shamanic journeying, deep meditation, magic, prayerwork ) and to what purposes?

~ how can you go after these things in a direct, vigorous, perhaps even forceful way?

~ how will you test for integrity – in yourself, no less than in those around you?

Also, this card indicates that it may be a good idea to be more than normally open to help or guidance from someone of substantial masculine energy: a positive, powerful man or a strong and wise woman-warrior type, for example.

So, given all that:

What is the deep and bright personal transformation you can own and begin TODAY?  DO IT!

Bright blessings and beautiful, healing transformation!

Quote for the Day:  The universe is transformation; our life is what our thoughts make it.   ~ Marcus Aurelius

Today’s Weather:  Hurricanoes of wave petunias dancing the meringue with dayglo garden gnomes; wallaby bartenders.  What was in that funny little bottle? 

On This Date:  1652Rhode Island passes the first law in North America making slavery illegal.


And: 1897Dracula, a novel by Irish author Bram Stoker is published.


Tarot Card for the Day ~ May 17

May 17, 2010

The Magician


Fortune Cookie: Honor the Magician in you! And live a life in balance, moment by moment so you can access and use all of your wonderful, magical  skills and gifts.      

Poor you.  Those of you who have been here before will remember that this is a really long Nealian posts.  Well, this card makes it worth the long read, and some extra contemplation. 

I consider The Magician to be the Ace of the Major Arcana in the Tarot deck.  (The Major Arcana are the twenty-two cards that are all archetypal, allegorical figures – The Magician, The Tower, The Priestess, etc. − that have no complement in a regular deck of playing cards.)

So, as you’ve heard me say before, Aces in any Tarot deck are cards of a new beginning.


~ How can you (how do you need to) begin your life anew, today, right now?  Or at least open to the possibilities that can help bring it? 

~ What changes can you begin, even in small ways? 

~ What potentials can you believe in, hope for, reach for and remember?

Here’s an excerpt from an article on my web site ( that will give you a bit more Nealio’s uniquay perspectivo info about The Magician:

“When I look at The Magician, no matter what deck I hold, I consistently see (and sometimes sense through intuitive awareness) some specific elements or aspects: 

There’s the element of deep scholarship and functional learning, often represented by books, scrolls or papers. 

There’s the element of magical tools, including wands, crystals, and icons from various traditions.  [What are YOUR magical tools, by the way? Piano?  Pen?  Computer?  Healing hands? Trowel?  Paintbrush? Clay and cloth?  Voice?  Smile? Attitude? A killer cuppa coffee at just the right moment?]

There’s an element of ceremony or ritual, often depicted in the motions of The Magician. 

There’s a connection to the realms of Spirit, often represented through the presence of spirit helpers like angels or totem animals participating, or at least being present. 

And there’s an aspect of connection to Power – of focusing will, energy, mind and soul to bring positive things into being in the world.    

I may find that each or any of those elements seen in the card should be selected and emphasized for any specific client, and then included in recommended “homework” I may suggest as a result of our session.  

[For example: softly sing to yourself your favorite rock song when you were sixteen years old. Sing it three times a day until the snow flies to help you reconnect with the magic that has always been in you but has been allowed to go fallow.] 

[Or: remember and reread the three novels that have been most influential in your life to help remind you what you really care about, and why.] 

[Or: write a quick toss-off (no judgement) haiku a day for thirty-six days to help re-find and heal the writer in your soul.]  

Importantly, each of the elements I “see” in The Magician card is a thing that many of us have had learned out of us as we have “grown up.” 

So we give those things, which are central to many traditional cultures and most spiritualities, extremely short shrift as we attend to our cultural paradigms for living a fulfilling life in the here and now as we have been taught. 

As one client ruefully said, ‘I have ritual in my life.  I DO.  Every day except Sunday, I get up at seven.  I stop at the ’Buck’s at 7:45 for a grande cappuccino.  At noon, I eat rabbit food from a black plastic bowl.  I worship the Goddess of spinning at the gym ’most every evening, and I’m prostrate under goose down with TIVO by 10:00 at night.  I might as well be a nun.’

Well………… Okay. 

But that’s not quite what I have in mind by ritual.  Although, over the course of working with any client, I may help them find that such events and actions, which most of us would consider meaningless from a perspective of personal ceremony, can in fact take on deeper meaning and become a connection to our higher aspects for our own magical good —  if we consciously determine that they will.

But back to The Magician.

There’s an additional aspect of the card that I came to understand one afternoon when I was reading for someone on the cusp of a beneficial but stressful personal − let’s call it − evolution

I stressed that The Magician, or in our case, Merlin the Wizard, brings together 1. learning + 2. tools + 3. ritual or ceremony + 4. spiritual connection + 5. guidance/embracing of power for the benefit of self and others. 

BUT, I realized as I was speaking to this particular client:

in order to be able to do so – to be ready to blend, focus and use each of those elements at the right moment, perhaps in an instant – the Wizard must attend to living a truly balanced and positive life, moment by moment.  And that’s something our culture hasn’t really helped us with much over the last century or two (or fifty).”

So given all that:

How do you need to honor the Magician in you? 

And how do you need to live a life in balance so you can access and use all of your wonderful skills and gifts IN THE MOMENT when they can be most helpful to you and to us all?

Work with that today, and see what magic you can claim − and work − for the highest and best of all of us!

Bright blessings and YOUR OWN Magic!!!

Quote for the Day:  Cats are magical. . .the more you pet them the longer you both live.  ~ Anon

And: Books are a uniquely portable magic.  ~ Stephen King   

Today’s Weather:  Expect severe suits and strict ties, especially when accompanied by very thin watches.  Throw the fae a gold coin.  

On This Date: 1954 – The United States Supreme Court hands down a unanimous decision in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas.

And: 1970Thor Heyerdahl sets sail from Morocco on the papyrus boat Ra II to sail the Atlantic Ocean.

Tarot Card for the Day ~ May 16

May 15, 2010

Seven of Cups

The Questing Beast

Fortune Cookie: Go after the joy. Seek it, quest after it, demand it!  And for pity’s sake, at least be sure you can actually define what it is − or what it would be, if you had your druthers − for you.

Well.  A card that actually made perfect sense for the last day we saw it — St. Patrick’s Day.  But it’s a GREAT and also actually useful card for consideration any day at all.  At all.

So are we ready to pay attention? Huh?  Huh? Eh?

That’s good, because it’s an important card with a very solid reminder.  A reminder of what?  

A reminder that we really need to work on joyfulness in our lives.  [I know.  Sounds couter-intuitive.  Right?  Well, toobad.]

So.  Joyfulness. My advice would be to stop reading this, have a Guiness or a Mimosa or a tequila sunrise or an Irish coffee or some God Bud pancakes or strawberry cough brownies, or a…

Oh, wait.  Wrong blog.  Right audience, maybe, but wrong blog.

Anyway, we really need to work on joyfulness in our lives.

This is another card where my interpretation may diverge a tidly, tadly [or rather substantial] bit from that of other readers.  And I’m pretty joyful about it.

Some see the Seven of Cups as recommending opening to visions through contemplation. [Or, today, funny pancakes?]

Mustn’t argue with that, ever, unless you’re ready to have the Storm Troopers of Light come kick yer butt all across the floor, not to mention several dimensions, with at least one of them being Texas.  And gold lamé spacesuits with ruby wings and emerald go-go boots first thing in the morning is more than I can handle.  Even with killer pancakes. 

Some readers find the card dictates that the querent (questioner) has a choice to make, and must decide upon one of various options.

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, sees this card as betokening – among other things − fantasy, whims or perhaps a bizarre turn of events.  Right up my alley.  [My office cat refers to my office as the Bizar Bazar.] 

I see the Seven of Cups as the card of utter, total complete joy and joyful abandon

There may be some need to stay at least a bit grounded, so you DON’T go completely off into the realm of fantasy in a    

“ ҉     ҉     ҉   Wow, look at all the pretty colors!   ҉    ҉    I’ll betcha I can too live on air and rainbows and weird pancakes    ҉     ҉     ҉  !”    kinda scenario.

But [but! but! but! but! but!] this is also the card of Fairy Favors, creativity and clear vision around attaining true desires.  (And, as I said to a client in a recent reading, it really does imply that you’re going to do some meaningful work on defining and owning what your TRUE desires in this life actually are!)

And this can be a great, great time to do some wishcraft around becoming reacquainted with the Green Fey Friends down the garden way now that spring is morphing into summer, and work to re-earn the Fairy Favors they offer.

So go after the joy. Seek it, quest after it, demand it!  And for pity’s sake, at least be sure you can actually define what it is − or what it would be, if you had your druthers − for you.

Let yourself renew your belief in and commitment to your happiness, and be open to the myriad magical ways the universe may offer to bring it to you.  Let yourself be open to surprises and miracles in that regard.  And open to a little Fairy Magic today! 

Joy!  Joy!  Joy!

And JOY!!!

Bright blessings! 

And don’t forget joy!

Quote for the Day: Too often, people think that solving the world’s problems is based on conquering the earth, rather than touching the earth, touching ground.  ~ Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche

Today’s Weather:  Undercast and overanalyzed.  Highs and lows with intermediate salmon patties.   

On This Date:  1866Charles Elmer Hires invents root beer.

Tarot Card for the Day ~ May 15

May 14, 2010

The Judgement


Fortune Cookie: Know what you want. Don’t be crazy, necessarily, but be willing to try something unusual or out of character to get it.  Reach out for your destiny.



A fine card for an early summerish Saturday, as we take a look at how we might want to shake things up a bit in some positive ways.  It is, after all, always a good card to work with and one we would do well to allow to guide us. I certainly need to pay more attention to it!

So.  Then.   Several layers of interpretations here, and all worth a looksee. 

If there’s any inkling in your mind that you might be being


just a tad


it’s tremendously important that you STOP THAT RIGHT NOW ~ don’t be judgemental of anyone else.  And especially don’t be judgemental toward yourself. It’s not useful or even valid to be that way.  Today, anyway.

That doesn’t mean you should let yourself – or anyone else − run hog wild, going off half-cocked and half baked in every goofy direction that occurs. That’s my job.

Nor should you beat yourself up if you really want to just get quiet and do what it takes to stay grounded – or want to just hide and say, “To hell with ALL these Bozos!” for today.  Oh. Wait.  That would be kinda judgemental.  So you can do it (hide away), just don’t say it (these Bozos).

It does mean

~ don’t repress your own tendency to wish for what you wish for

~ don’t berate yourself for wanting to be able to upgrade 

   WELL beyond what ordinary reality might provide

   this week in some area of your life, but 

~ stay grounded for the moment regarding what you actually grab

 or grab for 

And send kind energy and blessings of Light to those who do get sucked into any craziness that’s around at the moment. 

Also [and I’m finding this one to be unusually important with my clients lately],

be sure you are pursuing what really is for the highest and best of all

Don’t just do what you’ve always been told you should do in order to be successful, popular, spiritual, thinner, blahdee, blahdee, blahblahblah…



Different decks portray ~ and different readers interpret ~ The Judgement in exceptionally different ways.  Some say it indicates a change of position, a renewal or reawakening, an ultimate outcome.  Good stuff at any time of  year.

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, finds it portends passing through a gateway to a new existence, an understanding of how one’s actions influence others, good health or a positive legal outcome.

Me? [Thought you’d never ask.]  I tend to see this card as requiring some action. 

When this card appears, I’m likely to say:

Look.  Really.  There are powerful, helpful people who would be happy to work with you, work on your behalf, who might actually be out there looking for you right now.  But they can’t find you where you usually are. 

There are wonderful, transformational experiences waiting for you.  But they can’t happen where you are, in the rhythm of your life as you currently live it. 

You’ve got to

go new places,

meet new people,

do new things! 

And push yourself a bit to keep doing that for the foreseeable future.


So, while staying grounded and aware of what your wishes are − or could be if you really owned what you wish for − entice yourself out of your rut. Shop at different stores, from grocers to clothiers to where you buy your lottery tickets or get your dry cleaning done. Go to different movies at different theaters.  Eat at different restaurants.  Write at different coffee bars.  [Write AT ALL for a change!] 

Don’t let yourself stagnate where you are and have been

Perhaps the most important aspect of this card is that it indicates your destiny is trying to reach out to you and for you.  Will you be there?   If you will, bear in mind the insight of the card as it reminds us to understand the impact of our actions upon others.

Know what you want.  Don’t be crazy, but be willing to try something unusual or out of character to get it.  Reach out for your destiny.

Bright blessings — without even the least little hint of  judgemental! [I mean it!]   

Quote for the Day:  The tendency to turn human judgments into divine commands makes religion one of the most dangerous forces in the world. ~ Georgia Harkness 

Today’s Weather:  Generally owlish.  Occasional Canadians from the North/Northwest at a modest, unassuming and really rather  considerate rate of speed.  Eh?  

On This Date:  1928Mickey Mouse premiered in his first cartoon, Plane Crazy.

Tarot Card for the Day ~ May 14

May 14, 2010

Queen of Swords



Hmm….  We last saw this important lady in early December.  It’s always good to bear in mind the insights she offers. 

[I say that even though I’m an Aquarius, and the idea of doing anything logical and  plan-oriented makes me look like I’m about to cough up a gerbil.]

This card certainly betokens being strategic in our lives and in our world – as I’ll talk about in a bit.  That could, if you let it, lead to the question, “What is the difference between strategy and tactics?” 

[God knows, I confuse the two about every chance I get.  Which helps explain why I drive an old Toyota instead of a new BMW, I guess.]

Strategy is the big picture look at a problem, situation or goal. 

It focuses on the sea-change-sized thing that needs to be achieved.  Defeating an enemy, preserving the ecology, earning a living as a Tarot reader − those are strategies.  Concepts like objective, maneuver and security are among the principles of strategy.  Sun Tzu’s The Art of War teaches strategy.

Tactics vary with circumstances, time and technology. 

As I’ve written before when this card has appeared, if I were to guide you in marketing yourself as a Tarot reader for the eighteenth century, I’d suggest you get a beautiful snug little cart, paint it in wild and wonderful colors, and travel the roads from town to town to town in order to find new clients. And stay ahead of the sheriff. 

If I were advising you to be a tarot reader this year, I’d talk about blogs, web sites, apps, podcasting opportunities, corporations having you on retainer and maybe even securing sponsorships to help find new clients.  And stay ahead of the sheriff. 

[As you can probably suspect from this blog, I still think that snug little cart thing sounds pretty good.] 

So, tactics present a small picture perspective where individual trees are in focus, and dealing with them one by one is the action. Strategy focuses on the big picture of the entire forest, and whether to preserve it, slaughter it, or something in between.

Got it? 


Me, I’m as lost as ever.

Where was I?

Oh.  Yeah.  Believe it or not, this all has to do with what the Queen of Swords would tell us about our day, and possibly our future.

As I always say to my clients,

I love the Queen of Swords.  If anyone ever crosses her disappoints her or gets in her way, she doesn’t get mad.  She just has them beheaded.  ‘Nothing personal,’ she’ll say.  

(That is a tactic to eliminate an obstacle.  The strategy behind the tactic is to ensure that her reputation will precede her and scare the hell out of those who might think to oppose her, or give her short shrift in any way.)

The Queen is a master of BOTH strategy and tactics. And your ability to work –consciously — with strategy and tactics is what you are being asked to explore within yourself and your situation today.  The Queen is intelligent, and may in fact be a scholar or have a strong scholarly bent, especially when circumstances dictate she must.  She will do what is necessary to learn what may be essential for her to succeed.  

So, if you need to learn something new beginning today, don’t resist.  Get started!  It will be worth your while.

Most importantly [at least as I have experienced this card in working with clients], if the Queen wants to get from point A to point B, she will take the time to clearly and accurately understand WHY she should do that (strategy), and determine every baby step necessary to move her from where she is to her goal (tactics).  Just as important, she will exert the will to hold herself to every single step.  She’ll take unexpected breaks if they come her way, but she’ll muster the grit to grind it out every inch of the way if she must.

So be clear about

 ~ what you want,

~ why you want it,

~ the impact it will have on you and your world,

~ and what it will take to attain your goal. 

~ Learn what may be necessary to help you succeed.

~ Then put yourself on the path to your goal. 

~ And if anyone gets in your way, don’t take it personal. 

   Just have ’im beheaded

[Ummm… I mean, just find a way to cut him out of the situation.  And keep and moving on.]

Bright blessings!

Quote for the Day:  There are of course many problems connected with life, of which some ofthe most popular are `Why are people born?’ `Why do they die?’ `Why do they spend so much of the intervening time wearing digital watches?’ ~ Douglas Adams, from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Today’s Weather:  Widely scattered oboes with stray pelicans.  Then partly wizzled.

On This Date:  1913New York Governor William Sulzer approves the charter for the Rockefeller Foundation, which begins operations with a $100 million donation from John D. Rockefeller. 


Tarot Card for the Day ~ May 13

May 13, 2010

Ten of Spears

The Green Knight

Hmmm…  We last saw this fellow back in early February.  I’m always grateful for this card’s energy. 

So, altogether now: 

Tens in any Tarot deck betoken the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, or even the end of one way of life and the beginning of another.  So, if I were reading for you today and this card came up, I’d ask:

How do the things you have been experiencing – and more importantly, how do the things you have begun to long for in life just now – represent a strong message to you that you must allow yourself to acknowledge the end of a cycle and the powerful potential for you to move into something wonderful and new, even miraculous?  How can you keep that in front of you not only today, but all through the year?  [Because you should, you know.]

Then I’d say:

Beyond that general information about cycles, I believe the Ten of Spears says in no uncertain terms, “You.  Yeah, you!  Go on a spiritual adventure.  Let yourself be open to new and incredibly transformative experience.  Keep a sharp eye out for integrity, in yourself and in those around you – particularly teachers, leaders and spiritual directors.  And seek spiritual renewal through the wondrous.  Yes, starting RIGHT NOW.  Get going!  DO IT!

So, in consideration of the fact that it’s time for you to begin an entirely new phase of your life, and in consideration of the fact that I’m reading for YOU today, let me be a little pushy and ask a couple readerly but obnoxious questions.  [Doofus reader clears throat, straightens vest, cleans french fry grease from shirt, clears throat again]:

What ARE the spiritual adventures and transformative experiences and magical evolutions you’ve always hungered for but never really had the courage, or cash, or whatever to pursue?  Now, given that you and I are

~ a.) Looking at the specific energy you are being asked to embrace to start this (suddenly new) cycle, and ~

b.) Bearing in mind that you are being asked to accept, own and foster this energy and therefore this transformational nature of yourself over an extended period (so you don’t think you hafta have it all together by dinner tonight) ~

c.) What dreams, hopes, changes will you PLEASE actually give yourself permission to believe in and REALLY pursue so as to have achieved them by, say, a year-and-a-day from now?   

(Okay, for you Capricorns, Virgos and Aquariuses {Aquariusae? Aquamarines?}   you have my permission to take a minute and write the answers down in a list on paper.  Aquarians will have lost the list by dinner anyway.)

d.) And what are one or two baby steps you can take today and this week to begin the concrete process of demonstrating your commitment to this new cycle and beginning your quest?  (Aquarius, that would mean finding the list.  Or even typing/printing out the questions and taping them above your desk.  Or onto a tee shirt.  Or something.)

So, will you love yourself and the world enough to take those questions on — for the “New” You (new cycle, new way of life, whatever)?  We’d all sure appreciate it!

By the way, here’s some info about how other folks see the Ten of Spears:

Some view the Ten of Spears as a card of

~ oppressive energy that is overcome to achieve success (So know that you may feel challenged by the nature of the changes or goals you give yourself permission to go after, or perhaps by those around you who don’t get the point.)

~ disguise or false seeming (That’s why it’s important to keep an eye out for integrity in those you connect with, and perhaps even in yourself and your own motives.)

 ~ an awesome task which is successfully accomplished through perseverance (You deserve to take on something awesome.  That’s what’s worthy of you and your true nature.  Besides, that’s why you’re HERE right now.  Right?)

So, for today and for this “New” You:

How will you (how would you wish to) end one cycle and begin another? 

How will you go on a wonderful, transformative spiritual adventure? 

How will you be open to miraculous experiences, and recognize the miraculous nature of yourself? 

How will you guard your integrity and seek for it in others? 

How will you make this the most beautiful and wondrous of times

starting today, starting now?

Bright blessings and miracles!

Quote for the Day:  The only exercise I take is walking behind the coffins of friends who took exercise.   ~ Peter O’Toole  [I may have to look into that.]

Today’s Weather:   A bit chilly for the Annual Metroparks Nixie Cenus and Johnny Jumpup Fest.  Take along chicken-fried baloney and Frangelico.  And a barf bag.

On This Date: 1373 – Julian of Norwich has visions which are later transcribed in her Revelations — believed to be the first published book in the English language to be written by a woman.