Tarot Card for the Day ~ February 22

King of Cups

The Fisher King


Aaahh…  A lovely and mellow card, albeit a powerful one. 

The Fisher King is, according to Arthurian legend, the hereditary guardian of The Holy Grail, which has rested within his family’s castle for generations or more.  There are many versions of why he has the title, Fisher King, some of which in fact precede the Arthur legends by a LOOONG way.

Anyway, in my fractured faerystory version of what you need to know about him:  The Fisher King is a kind, brave, generous, creative and well-balanced ruler who has a mystical bent and a deep respect for the sacred – being about as much a part of THE SACRED himself as a person can get.  (So keep an eye out for such a person over the next few days.  Or see what you can do to emulate more fully those characteristics yourself.)

At one point, The Fisher King took a magical wound that was unhealing.  In some traditions, this characteristic of the unhealing wound would, in and of itself, make him shamanically inclined. 

According to legend, the only time he was free of the wound’s deep pain was when he would go out in his little boat, fishing.  So he would do that at some point, if possible, every day.  And then go back to his labors as guardian of The Grail.

And that begins to bring us back to the card itself.

When this card turns up for a client, I usually say something along the line of:

“Look.  This is a period during which you’re going to be very busy.  You’re probably going to have lots of responsibilities and have to go in a number of different directions at once.  And you’ll care enough about it all to want to do it effectively!

“So, from the outset, remember to be fair, kind and generous to those who work with you and those who are around you in your life.

Be brave about going after what you really need to be able to do things well, and about going after what will really be for the highest and best of all concerned.

“And remember to be fair, kind and generous to yourself as well.  Plan from the beginning to build in – and use − specific, regular times for rest, recuperation, re-inspiration and whatever is necessary for you to be recharged AND fulfilled.” 

So do your work.  Do it brilliantly.  But know that you must WITHOUT FAIL build in play time (as YOU perceive it – for some of us, that’s a good, dream-filled nap), recovery time, recharging time in order to be fulfilled in your life, and in order to fulfill your promises to the world at this time.

Brightest blessings!

Quote for the day:   I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. ~ Douglas Adams


4 Responses to “Tarot Card for the Day ~ February 22”

  1. Donna Allen Says:

    What a fun quote — the “whoosing sound” of a deadline.

    On another subject, when I teach my angel writing class, I always suggest that participants ask for l) the highest guidance available and 2) for the message they need to hear most in the moment.

    I applied that priniciple as I took a “play break” today with some journey work. I asked for the message or energy I needed the most in the moment. To my delight, a loving, powerful, protective, playful black and silver dragon came and shared his time and energies with me. I would be difficult to describe what a gift this was to me.

    I know that we are to have an “intent” when we journey. It seems the Spirit world honored my request/intent for whatever message or energy I needed most in the moment….and l look forward to “playing” along those lines more in the future.

    ~ ~ Blessings and gratitude, Donna

  2. GINNY Says:

    I LOVED the quote for today. I must share that with all my grad school friends. And, again, your reads for each day have spot on for me and my increasingly wonderful life!

    Brightest blessings (and safe driving)!

  3. shamanspath Says:

    Thanks, GInny!

    And thanks again!

    Blessings back at ya!


  4. shamanspath Says:

    GReat stuff, Donna.

    Thank you.

    (You do relaize, of course, that if you had a blog of your own — say DowntoEarthAngels@ wordpress, or AngelLettersLady@wordpress, the comments that you share with me could easily be tweaked and turned into blog posts? Just a thought.)



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