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Tarot Card for the Day ~ July 26

July 25, 2009

Ten of Cups


I bet you’d like to come to this site once in a while and just have me get right to the card, huh?


First of all, tens in any Tarot deck betoken

the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, or even

the end of one way of life and the beginning of another

So, when this card comes up in a reading for a client, I ask them to consider how the things they are experiencing – and more importantly, what they have begun to seek in life just now – represent the potential end of a cycle and moving into something wonderful, new, even miraculous.

How can you acknowledge the end of a cycle?

How can you recognize that the end of this cycle is a positive thing, and is “just in time/just at the right time?”

How can you own the potential to move into something wonderful and powerful and new?

Ah, but there’s more to it.

I consider the Ten of Cups to be one of the two great WISH cards of the deck.  

So, when this card turns  – after I stop beaming at the client and stop wondering why it hasn’t come up in a reading for me lately − I usually say something like:

Ohboy!  Ohboy!   Ohboy!  [Sometimes I’m subject to bursts of enthusiasm.]  You shall have comfort, joy, healing and delight − perhaps through what may seem almost miraculous intervention –

IF you are clear within yourself about what your wishes truly are,

IF you truly believe in the goodness and the justness of your wishes,

IF you allow yourself to truly believe in miracles,

AND IF you hold true to your miraculous quest, moment by moment by moment, no matter how farfetched or hopeless it may seem, no matter how misunderstood you and your quest may be by everyone else.

[Corbenic is one of the names given to the castle in which the Holy Grail resided until the Grail knights achieved their sacred quest.  The Grail Kings, guardians of the Grail, held to their family’s sacred mission for hundreds of years on faith and belief in the miracles to come.]

The Universe smiles on those who stretch the fabric of our reality by thoroughly embracing the miraculous in their existence.  Remember though: it can’t be a half-assed embrace.  You have to really reach out and take hold.  You have to let yourself KNOW that the miraculous operates in your life NOW.   

So, it might be very useful to go through today repeating at least a thousand times,

“I create miracles. My life IS miracles. Our world is miracles.”

Because you do, and it is.  With every breath, every thought, every hope, every smile, there are millions of miracles being born within and through you.

Let the Universe see that you believe it, and watch what unfolds.

Bright blessings!  And miracles!


Quote for the Day:  Take, if you must, this little bag of dreams/Unloose the cord, and they will wrap you round.  ~ Yeats

Today’s Weather: Tabby reflections and melting skeins.

On This Date: 1745 – The first recorded women’s cricket match took place near Guildford, England.                You GO!! girls!

And: 1875Carl Jung, Swiss psychiatrist is born.