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Tarot card for the Day ~ April 24

April 23, 2009

Queen of Swords



Hmm….  We last saw he just about the end of March.  And it’s always good to bear in mind the insights she offers.

This card certainly betokens being strategic in our lives and in our world – as I’ll talk about in a bit.  That could, if you let it, lead to the question, “What is the difference between strategy and tactics?”  God knows, I confuse the two about every chance I get.  Which helps explain why I drive a Toyota instead of a BMW, I guess.

Strategy is the big picture look at a problem, situation or goal. 

It focuses on the sea-change-sized thing that needs to be achieved.  Defeating an enemy, preserving the ecology, earning a living as a Tarot reader − those are strategies.  Concepts like objective, maneuver and security are among the principles of strategy.  Sun Tzu’s The Art of War teaches strategy.

Tactics vary with circumstances, time and technology. 

As I wrote last time, if I were to guide you in marketing yourself as a Tarot reader for the eighteenth century, I’d suggest you get a beautiful snug little cart, paint it in wild and wonderful colors, and travel the roads from town to town to find clients and stay ahead of the sheriff. 

If I were advising you to be a tarot reader for this year, I’d talk about blogs, web sites, podcasting opportunities and sponsorships to help find clients and stay ahead of the sheriff. 

I still think that cart thing sounds pretty good. 

So, tactics present a small picture perspective where individual trees are in focus, and dealing with them one by one is the action. Strategy focuses on the big picture of the entire forest, and whether to preserve it, slaughter it, or something in between.

Got it? 

Good.  Me, I’m just as lost as ever. Where was I?

Oh.  Yeah.  This has to do with what the Queen of Swords has to tell us about our day, and possibly our future.


As I always say to my clients,


I love the Queen of Swords.  If anyone ever crosses her, she doesn’t get mad.  She just has them beheaded.  ‘Nothing personal,’ she’ll say.   (That is a tactic to eliminate an obstacle.  The strategy behind the tactic is to ensure that her reputation will precede her and instill fear in those who might think of opposing her.)


The Queen is a master of BOTH strategy and tactics, and so that is what you are being asked to explore within yourself and your situation today.  She is intelligent, and may in fact be a scholar or have a strong scholarly bent, especially when she must.  She will do what is necessary to learn what may be necessary to succeed.  So, if you need to learn something new beginning today, don’t resist.  Get started!  It will be worth your while.


If the Queen wants to get from point A to point B, she will take the time to clearly and accurately understand WHY she should do that (strategy), and determine every baby step necessary to move her from where she is to her goal (tactics).  Just as important, she will exert the will to hold herself to every single step.  She’ll take unexpected breaks if they come her way, but she’ll muster the grit to grind it out when necessary.


So be clear about


~ what you want,

~ why you want it,

~ the impact it will have on you and your world,

~ and what it will take to attain your goal. 

~ Learn what may be necessary to help you succeed.

~ Then put yourself on the path to your goal. 

~ And if anyone gets in your way, don’t take it personal. 

   Just have ’im beheaded. 

   I mean, just cut him out of the situation and move on.


Bright blessings!


Quote for the day:      Just because it’s not nice doesn’t mean it’s not miraculous.   ~ Terry Pratchett, from Interesting Times