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Tarot Card for the Day ~ August 23

August 22, 2009

Ten of Spears

The Green Knight

Hmmm…  Last time we saw this fellow was New Year’s Day.  Which would lead me, smartass that I am, to ask: 


And how should you be looking upon today as though it were the beginning of an entirely new year, complete with hopes, aspirations and a profound ability to let go of the past?  Hmmm…?

[This card also showed up a bit earlier in the winter holiday season, which allowed me to play up some of the mystical-shamanic-Christmas-y aspects of the Green Knight story.  I’ll leave that information in at the very end for you to go through if you like.]

But what I want you to really latch onto for today (and for “the whole New Year to come”) is this: 

Tens in any Tarot deck betoken the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, or even the end of one way of life and the beginning of another.  So, if I were reading for you today and this card came up, I’d ask:

How do the things you have been experiencing – and more importantly, how do the things you have begun to long for in life just now – represent a strong message to you that you must allow yourself to acknowledge the end of a cycle and the powerful potential for you to move into something wonderful and new, even miraculous?  How can you keep that in front of you not only today, but all through the year?

Then I’d say:

Beyond that general information about cycles, I believe the Ten of Spears says in no uncertain terms, “You.  Yeah, you!  Go on a spiritual adventure.  Let yourself be open to new and incredibly transformative experience.  Keep a sharp eye out for integrity, in yourself and in those around you – particularly teachers, leaders and spiritual directors.  And seek spiritual renewal through the wondrous.  Yes, starting RIGHT NOW.  Get going!  Do IT!”

So, in consideration of the fact that it’s time for you to begin an entirely new phase of your life, and in consideration that I’m reading for YOU today, let me be a little pushy and ask a couple readerly but obnoxious questions.  Ahem again:

What ARE the spiritual adventures and transformative experiences and magical evolutions you’ve always kinda hungered for but never really had the courage, or cash, or whatever to pursue?  Now, given that you and I are:

a.) Looking at the specific energy you are being asked to embrace to start this (suddenly new) year, and ~

b.) Bearing in mind that you are being asked to accept, own and foster this energy and therefore this transformational nature of yourself over an entire twelve month period (so you don’t think you hafta have it all together by dinner tonight) ~

c.) What dreams, hopes, changes will you PLEASE actually give yourself permission to believe in and REALLY pursue so as to have achieved them by, say, a year-and-a-day from now?    

(Okay, for you Capricorns, Virgos and Aquariuses {Aquariusae?}  [Ohyeah, Aquarians], you have my permission to take a minute and write the things down in a list on paper.  Aquarians will have lost the list by dinner anyway.)

d.) And what are one or two baby steps you can take today and this week to begin the concrete process of demonstrating your commitment and beginning your quest?  (Aquarius, that would mean finding the list.  Or at least printing out the questions and taping them above your desk.)

So, will you love yourself and the world enough to take those questions on for the “New” Year?  We’d all sure appreciate it!

By the way, here’s some info about how other folks see the Ten of Spears:

Some see the Ten of Spears as a card of

~ oppressive energy that is overcome to achieve success (So know that you may feel challenged by the nature of the changes or goals you give yourself permission to go after, or perhaps by those around you who don’t get the point.)

~ disguise or false seeming (That’s why it’s important to keep an eye out for integrity in those you connect with, and perhaps even in yourself and your own motives.)

 ~ an awesome task which is successfully accomplished through perseverance (You deserve to take on something awesome.  That’s what’s worthy of you and your true nature.  Besides, that’s why you’re HERE right now.  Right?)

So, for today and for this “New” Year:

How will you (how would you wish to) end one cycle and begin another? 

How will you go on a wonderful, transformative spiritual adventure? 

How will you be open to miraculous experiences, and recognize the miraculous nature of yourself? 

How will you guard your integrity and seek for it in others? 

How will you make this the most beautiful and wondrous of years starting today, starting now?

Bright blessings and miracles!

Quote for the Day:  It is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring. ~ Carl Sagan, PhD  [Okay, Doc.  But who gets to determine which of us is stuck in delusion?]

Today’s Weather:  Spellunkrolites in dollops and weezers; major artunies.

On This Date: 79Mount Vesuvius begins stirring, on the feast day of Vulcan, the Roman god of fire.

And: 1784 – Western North Carolina (now eastern Tennessee) declares itself an independent state under the name of Franklin; it wasn’t accepted into the United States, and only lasted for four years. [They’re still confused.]


Here’s the info about Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.  (The official version is at  .)

The story of Gawain and the Green Knight is a tale that begins during the Christmas season at Camelot.

My abbreviated version:  one evening at Christmastide Arthur and all the members of the court sit around after dinner, waiting for a holiday wonder.  Into the great hall rides a huge green knight on a huge green horse.

Richly clad, the knight carries a bough of holly in one hand and a huge battleaxe in the other.  He challenges Arthur to a “Christmas jest.”  Arthur is about to accept the game when Sir Gawain, Arthur’s nephew, steps forward and says (more or less), “Yo!  My liege.  Somethin’ funny here.  Lemme play this one for you.”  The King gives his assent.

The Green Knight, obviously of the Faery realm, offers Gawain the axe and one chance to behead him, adding that if he “abide the stroke” (survives), in a year and a day the Green Knight would have the right to give him a whack in return.  

Gawain takes the axe and in one blow severs the big guy’s head from his body.   All the court sits back, saying, “Oh, well.  Too bad.  Whaddya gonna do?  Somebody clean up this mess,” and so on.

At which point the Green Knight’s body leans over, picks up its head, hops on the horse and turns the head toward Gawain.  The head says, “Many men know me as the knight of the Green Chapel, and if thou askest, thou shalt not fail to find me. Therefore it behoves thee to come, or to yield thee as recreant [wussy].”

So, a year later, Gawain does indeed seek him out and has several wondrous adventures, as they say, in the process.

 Brightest and most intriguing blessings!