Daily Tarot ~ December 21 Winter Solstice

Seven of Shields

Castle Of Wonders

Fortune Cookie: Find a goal that is worthy of your efforts.  Know what it is, and why you have chosen it.  Keep pushing once, twice, AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES till the opposition is eliminated or finally just gives up and goes away.  And know that your most beautiful dreams can come true.


Hmmm…  mmmm…  Mmmmmm…  Last saw this card almost exactly four months ago.  And it is in fact a timely card, indeed a PERFECT card for the Winter Solstice (YULE) because it cautions us to see the entire Winter season through the prism of its wisdom and direction.



Entire Winter. 

Got it?  ‘Kay!


Let’s cut to the chase on this one.  It’s a card that says (in my perception)


And it’s a good card right now, I’m thinking, when people may be experiencing some Holy **** how-did-it-get-to-be-Winter-already?-type confusion and even depression and maybe some fatigue ~ compassion fatigue, rain AND drought and cold fatigue, Browns fatigue,  perpetual Kardashian fatigue, trying to send healing & light to the crazies who are worried about the Mayan thing fatigue, trying to send healing & light to yourself fatigue, recession fatigue, Ohcrap!I’vegotthefluagain fatigue, my boss is a twit fatigue, life sucks fatigue, Neal drones on and on like an old gargoyle on valium fatigue ~ whatever.

Well, too bad.  Because, you see, the potential for you to experience goodness and goodies far beyond your brightest hopes is right there in front of you IF you screw up your courage and connect with your dreams and 


[Do I need to do that lunacy one more time, or have I made my point?]

The Seven of Shields in my deck is a card that requires a Nealio’s sprained-bashed-and-mangled faerystory version of the legend behind the card.

So listen to da ol’ storytellah here:

[Hmmmm…  That IS the haircut I had through most of the 70s.]

As usual, my version of the story may be a bit different than what you will find in some — if not most — Arthurian mythologies.  And my interpretation of the card veers a bit from the norm as well. So, depending on what you can best handle at the moment, grab a mug of hot something, a bottle of whatever, a hookah or a few of those cute little mushrooms the seven dwarves used to sell on market day, and away we go!

Sir Gawain found himself in hot pursuit of an outlaw knight.  He chased the cur over hill and dale [sorry yet again, Dale] until at length the outlaw rode into the courtyard of a great castle, and then right into the great hall of the castle itself.

Gawain galloped on in hizownseff.

As Gawain entered the hall, he began being pelted by a huge indoor storm of sleet,  iceballs and stones.  Being a prudent man, Gawain reined in his worthy steed, thinking, “Hmm….  ‘There’s more here than meets the eye,’ as Ringo once said. Or will have once said some day. Maybe I better just go back and tell the lads I lost track of the blighter, and I’ll hunt him down another day.”

But being a brave soul and one of the leading lights of the flower of chivalry that was Camelot, he pulled himself together and said, “Nay then. ’Tis my quest, and meet it is that I pursue it come what may.”  Or something with a bit more testosterone and fewer letters. Beginning with F and ending with T. And he began pushing his way through the storm.

At which point the storm simply stopped. 

And he found himself confronted by an entire army, blocking the path of pursuit.  Again he took pause, thinking, “This here is some weirdness here, y’all kin bet ready money on that!  Maybe it’d be better to jist come back another day and see wossup then.”  But again, he screwed up his courage [see verbiage above], pulled out his trusty sword and launched himself against the foes.

At which point they disappeared.  Ha! Hahaha!!

Only to be replaced by a huge lion and griffin who – um, which?  Nah, who − blocked his way.  This time Gawain really took a step back, thinking, “Okay.  Look, magic is one thing, but this is getting ridiculous.  I could end up a hot steaming lunch here.  And, they’re protected species, aren’t they?  I’m just not gonna.…   I’m not….  Aw, bugrit!”

And again he remembered his quest and his solemn vow to his droogies from the Round Table, so he pushed forward, hard.  The lion and griffin disappeared.

And as Gawain moved forward into the center of the immense hall, A GREAT MAGICKE occurred.  There was a shimmer, and a shine, and a wrinkle in reality.  It became a doorway into a realm of wonders, goodness and healing.  It was a place which offered many amazing, magical things, along with major cash and gems, which the goodlye Knighte gathered up and took back for the benefit of Camelot.    

So, what has that got to do with the card?

I thought you’d never ask.  [Just like you thought I’d never finish that damn story.]

Okay, some readers see the Seven of Shields as betokening money, business and barter.  Other say it means it’s time to re-evaluate one’s Mission Statement.  Anna Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legenddeck, writes of treasures, bounty, persistence and the steady, methodical removal of obstacles[some of which may be in-laws, coworkers or bonehead politicians, I’d guess].

When this card shows up for a client, I’m likely to say,

Okay.  What it comes down to now is

~ knowing what you’re really going after, and

~ why, and

~ refusing to give up.

You may feel overmatched, overwhelmed, afraid and even a tad hopeless.  But if your goal is REALLY important to you, remember what it is, screw up your courage, dig in your heels and push back or push on.  Hard!


And if you really have chosen a goal that is worthy of you, and important to you, have faith in yourself.  You will succeed beyond your brightest dreams.

Find a goal that is worthy of your efforts.  Know what it is, and why you have chosen it.  Keep pushing once, twice, AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES till the opposition is eliminated or finally just gives up and goes away.  And know that your most beautiful dreams can come true.

Bright blissings and great wonders!

Quote for the Day:  Not everything has to mean something. Some things just are.~ Charles de Lint

Today’s Weather: Great gingery garglers of boggly wallah. Wind dancers.  Abominabel snow….persons.  Borecole.

A Blessed Yule

and a beautiful winter

to all!

See you all ’round about New Year’s!  Ta till then!



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