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Daily Tarot ~ November 16

November 15, 2012

Eight of Cups

Chapel Perilous


Fortune Cookie: Refuse to be confined, repressed, dimmed by anything or anyone – especially yourself!

This card last popped up for the blog in the first week of September.  It’s one that has a lot of helpful direction to it.  It is, however, another one of those cards that sets clients awhimperin’ just from the visuals.  [Except for those who are superGoth.  They still always ask for directions so they can find the place.  And whether there is an app for the thing. And where they can buy ‘shrooms.  And GOOD eyeliner.]

The card, you see, (at least in the deck I use) portrays a wayfaring knight who has ridden into a lonely chapel to protect himself and his steed from a furious storm. He notices that the altar is without any adornment, save for a large, brightly flaming   candle. As he waits, and drips, he sees a giant, clawed, monstrous hand reach in through the window high above the altar and make to extinguish the light.

What a swell and encouraging image.  Yes?

Anyway, some readers believe the Eight of Cups conveys either turning away from felicity and celebration, or the exact opposite [I guess it depends which side of bed the reader fell out of that morning].  Others believe this is a card that calls for the querent (questioner) to look for a deeper meaning in life; it betokens a time for soul searching. [Preferably without the distraction of a giant, clawed, monstrous hand, would be my guess.]

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, finds this card to be about abandoning a path, a change of plans, and escaping an unhealthy situation, among other things.  I can work with those meanings, and if you feel that applies to your life in any way at the moment, please take the insight to heart.

Of course, I have my own particular take on the card.  When it turns up for a client,  once I have gotten them to calm back down from the impact of the visual, I usually say things like

~ Do not let anyone or anything – especially yourself − put a bushel basket over your light.

~ Do not allow anyone or anything – especially yourself or your perception of your self − hold you under its thumb.

If necessary:



Go elsewhere. Hastily.

Try something else.

Reach out for other options.

Rework your priorities and take life from there.



Today, refuse to be confined, repressed, dimmed by anyone or anything – especially yourself!

Bright blessings and an open path to your true self!

Thought for the Day: I’m sorry, if you were right, I’d agree with you. ~  Robin Williams

Today’s Weather: Snatches of bander, semi-colon, the frumrious sort, period.

On This Date: 1992 – The Hoxne Hoard (the largest hoard of late Roman silver and gold discovered in Britain, and the largest collection of gold and silver coins of the fourth and fifth century found anywhere within the Roman Empire) is discovered by metal detectorist Eric Lawes.


Daily Tarot ~ November 15

November 15, 2012
Seven of CupsThe Questing Beast

Fortune Cookie: Go after the joy. Seek it, quest after it, demand it! And for pity’s sake, at least be sure you can actually define what it is − or what it would be, if you had your druthers − for you.


We last saw this card… on New Year’s Eve!

So, now that it’s back, are we ready to pay attention? Huh?  Huh?  Eh?

That’s good, because it’s an important card with a very solid reminder.  A reminder of what? 

A reminder that we [most of us who are over five years old, ennyway] really need to work on joyfulness in our lives. I know.  Sounds counter-intuitive.  Right?  Well, toobadpayattentionI’mtalkin’here.

So.  Joyfulness. My advice would be to stop reading this, have a Guinness or a Mimosa or a tequila sunrise or an Irish coffee or some God Bud pancakes or strawberry cough brownies, or a…

Oh, wait.  The blog police are scanning the office.  Mindsniffing for fumes. [Creeps.] But that doesn’t mean YOU shouldn’t enjoy yourself in any of the ways suggested. 

Or not.


We really need to work on joyfulness in our lives.  Really.

This is another card where my interpretation may diverge a tidly, tadly bit [or a monster bunch] from that of other readers.  And I’m pretty joyful about it.

Some see the Seven of Cups as recommending opening to visions through contemplation.[My astrologer Mary Ellen tells me this is a big year for me in that realm. Guess I better clean out the meditation room.]  [Where is the meditation room?]  [Oyeah. It’s behind that pile of books on Feng Shui and vegan grilling.] 

Mustn’t argue with opening to visions through contemplation, ever, unless you’re ready to have the Storm Troopers of Light come kick yer butt all across the floor, not to mention several dimensions, with at least one of them being Texas.  And gold lamé spacesuits with emerald wings and ruby go-go boots first thing in the morning are more than I can handle. 

Some readers find the card dictates that the querent (questioner) has a choice to make, and must decide upon one of various options. [Like, maybe where to put the old Vox amplifier, kayac, blue aluminum Yuletide tree, statues of Grover Cleveland and pile of books on Feng Shui now that I’m clearing out the meditation room?] [Or whether to continue reading this silly sh… Ummm… Stuff.]

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legenddeck, sees this card as betokening – among other things − fantasy, whims or perhaps a bizarre turn of events.  Right up my alley.  [My office cat refers to my desk as Eddie Poe’s Bizar Bazar.]

I, however see the Seven of Cups as the card of utter, total complete joy and joyful abandon.

There may be some need to stay at least a bit grounded, so you DON’T go completely off into the realm of fantasy in a   

҉     ҉     ҉   Wow, look at all the pretty colors!   ҉   ҉    I’ll betcha I can too live on air and rainbows and weird herbal  pancakes    ҉     ҉     ҉ !” kinda scenario.

But [but! but! but! but! but!] this is also the card of

Fairy Favors,

creativity and

clear vision

around attaining true desires.

[Legally, mind.  Mostly.] (And, as I said to a client in a recent reading, it really does imply that you’re going to do some meaningful work on defining and owning what your TRUE desires in this life actually are!)


Thought so!

And this can be a great, great time to do some wishcraft around becoming reacquainted with the Green Fey Friends down the garden way now that Summer is nigh past, and work to re-earn the Fairy Favors they offer.

So go after the joy. Seek it, quest after it, demand it!  And for pity’s sake, at least be sure you can actually define what it is − or what it would be, if you had your druthers − for you.

Let yourself renew your belief in and commitment to your happiness, and be open to the myriad magical ways the universe may offer to bring it to you.  Let yourself be open to surprises and miracles in that regard.  And open to a little Fairy Magic today!

Joy!  Joy!  Joy!

And JOY!!!

Bright blessings!

And don’t forget joy!

Quote for the Day: We have now left Reason and Sanity Junction. Next stop, Looneyville.~  Jim Butcher

And: As we go from Abraham Lincoln to Theodore Roosevelt to Mitt Romney, I now understand why the Republicans don’t believe in evolution. ~ Andy Borowitz

Today’s Weather: Ivy.  House blooming lavender. Transpersonal wee folk litanies. Embrace ’em all!!!  

On This Date: Text From Last Night: 1969 – In Columbus, Ohio, Dave Thomas opens the first Wendy’s restaurant.

Text From Last Night: …’kay. I shall begin… thank you swedish chef // Hurrfy smmurdshy burrfst! //  …that is the exact response I was looking for…

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