Daily Tarot ~ November 6

Two of Swords

The Knight of Two Swords

Fortune Cookie: Know your goal. [Let me repeat that:  KNOW YOUR GOAL!] Keep your courage up. Ground. Center. Become as clear as possible about what needs to be done, and why.  Move forward with strength and go after what you believe to be for the highest and best! 

“To draw this card shows that there are decisions to be made.”

And may I say…


Well, certainly the right card for election day in the ol’ USA.

And a card that last turned up in mid-August, or approximately 4,237 annoying-as-hell political ads ago.


And, as I said then, it’s a card that is given vastly different meanings depending on the reader and the circumstances of the reading.

Some readers would say this card indicates something like courage or balance in the face of adversity.  Others might suggest that a solution to a problem is available to the questioner, but he or she is blinded or distracted and can’t see it.  [I HATE it when that happens!]  Or, a reader may insist that the querent (a person who questions an oracle) be careful about being stubborn.  [I’m not real fond of hearing THAT one either.]

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, finds in the Two of Swords such things as having to make a choice without benefit of foresight, a moment of indecision, and a clouded perception of options.

That last phrase is the one that comes closest to my experience of what the card offers.

When the Two of Swords turns up for a client, I’m most likely to say something like, “Someone, I think maybe Khalil Gibran, wrote that the strength of the enemy is in our hearts, not in the enemy’s hands.”

So if there is something you would achieve, and there seems to be great opposition arrayed against you, don’t let yourself be discouraged or dismayed.  Take a moment to become very clear about your goal –at least as clear as you can be.  Take a deep breath or two.  Square your shoulders. And wade into whatever you need to to move forward

That which seemed to be arrayed against you may simply turn to mist or smoke and allow you to pass through it like beams of pure light through a hologram.


Know your goal.  Keep your courage up.  Ground.  Center.  Become as clear as possible about what needs to be done, and why.  Move forward with strength and a go after what you believe to be for the highest and best! 

Bright blessings, clarity and progress!

Today’s Quote: So. You get handed a holy sword by an archangel, told to go fight the forces of evil, and you somehow remain an atheist. Is that what you’re saying? ~ Jim Butcher

Today’s Weather:  Sometimes, oftenly not, although.  It IS election day.

On This Date: 1860Abraham Lincoln defeats three other candidates for the U.S. presidency.

A Repeat of A Thought For The Day: A client wrote to me, concerned that s/he was, in essence, stuck in a lotta negativity.  This is the response that came through me ::

Please know that the very fact that you keep trying means that you are succeeding, even though it may seem to be in very small ways.

And, when the dark stuff seems to be rising up, that is the most important time to find a way, no matter how small seeming, to focus on something good — something beautiful, something hopeful, something healing — instead, even if it must be re-connected with moment by moment by moment.

And in the spirit of that thought, I will NOT provide my take on the outcomes, desired and likely, of this year’s elections.



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