Daily Tarot ~ October 12

Nine of Shields



Fortune Cookie: What is the magical transformation of yourself and your life you would have by being given permission (giving yourself permission) to do what you really want and be who and what you really are?

We last saw this card in Mid-April, I think.  And, to me, it’s a perfect card for someone I worked with a tad just yesterday.  But then:

This is always a good card to work with and learn from.  [You may notice that this is the card I pulled when seeking information about how I should think of my blog itself, and what I should hope to offer through it.  With any luck, I’m somewhere near living up to that.]

The Nine of Shields asks that we be open to

magical transformation – of ourselves and our lives –

through love

by being given

[or giving ourselves!!]

permission to do what we really want to do

and be who we really are

It is therefore useful to look at this card from this perspective

[i.e., so ASK YOURSELF THIS!]:

If I could change myself and/or my life in any and all of the way(s) that I wish to in order to be most true to myself −

What would I change? 

Who and what would I be? 

What would I ask of life this time around? 

What would I give to life, and the planet and Spirit at this time? 

How would I give it?

Then ask:

what baby steps will get me moving in that direction?  And then love yourself enough to let yourself begin and take them.  

While you’re at it, it might also be a good thing to take a look ’round at the people you care most about. 

Ask for guidance about what you might offer (without negating who you are or what your hopes are) to help them seek and attain their magical transformation through love by giving them permission to do what they really want and be who they really are.

Honor and integrity are important elements in the revelations of this card as well. 

It might be worthwhile to go through the story of Lady Ragnell to get a sense of what this card can be about.  That will require a Nealio’s-fracturized-beat-all-to-hell-and-put-back-together-sorta-faerystory version of the legend behind the card.

The story begins when King Arthur is challenged, at peril of the loss of his kingdom, to discover the answer to an ancient and powerful riddle. 

The knight Gawain, Arthur’s nephew, sets out to find the answer to the riddle for him, and eventually he encounters the hag Ragnell.  She offers the solution if he’ll take her to give it to the King personally. 

Gawain holds his nose for the sake of Camelot and takes her to the castle and presents her to Arthur, who asks for the answer.  She replies that she will whisper the answer into the King’s ear − if Gawain will promise to marry her. Arthur says, “Good Gawd, woman, you must be freaking kidding me,” or Medieval words to that effect.  Even so, Gawain selflessly consents to the marriage to help Arthur. Ragnell reveals the secret to the King, and Camelot is saved.

The wedding of Gawain and Ragnell then goes ahead as promised, and the newlyweds retire to the bedroom. Ragnell asks, “Won’t you give me a little kiss?” and Gawain dutifully does so, then turns away, contemplating how truly wretched the rest of the night, not to mention the rest of his life, will be. 

When he turns back to her, he is astonished to find the most beautiful woman he has ever seen standing before him. She explains she had been under a spell to look like a hag until a good knight married her and kissed her with kindness, if not affection.  He is, of course, delighted.

“But wait ye , fair knight,” she says, or, “Wait up, mah Dawg,” or something like that.  “Wait, y’all. You must understand that my true appearance will be restored for only half the day.”  She gives him the choice to have her beautiful at night, when they are alone together, or during the day, when they are with all his friends in Camelot.

Without hesitation, Gawain tells her that she must have the choice for herself. This generous, unforced, unrequested answer lifts the curse for good, and Ragnell’s true appearance and nature return forever.  And Gawain pretty much does a booty dance of joy all around the room, being the class act he is.

So: what is the magical transformation of yourself and your life that you would have through love by being given permission (and/or giving yourself permission) to do what you really want and be who and what you really are?

By the way, in case you have some interest in knowing the riddle and its answer:

The question was, “What is it a woman desires most?”

The answer (two versions):

“Her own way.”

~ OR ~

“The right (sovereynté) to decide for herself.”

Bright Blessings!

Quote for the Day: If all of us acted in unison as I act individually there would be no wars and no poverty. I have made myself personally responsible for the fate of every human being who has come my way. ~ Anais Nin

Today’s Waethyr:  Mild chortlesome spaniels, scroungy bounders and featheresque wonders.  Pip! 

On This Date: 1823Charles Macintosh of Scotland sells the first raincoat. [He nicknames it, “The Charles.”]

Text from Last Night: every Thursday i draw one of my friends’ name out of a hat …to choose who i will drunkenly text all weekend…


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