Daily Tarot ~ October 11

Four of Swords

Isolt of the White Hands

Fortune Cookie: Carve out some time to just be at peace, take it easy, do what’s comfortable and healing; just let the river flow on by.

Okay, kidlets.  We last saw this card toward the end of January.  So who REEEEEALLY needs this kinda reminder, huh?  

‘Cos, as I said then, as squirrely as the world has been lately, in a time when pretty much everything and everybody seem [seems? whocares?] overwrought and strained to the gills, this card’s guidance surely does make a lotta sense.

Now, as I normally ask at the top of the post for this card:

Which one of y’all isn’t getting enough rest, enough recuperation, enough time far from the madding crowd? 

[Headline: Tarot Guy Once Again Blown Into Low Earth Orbit by Draft as Readers All Raise Hands.]  

Look into this card and its advice, then, will ya?  But don’t just make it another item on an overly long to-do list.  Seek a way to make DIFFERENT choices.

The Four of Swords, then,  is a card of respite and recovery.  It speaks of moving from a stressful environment to a place of safety, calm and comfort. [Regular Tarot Post readers know I prefer under the bed. If not under the floorboards.  Or maybe under an inn in the Netherlands.]  It really is time to take a rest, have a break, maybe have a holiday or in some other way remove yourself from current pressures.

Some readers find that this card speaks of solitude or hermit’s repose.  Others see it as predicting renewal. (We likes renewal, do!)


Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, finds such things as healing, gentle soul searching, convalescing and regaining strength and direction in this card.  [And I’ve been finding a lot of clients the past month or so are expressing a feeling of lack of direction.  So Looky Here you guys!  Today’s the day! Take at least a few minutes to let yourself target and go after something new and better and healthier!]

To me, the Four of Swords says:

“Now!  Today! [Even though it’s a Thursday!] Make a mini-retreat!  Give yourself time and space to rest, recharge, recuperate.  As Anna-Marie Ferguson also says, this card recommends you leave a stressful, chaotic situation in order to clear the mind and reevaluate plans ~  so you can refine your sense of where you actually want to go!

Please try hard to carve out at least half an hour, if not a chunk of your day, to just be at peace, take it easy, do what’s comfortable and healing as you let the river (and pretty much everything else) flow by.

And send prayers for those who are in no position to do so. 

Bright blessings, peace, calm and healing!

Quote for the Day:  The rain had stopped and the sky was absurdly pretty, a single layer of floury cloudlets pinked and peached by the rising sun. Only the juvenile, the mad, and the newly in love noticed. The rest of the city got its head down and ploughed tearily into another day of neurosis. ~ Glen Duncan  [Not Four of Swords!] 

Today’s Weather: Small, deterministic wolves. Transparent bellflowers. Intermittent fugue.

On This Date: 1582 – Because of the implementation of the Gregorian calendar, this day does not exist in this year in Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain. [VERY Four of Swords!]

Text From Last Night: i have an important question… can you drink in jail?



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