Daily Tarot ~ September 19

King of Spears

King Pellinore

Fortune Cookie: Own the Renaissance Man or Woman in you. What interests, skills, and wisdom will you pursue, and pursue deeply?  Which one first?  How can you start TODAY?

No, that is still NOT a mullet!  And neither is his hair, yet, either.

Last saw this extraordinary fellow… on Friday. So, who wasn’t paying attention?  Who? 

As I always say, he’s a wonderful role model to keep close by and attend to. So let’s do it anyway. 

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of Legend, the Arthurian Tarot, finds the King of Spears to be a mature man [I suppose these days, for this blog, we should say mature PERSON] of wisdom, someone with humor and theatrical flair.  [Anybody come to mind?  Jon Stewart, maybe? Oprah?  Whoopi?  Bill Clinton?  Baryshnikov? Me?  Me???  I would hastily call your attention to the word MATURE.]  So keep an eye out for that kind of energy today. Better still, seek to embody it yourself.

I see the King of Spears as the card of

the Renaissance Man

(or Renaissance Woman).

Look for

~ or better still, give YOURSELF permission to have ~

a restless, joyful, driving curiosity that you allow to take you toward many different deep fascinations.

More detail?

Okay, here’s my picture of a typical Renaissance Person as represented by this card:

He or she

~ does trigonometry problems for fun and

~ does passable table magic and

~ can conjugate verbs in Latin, French and Japanese or Russian and

~ is being followed by Neil Gaiman on Twitter and

~ converted a car to biodiesel or hydrogen with almost no outside help and

~ understands permaculture and

~ has a rain garden and

~ sang backup for Tom Petty late one night (in a bar, if nowhere else) and

~ rides a Harley and

~ wrote a published urban fantasy novel and

~ owns a Prius and a ’68 MGB

~ works with Habitat for Humanity

He or she wants to learn

~ French cooking and

~ Feng Shui and

~ Shamanic Healing and

~ judo and

~ controlled remote viewing and

~ Vedic astrology and

~ Thai massage and

~ book making and

~ classical guitar and

~ how to REALLY make money day trading and

~ how to build a PC by hand and

~ wants to design a line of edgy greeting cards and

~ wants to write a play for Broadway

And so on.

(And will BY GOD! do so, every last bit, by the way.)

But remember, a true Renaissance Person is not just a dibbler-dabbler in lots of things.  The characteristic that distinguishes the Renaissance person is a real commitment to explore deeply, to develop true expertise in the many areas − one at a time if necessary − that appeal.  Patience, deep learning and wisdom, not just faking it or cramming to get by, are required here.

So, if you were to really own up to the Renaissancer in you, what interests, skills, and wisdom will you go after?  Which one first?  How will you pursue it deeply? How can you start TODAY?

Brightest blessings, joy and wonder!

Quote for the Day: Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal. ~ E. O. Wilson

And: I went to a restaurant that serves “breakfast at any time”. So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance. ~ Steven Wright

Today’s Weather: Mojo dojo.  Rootforce permaculture.  Faerie mist. (As good as a smile, or better.)

On This Date: 1970 – The first Glastonbury Festival is held at Michael Eavis‘s farm in theUnited Kingdom.

Text from Last Night: I just got carded by a ten year old.

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