Daily Tarot ~ Mother’s Day

The Wild Hunt
Fortune Cookie:  It’s simply, absolutely time for a radical transformation.  Embrace that. You may, at times, feel like you are riding the whirlwind.  Remember ~ you are riding, not being ridden!
Well… Friday the 13th came on Sunday this month.  And the Death Card is number 13 in the tarot deck.  And what a FASCINATING card to show up for Mother’s Day.  Hmmmmmm… Oh, well, pass the orange juice.
Okay.  As I have said before:
Breathe!  Breathe!!!  Nice and easy.  Breathe!  That’s right.  Good.  Easy.  Deep breaths. Now…
The last time this card turned for us was sixteen days ago.  And eighteen days before that.  And if you’re into Celtic anything, you know eighteen is a BIG DEAL number.  A REAL BIG DEAL number.  So pay some extra attention to what this card has to offer to the Daily Tarot bun fight and festival of mutual regard [that would be all of us], especially as it’s showing up right regular of late. 
And remember, as any Tarot reader worth his, her, or its salt will tell ya, the card doesn’t necessarily betoken death. But it does serve to call attention to the fact that a change, probably even a radical and/or substantial one, needs to occur.
Some readers would say that this card warns to be careful of inertia, and watch out for lethargy. Others would counsel to remember that life is cyclical, to seek and be ready for a new beginning.
Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, recommends separating the self from the past in order to start anew, a major and necessary change, one that may raise fear of the unknown, but which stimulates growth and heralds the dawn of a positive cycle.  We likes that, us do!
Me?  Thought you’d never ask. In some beliefs within Olde Celtic spirituality, souls did not usually cross over immediately after death.  Rather, they waited near their place of life until Winter Solstice Eve when Gwyn and the Wilde Hunt would come riding the storms of winter to collect the waiting spirits and take them on to the Land of Apples, or the other realms of their appropriate… rewards.
So, if I were reading for you, as I am, of course, I’d say something like:
‘Kay so…  It is time for a radical change, but not necessarily one of loss and grieving. In having the courage to make the change, you may feel at times like you have hopped on to a huge whirlwind and have to hang on and ride that sucker for the sake of your very life.  But remember: YOU ARE RIDING, not being ridden.  Surf that wild thing like the incredible, amazing, invincible starborn banzai wave rider you are!  And you will find yourself moving on to and into a wonderful, beautiful dawning more full of hope and joy than you could ever have imagined. Truly!
So: Accept that it’s time for a radical transformation. If you feel like you are riding the whirlwind, you probably are!!!  But hop on!  Go for it and RIDE into a beautiful new beginning!
Bright blessings and nurturing, cleansing, miracle-bringing waves!
Quote for the Day: In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. ~ Douglas Adams
Today’s Waethyr:  Great whomping whirling maxi-dryads.  Aquarian fluorescent confusion.  Green!  Green!
On This Date:  1373 – Julian of Norwich has visions which are later transcribed in her Revelations of Divine Love. Her theology was optimistic, speaking of God’s love in terms of joy and compassion as opposed to law and duty. [It is believed to be the first published book in the English language to be written by a woman.]
Texts From Last Night: They ran out of ice at the party, so I fixed my drink with frozen broccoli….the show must go on!
Happy Mother’s Day!
[A glass of Absinthe all ’round!  You’ve earned it!]

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