Daily Tarot ~ April 8

King of Swords


Fortune Cookie: What are your highest ideals?  What are your deepest passions?  Where do they intersect and support each other?  What are the specific, definable, practical steps that will carry you to living them?  How can you begin those steps TODAY?  And how can you keep to them EVERY day?

No, he STILL does NOT look like Johnny Depp.  Not a bit.  Not even a little.  Hardly. At all.  Really.  Not ever.


As those of you who are regular readers of the blog, AND have a fairly good number of still-functioning brain cells […which leaves me out {What does?} Never mind! {Okay!}] may remember, this was the daily card back toward the end of January. Which, I suppose, is of no real significance whatsoever.  [{What is?  Or isn’t?} Never mind! {Okay!}] And it may be an unusual card for a holy-day holiday for many. [{What is? Or isn’t?} Never mind! {Okay!}]

As I said last time:

The King of Swords is one of those cards where each Tarot deck, each author writing about Tarot, and each reader has his or her own unique spin on what meanings are most truly representative and therefore accurate.

And then, to assign Mordred (more about him toward the end) to the card.  [Gravelly voice]: Lotta heavy weight on this card here, friends!!

So here are some of the interpretations I’ve gotten from others:

~ the bloody bastard who never knows when to stop fighting

~ a ruthless and daring person(likely male)

~ one (usually a man or someone of strong masculine energy) who sits in judgement

~ the innovative but probably unpredictable leader

~ a revolutionary  

~ a sign that now is the time to make a clean break with what you have been doing up until now and go off in your own unique direction.
So if any of those interpretations mesh with how it seems you need to be in your life just now and for the rest of this season (or mayhaps it represents the energy that’s intersecting and/or interfering with your life), then pay attention and act accordingly – i.e., if the interpretation accurately describes what you see in someone else, accept that your perceptions about the person are TRUE!, then figure out what to do from there.

I did a shamanic journey to determine how I should generally interpret this card for my clients.  A spirit guide in the form of a great black and silver dragon came by.   It said,

This is what you need to know about the King of Swords.

The King of Swords has three major characteristics:

First, he is so idealistic he often lets his head drift away into the clouds and he becomes a hopeless flake – which will often cause him to fail.

Second, he is so passionate he often loses track of what’s sensible, appropriate, or even legal and he blows his own ass up by getting crazy-emotional about what he wants or hopes for – which will often cause him to fail.

Third, as a result of the first and second characteristics above, he has actually learned from the example of the Queen of Swords and he has FORCED himself to develop the will to become strategic about what he wants.

He asks himself what he would need to do in order to be true to his highest ideals AND his deepest passions.  He determines where and when and how they could best blend together. He refines his goals, and then develops a specific, detailed plan that incorporates every major step [and most of the baby steps] necessary to take him from where he is to where his highest ideals and deepest passions would lead him.

And then he exerts the will to hold himself to that plan, day by day, until changes in his higher ideals or deeper passions cause him to rethink his goals − and start the whole process over again.

Hard work, but worth the effort. 

How would your life be different if you had done that, and held yourself to it, twenty years ago? 

It’s never too late to start.

[About Mordred:  pretty much everyone knows him as the ‘illegitimate’ son and only child of Arthur. According to most legends, Mordred, out of evil or just out of spite, plotted and schemed to displace The King and, in the process, brought down Camelot.  Maybe that is how it was.  There are a number of variations on that theme throughout the tales.  But in one version of the legends, Arthur and Mordred were reconciled in the end; they died fighting side by side against foreign invaders.  Maybe so.]

So:  What are your highest ideals?  What are your deepest passions?  Where do they intersect and support each other?  What are the specific, definable, practical steps that will carry you to living them?  How can you begin those steps TODAY?  And how can you keep to them EVERY day?

Bright blessings, high ideals, passion and success! 

Quote for the Day: Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t appreciate kindness and compassion. ~ HH The Dalai Lama
~~~ Happy Easter to all my Christian friends! ~~~
Today’s Waethyr: Damp, if not moist, and freaking meadowy.  Chocolishus. Air.
On This Date: 1820 – The Venus de Milo is discovered on the Aegean island of Melos.
Text from Last Night: U r a finance major… can i use my 529 account 4 your bail?
And: They’re probably hung over. I sure as hell am. I want to pop out my eyeballs with a fork and soak them in cold water
This is the 99th day of the year.

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