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Daily Tarot ~ February 7

February 6, 2012

Knight of Swords


Fortune Cookie: Go after it. Go! Go! Go! But go after it smart, careful, clear and clean!

Last saw this guy in late July.  It’s one of those cards I have a trouble integrating into my life.  Maybe I need a thyroid supplement.  Kelp.  A fire under my… self.  Something.

It’s a card that says,

Okay, okay, okay!  You over there!  And you.  You, too!  Everybody! Hey! 



The Knight of Swords is a card of action.  Fiery, passionate action.  So if there’s something you’ve been putting off, or something you have wanted to do but always delay, today is the day to get started.  With!!!  Gustooooooooo!!!!!! [I hate it when I do that.]

However, I will also share that this Knight has occasionally (actually ruddy well frequently) been known to leap before he looks, to the ultimate dismay of himself − and pretty much everybody who is by some curious circumstance or mischance suddenly involved with cleansing him of the huge, deep pile of… meadow muffins he has launched himself into.

Quite an image with yer bran cereal today, no?

And, he has from time to time gone so far as to find himself moving with such great passion that, all unknowing, he oversteps appropriate bounds, doesn’t check out the situation and its implications thoroughly, and blows his rosy red Orkney rump to smithereens in the process − taking a pile of other good folk down with him in the mess. If he thinks of them at all − the self centered bugger − he thinks of them as collateral damage.

Other readers see the Knight of Swords as representing skill and bravery, or wrath and war. [A wee tad of distinction there, don’t you think, friends?  Eh?]

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, sees him as a determined, intelligent young man [uh… person] – so keep an eye out – but also as someone who may be overeager to display heroics which can cause him to misjudge. [And thus end up in the m. muffins.  Or country Frisbees. Bullcrumpets.  Whatever.]


Get moving!!!! 

But take a few moments or go a few steps back to calmly, objectively check out the terrain really thoroughly first.

And double-check that you are acting with integrity, and doing something that is in fact desired by all parties who have a vote. (You might even wanna go so far as to further explore whether you are about to do something that IS in fact for the highest and best.  Always a useful test.  Imagine what the planet might be like today if we had REALLY pretty much all done that all along.)

As I’ve said before:

That way you won’t paint your foyer in record time, but paint it the lavender shade that was discussed while tippling on New Year’s Eve rather than a pale ice gray − you know, the color that matches the paint chip that was left under your wallet before you headed to the hardware store.  Dipstick.

Go after it, but

go after it smart, careful, clear and clean!   

Bright Blessings and a soft, nonsquishy landing!

Quote for the Day:  We don’t want to go back to tomorrow, we want to go forward.  ~ J. Danforth Quayle

Today’s Weather: Upwelling sunshowers.  Carry a Burberry brolly under each, uh, protruberance? With coffee. 

On This Date: 1497 – The bonfire of the vanities occurs in which supporters of Girolamo Savonarola burn thousands of objects like cosmetics, art, and books in Florence, Italy. [VERY Knight of Swords!]

Daily Tarot ~ February 6

February 6, 2012

Eight of Shields


Fortune Cookie: Do your MAGICAL work to help yourself find your magical WORK.  And DON’T settle for less!

We last saw this fellow in early-ish December. 

I’m always nearly deliriously happy when this card shows up in a reading or on the blog.  It’s a card with SO MUCH  POTENTIAL and so much useful direction ~ if only we’d actually follow it!  [By the way, Wayland was THE Master Smith to the Gods in British mythology, in case that tells ya anything about your day.]

Wayland’s Smithy, Oxfordshire

I always tell my clients that Eight of Shields is the card of magical work

And you can interpret that as magical WORK

or MAGICAL work!

(Or both, of course.  But, as I always request, feel it through for a minute and see if one doesn’t resonate more strongly… for today, anyway.)

So, let’s assume you focus on the first interpretation, magical WORK.

Well then, you need to be engaged in, or actively seeking (because that counts, too), employment that is so perfect for you it isn’t like work, it’s like magic.  It’s such a joy — when you are doing what you’re doing in the way you’re doing it with the people you’re doing it with — it’s so perfect you can hardly wait to roll out of bed to get at it every morning. 

As I’ve said before, believe it or not, those kind of careers and positions do actually exist.  I’ve had that experience, even in the nonprofit sector, and it’s wonderful!  And it really didn’t require handing anyone a nice chocolate-covered hand grenade. Often.

So if a really soul-deep happy work scenario is not in your life now:

a.)  It’s likely in part because you don’t KNOW what you’d really love to do, or

b.)  You’re unwilling to admit to yourself what it is that you’d really love to do, and/or

c.)  You won’t let yourself believe that you could actually, successfully, happily have that in your life without starving, and so

d.)  You’re not letting yourself hold out for what you’d really love to do, or even

e.)  You’re not letting yourself figure out what baby steps would help take you in that direction, or

f.)  Something! Jeez, figure-it-out-fer-yerself-fer-gawdsake!

Who CARES if you’re too old to be a Mouseketeer?  If that’s what would really light up the universe for you, at least start down the path and see what the job placement elves magic into your inbox. 

But you’ve gotta be honest with yourself about your career hopes and ideals first!

Ah, but let’s assume it was the MAGICAL work interpretation that rang your chimes.

Well then, what kind of regular, ongoing deep and personal ritual, or ceremony, or magic or prayerwork are you doing in your life to bring about what you want in the world?

[Well why not?]

[What do you mean, “Such as?”]

Well… such as burning the right color candles in the right phases of the moon with the right kind of prayer for financial abundance.

Or getting the Feng Shui of your house together and in line with your desire to have (positive) fame and wealth in your life.

Or even making the time every day to use guided meditation/guided imagery CDs to help boost your immune system and help increase your energy to help you engage in your own career revolution.

Your magical work is exactly that:

YOUR magical work.  For you it may be prayer, or  dance, or singing gospel, or shamanic journeys, or herbal-infused spellwork, or candle magic, or HIGH CEREMONY, or whatever floats your magical/spiritual boat.  But do it.  DO IT!

And think about really working with both interpretations (magical WORK + MAGICAL work = MAGICAL LIFE!) together.

Move toward your magical WORK, and let your MAGICAL work help get you there more quickly, and keep you happier, more connected, more fulfilled while you work on getting there.  It’ll make the world better for you, and everyone and everything. And that’s why you’re here this time, after all!

Bright blessings and magical blissings!

Quote for the Day: Ease off the martyr throttle. ~ Jim Butcher

And: It isn’t like I’m all that old or anything, especially for a wizard, but age is always advancing and I’m fairly sure it’s up to no good. ~ Jim Butcher

Today’s Weather:  Cabbage rose clouds. Hopes at early pansies and petunias. Banjos, ocarinas and The Macallan in Lalique.

On This Date: 1959Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments files the first patent for an integrated circuit.