Daily Tarot ~ January 20

The Fool


Fortune Cookie:   Follow your bliss! Follow your bliss!  Know what your bliss is!!!  Follow your bliss!

Isn’t that a GREAT picture?

Okay, Y’all:  We last saw this card four months ago almost to the day.  Therefore, we’ve all had plenty of time to work with its good counsel and direction. 

So which one of you is still holding out on following your bliss?  Hunh? Hunh?

Not!!  Good!!!!

Anyway, I’m always grateful when this card comes around again, for prolly more reasons than I can count.  Sometimes I think this may be the most important card in the deck, for us and for the world in this time.  It is in fact the FIRST card in the deck, which should give you some idea of the weight it carries.

Just as significant, it’s the antithesis to that common state I see so very often: folks lassoing their own private gloom clouds, knotting them in place just above their heads and walking around beating themselves with a stick [riding crop, electroshock device, or small laser, if budget permits] while chanting that ever-so-helpful mantra, “Life sucks.  The world is doomed.  Life sucks.  The world is doomed.  Life sucks. The world is doomed, and I’ll probably be first in line to get whacked.”

If these are in fact transformational times [and they are], then that is ZACKLY the wrong thing to immerse yourself in!  No?  Yes!

So, back to the card.

Da Ful: this card does not mean that you are a fool or are inevitably going to be foolish today ~ at least not in the normal way our culture perceives foolishness.

I call this The Joseph Campbell card.  It’s the card that says, “You.  You.  Yeah, you!!  FOLLOW YOUR BLISS.  NOW!  With joy, hope, excitement and expectationNOW!!!

This is therefore the card that offers you permission to go off on your own great and profound personal quest, just like Percivale did. (And he became one of the three greatest knights of all, y’all!)

The important aspect (and for some of us, the hard work) is:

to actually KNOW what our bliss is (or would be/could be) if we would own it.

Because you see, when we get kinda down or times are tough, THAT is often the first knowing or believing or hope that goes RIGHT out the window.

So, as I have written before, this is the somewhat rambling response I’ve given to a few clients when they’ve asked,

Follow my bliss?

What the hell does that mean?

You start by knowing what your heart’s true desire is [provided it’s moral, of course.  At least mostly.  And pretty close to legal. Pretty close.] If necessary, take some time to hone your understanding of what that means to you, for today, anyway.  Do it over an extra cuppa if that’s all the time you have.  But do it.

Do!! It!!!!

Then, no matter how impossible or illogical it may seem, like −

I’m gonna write a children’s story about an orphan boy who goes to a school for wizards, and it’s going to be so beautifully done it’s going to earn me enough to support myself and my family for the rest of my life.  In fact, it’s going to make me the first person to ever earn a billion dollars from writing fiction!  [Like THAT could ever happen!]

take your first single SMALL step on the path that follows your bliss.

And see what that leads to.

Then take the next step.

And see what that leads to. And so on.

The difference between The Fool and some other Tarot cards that offer permission to follow your own unique path is that The Fool in particular says,

“Stay connected to your heart, moment by moment. 

Know that your heart may change, and so your direction may change, moment by moment.  But DO NOT allow yourself to think less of yourself, your efforts or your path because of that.  Go where your heart tells you and you will achieve more than most will ever even hope for.”

This is the card of the Sacred Fool, the Holy Fool;  the one who is open to divine inspiration and honors it by following his or her bliss, harm to none and love for all, always.

IF we know our hearts truly truly;

IF we honor that which truly resonates for the Highest and Best,

which is always one with OUR Highest and Best;  

IF   we




Wishing you a day of magic, and the sacred, and your true path.

Brightest Blissings!

Quote for the Day: I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. ~ Douglas Adams from The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul

Today’s Weather:   Widdershins wobblers. Whoopa, hey mesa, hooba huffa! 

On This Date: 2006 – Witnesses report seeing a bottlenose whale swimming in the River Thames, the first time the species had been seen in the Thames since records began in 1913.


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