Daily Tarot ~ January 13

Four of Shields

King Mark

Fortune Cookie: Believe in yourself.  Believe in your dreams.  Help give them focus in ordinary reality by working closely and deeply with insights from someone who can TRULY help be an architect of their creation.   [i.e., get a good mentor!]



Bugger! Bugger! Bugger!

Okay.  Look, Universe.  I know there are messages I have trouble hearing.  But really, do ya hafta lay this one on me again?  Right now?  REALLY?

[Spirit of full disclosure:  you might wanna take a couple Tylenol before you try to wade through my interpretation of this card.  Or a couple mushrooms.  Celebrex.  Vodka.  All of the above.  Something.]

I suppose I say O. B. (B! B! B!) because, as an Aquraius, this is a card that really gives me hives and reflux.  No attitude to have, perhaps, but the card leads me to say rude things and argue with God when it turns up for me.  So I suppose I better pay [even more] attention [than normal] here.  And if I must, you must.  I’m not dealing with thisall by myself, by Metatron! 

I feel MUCH better now.  Thanks!

Where were we?


The Four of Shields is, in part, a card about strategic planning with really honest, true, deep objectivity.  [I’m an Aquarian.  Need I say more?  See buggerage above.]

As I have confessed before on this blog, I can come up with a brilliant, elegant project planning and tracking system for you if you like.  Just don’t expect me to use the [bleepin’] thing.  That scenario literally happened in an organization I worked for many years ago. Guess that’s why they never let me become Director of Planning, now that I think about it.

Anyway, as I say pretty much every time the Four of Shields turns up:

This is one of those cards that clients, particularly intuitive, artistic clients, find incredibly less than charming when it shows in a reading.

It IS, after all a very

Be grounded in ordinary reality

as you work to take the next steps on your path

until you are soaring –

so eventually you CAN soar

as you deserve to

kinda thing we got here.

But remember, O artistes, intuitivoes and others of our ilk [and I use the term ilk with the greatest of affection, mostly], there are times grounded behavior can be beneficial. And hardly painful. At all. Usually. I’ve heard.

Wouldn’t know meself.

[By the way, on that grounded until you get soaring thing: if, as you’ll see below, a key element of this card is to get yourself a wonderful mentor, why do we sometimes have trouble with wanting to do that or following through on it? 

Is it because we’re not clear enough about who we really are and what our goal actually is?  Hmmmmm…?  



And I ask again, Hmmmmm…?




And I say again,



Because, you know, part of the REASON to hook up with a mentor is so that you can take an honest look at what some realistic goals might be − for the next leg of your path, anyway.  And sometimes we’re afraid those goals won’t seem good enough, to us or to others.

Well… Phlox that Shitake!!!! 


Uhhh…  Right.

No matter how high or low the goal, it’s still a matter of one step at a time, over and over again.  And the mentor can help you see that in a useful, perhaps even kindly and encouraging way.  And perhaps help you get a handle on who you really are/ who you’re trying to become as well.]  

Where was I?




For me the Four of Shields basically says:

~ Be prepared to become concrete in your planning,

   at least for the moment

    [and don’t beat up on yourself if it ain’t easy]

~ Do this in the following way:

~ Find someone who is an acknowledged expert in

   what you seek to achieve, and/or who is a

   respected (especially by you) wizard in the successful

   laying out of the kind of path you would walk

~ Work together closely, over some time to develop

   YOUR plan

~ Follow that plan.  And follow it carefully,

  at least for some good long time into the foreseeable future 

  until you will naturally and inevitably soar.  

Once upon a time, this whole process was called, simply, Get yourself an amazing and powerful Mentor!  And listen to that Mentor’s guidance!  AND FOLLOW THROUGH ON IT!!!! And that can still apply here.

In this blog, if you’ve been around for a bit, you know that I often use John Lennon and the Beatles as illustrations of following your bliss despite predictions of failure.  (And if you’ve already read this story at least eight times, READ IT AGAIN!  Otherwise it’s back to hustling pay-as-you-go root vegetables at the Farmer’s Market for you.  Right?)

Well, aside from the fact that the Beatles were brilliant to the point of magical, they also were able to make some of their first huge leaps because of Brian Epstein.

He was a superb businessman and their manager beginning in 1962.  He married his ordinary-reality-based magic to his aspirations to be a major player on the music scene and to the Beatles incomparable artistry and passion.  And the world was changed.

Now, maybe you don’t have a Brian-the-Wizard to pull out of your hat. Yet.  But who and what DO you have? How can you access him/her/them?  Give it some thought today, and take that concrete and valuable baby step along the path by actually accessing them!

Believe in yourself.  Believe in your dreams.  Help give them focus in ordinary reality by working closely and deeply with insights from someone who can help be an architect of their creation. 

Bright blessings and tremendous success! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! YEAH!!! 

Quote for the Day:A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.  ~ Oscar Wilde

Today’s Weather:  Howling furbies with intermittent whining and puling at the end of the driveway. Soggy tweed.

On This Date: 888Odo, Count of Paris becomes King of the Franks, replacing Charles the Fat. [You just can’t make this stuff up.]


4 Responses to “Daily Tarot ~ January 13”

  1. Donna Allen Says:

    Charles the Fat? Oh, my…

    Sounds like a good case for a slandor lawsuit…or defamation of character…or sumfin!

    (How funny!)

  2. shamanspath Says:

    Fortunately, there was very little by way of a judicial system back then. Just a lot of hacking and slashing, y’see.

  3. Donna Allen Says:

    “….just a ot of hacking and slashing….” Ouch. Yuck. With all its faults and limitation, I’ll take our judicial system.

  4. shamanspath Says:

    Okay. It’s getting back to Ye Olde Style, anyway…

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