Daily Tarot Card ~ November 23

Nine of Cups

The Healing of the Maimed King

Fortune Cookie: Let the old wounds heal. Open to a beautiful new beginning. Believe in generosity and kindness as your just desert. Give likewise to others in their hope and healing.




Last saw this card back on 9/11. It’s a wonderful and healing card for anytime. Anytime at all.

This is, by the way, another one of my LOOOOONG posts. So eat a hearty breakfast (or have another Old Bushmill’s, or whatever) and dig in, ‘cos it’s such a GREAT and terribly important card!

This is one of those cards that reminds me that, whenever I encounter a card I consider particularly powerful or personally important, I have to actually

hold the spirit of the card for a while,

remember what it directs me to do, and

get to work on doing it, NOW!

Sometimes the old chestnuts are old chestnuts because they actually have something valuable to say, like “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

[Unless you’re an author. Then, according to Stephen King, “The road to hell is paved with adverbs.”]

The ORIGINAL version of the quotation brings up a situation I sometimes experience with clients and certainly within myself − I expect almost all of us get caught in this, at one time or another:

It’s a wonderful thing to get a reading

~ that validates your most positive beliefs about yourself,

~ that indicates your dearest hopes and dreams are worthy of pursuing

~ and are in fact achievable by you,

~ and maybe even gives you some direction to follow to help make it happen.

But what then?

So often, I see clients

~ receive that kind of validation, hope and direction

~ walk out of our session on a cloud

~ and then dive back into their lives

~ in the same old way with the same old focus

~ as though the reading had never occurred.

Then in a few months or a year, they come back for another reading, wondering what happened?

So, you see, the point is to

~ get the information and then

~ to reconnect with it CONSCIOUSLY

~ to attend to it regularly

~ because it is trying to offer you

~ a path to begin to change your life FOR THE BETTER

~ which you probably won’t do

~ if you start out by saying

~ “Great stuff. Great stuff! I’ll get to it later!”

[Are these colors making you woozy yet? You should have seen the original choices!]

So, as you read the information about the card, please take a moment to remember that you actually FREAKIN’ WELL DO need to begin to do something with it. Now!!

Or VERY soon, you ask?

So think I do not!

Okay. Okay. The card. The card. Drink your coffee. Or brewski. It’s comin’.

I’ve blogged about this card various times before, and what I said then is − it’s an absolutely positive card in every way.

For me, the nines in any Tarot deck indicate a very near completion of a cycle and/or the first stirrings of moving into a new cycle, a new great opportunity, a new realm.

When I turn the Nine of Cups for a client, I find that it promises a clear and profound opportunity for the full and final healing of old, poisonous wounds, provided the person will believe in it, reach out for and be open to it.

The card betokens kindness, generosity, hope and wisdom. It is a card of achievement, success, emotional well-being.

And it is important to remember that your achievement, success and emotional well-being will derive from your kindness, generosity, hope and wisdom.


This card portends the dawn of beautiful dreams. And so make them dreams worthy of sharing with those you love, and with those who are in need of the light of a better dream to guide them.

Because the Arthurian story of the Healing of the Maimed King involves a sacred healing and ceremony performed by Galahad, Percivale and Bors, three of the greatest, purest knights, this card can also speak of an effective team working well toward a common and perhaps even sacred goal.

Seek that. Find it. If necessary, create it.


One last thing. I have written this about the Nine of Cups:

I’m reminded of a recorded talk I heard by the spiritual teacher Bo Lozoff. At one point he said something like, “There are two things that are true. We’re all going to die. And we’re all saved.”

It’s the “We’re all saved” part of the Nine of Cups that I’d like you to focus on right now – especially at the beginning of what could be a magnificently hopeful and healing time, if we all will it so, every day.

In our true, ultimate spiritual reality, everything is forgiven. Everything is healed. Everything is blessed. Everything is perfect. Already.

So if that’s the case, why not give yourself permission to know yourself as the beloved, complete, perfect vessel of Light you are? Then operate from the goodness inherent in the nature of THAT being.

Can you imagine what our world would be if YOU did? Try it for a while. I think you’ll really like it. I bet you’ll see it’s who you REALLY are!

Let the old wounds heal. Open to a beautiful new beginning. Believe in generosity and kindness as your just desert. Give likewise to others in their hope and healing. And know yourself and give of and from yourself as the beautiful being of LIGHT you have always been.

Bright blessings, light, hope and healing!!

Quote for the Day: As long as war is regarded as wicked, it will always have its fascination. When it is looked upon as vulgar, it will cease to be popular. ~ Oscar Wilde

Today’s Weather: Soggy-foot weather whomping around Ohio & much of the planet for no good reason. Carry a Yoda lunch box.



On This Date: 534 BCThespis of Icaria becomes the first recorded actor to portray a character onstage.



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