Tarot Card ~ September 20

Six of Cups

In Ector’s Keeping

Fortune Cookie: Easy, sweet, nostalgic in a positive way, calm and comforting ~ that’s the theme to get you through the day.



Okay kids. We only saw this card last Thursday. May I trouble you to kindly PAY SOME FREAKING ATTENTION this time? [This message was NOT brought to you by Six of Cups energy.]


It’s kind of a just right card for the season. Any season. Even if it is a bit soggy. Or you are a bit soggy. Or both, inmycase.

Anyway, it’s a great card for today.

As I always say to my clients, “Remember when you were eight years old and summer lasted forever, and all you really had to do was love your dog, hang out with your friends and dream about how wonderful the world could be?”

Well, that’s the energy and essence of this card as I see it.

The Six of Cups is a card that bespeaks the beauty and the joy and the innocence and the wisdom of an almost ideal childhood. So in your connections and interactions today:

Look for a quality like that in all those you meet. If you can’t find it, you’re probably not with the right people. Period.

So, if it’s at all possible given the day, keep on moving till you’re with someone or someones whose energy is those wonderful things — even if the someones are, say, the masses of house sparrows gratefully noshing at the feeder in your back garden. Or a bunch of tourists flocking upon your favorite rock museum. Let yourself share in that vibe and be happy and comfortable — and assume that you deserve to be there!

Try to find new ways for yourself to be a calm, still, comforting pool in the center of the manic muddle around you. Especially give yourself permission to be that way to and for yourself. Call to mind all that which is and has been beautiful, and hopeful, and healing in your world, and keep those things flowing through your being. (If you do Reiki, for example, start Reikiing yourself and everything in your vicinity the moment you read this, and keep going from there.)

Also, this is a card that suggests you may have old friends re-enter your life. Be open to that as a wondrous possibility today. And take the time to enjoy it if it comes.

Easy, sweet, nostalgic in a positive way, calm and comforting ~ try to give yourself that today. Better still… try to BE it today.

Brightest, happiest blessings!

Quote for the Day: there’s something you better understand about me, ’cause it’s important and one day your life may depend on it. … I am definitely a madman with a box. ~ Dr. Who

Today’s Weather: Fairy reels. Wizardly wonkages. Frets and starts.

On This Date: 1891 – The first gasoline-powered car debuts in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States.


4 Responses to “Tarot Card ~ September 20”

  1. Donna Allen Says:

    Thank you for the Lassie picture. It brings back lots of good childhood memories. ( My dog Dukie visited me in my dreams last night. Guess our four-legged loved ones really do stay with us…)

    Blessings and gratitude, Donna

  2. shamanspath Says:

    Hi, Donna,

    Nice to hear from you. You’re welcome for the photo, and I’m glad Dukie came to visit. Our animal companions can be among the most comfortable and healing visitors when they stop in during the dream time.



  3. Donna Allen Says:

    Thank you for your comments, Neal.

    Speaking of animal companions…

    When I took Tabby in for his annual visit last week, I talked to the vet about stray White Kitty just a bit. The vet offered to see her and give her a rabies vaccine free of charge. I was taken back by his generosity. White Kitty’s appointment is for next week. Hope it’s helpful to her.

  4. shamanspath Says:

    That’s wonderful. Thank you for helping her.


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