Tarot Card ~ April 14


Four of Spears

La Cote Male Tale & Maledisant 


Fortune Cookie: What is your perfect marriage?  What steps will it take to get you there?  How can you begin, at least with a baby step, today?



 This card last dropped by at the end of January.


In most Tarot decks, the Four of Spears would be seen as a card of harmony, prosperity, happy social occasions and perhaps even romance.  So, although this is a Thursday, I hope you will find a way to have all that on tap for today, or at least for this evening. By all means go after them… in any way that won’t get anybody arrested.  


When I’m working with a client, I tend to perceive the card as having a stronger energy than those attributes listed above, wunnerful though they are.  In fact, I feel this card makes makes a pretty powerful demand on the person I’m reading for. 


Because of Anna-Marie Ferguson’s illustration for this card in her Legend deck, and the story it portrays, I call it “The Card of the Perfect Marriage.” 


If I were reading for you − as I am just this sec, no? [now that I’m sober enough to think of it] [Wait… Am I?  Uhhh…  Guess I must be.  Okay.] – I’d suggest you take a few minutes this weekend for a good, hard, close look at all the major areas of your life, especially the ones that register as REALLY important to you just now – whether business, spiritual path, health, and yeah, even relationship – and ask yourself honestly:


What would it take — from everyone involved — to help the situation so that it can evolve into a “perfect marriage?”  Or, what will it take to be honest with yourself and accept that a perfect marriage in said area really-prob’ly-utterly-just-ain’t-gonna happen?  And what are all the implications either way?


And remember that, at least as it is represented archetypally, marriage is a coming together of opposites


So think about how something that seems completely the opposite of what you’d normally expect — or would normally want to try or would normally think could succeed — might create the harmony, the prosperity, the health, the partnership, the opportunities, the “perfect marriage” you seek.


In the areas of your life most important to you today: What is your perfect marriage?  What steps will it take to get you there?  How can you begin, at least with a baby step – perhaps in an unusual way or unusual direction – today?


Bright blessings and happy realizations!


Quote for the Day: Steampunk is nothing more than what happens when Goths discover brown. ~ Charles Stross


Toady’s Whether:  Slosh. Slosh. Slosh. Slish. Squishidy. Oops.  



On This Date: 1894 – The first ever commercial motion picture house opened in New York City using ten Kinetoscopes, a device for peep-show viewing of films.




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