Card ~ March 23

Daily Tarot Is having some computer issues.  Grrrr. 
For today’s guidance, I’ve turned to the wonderful Froud Faeries’ Oracle []
Bless all! 

Knowledge. Consciousness. Synthesis. Spiritual empowerment.



Solus is radiant, energizing,
vitalizing.  This presence in a reading
often indicates that something new
is being brought into being
in our lives — partly through our own
efforts and partly through the help
we are receiving from other realms.
Miracles may take place.
Movement into the light is occurring.
This is a time for taking action,
passing on our blessings and learning,
and for service given
from a position of strength.
Quote for the Day:

Sure, I could of done it different…
put my clown in a closet and
dressed up in straight clothing.
I could of compromised my essence,
and swallowed my soul. 
                                                  ~ Wavy Gravy 


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