Tarot Card ~ March 22

Two of Shields

Castle Pendragon

Fortune Cookie: Honest and open dialogue is important today.  So is networking.  Get out and meet new people. Make new connections for your potential benefit. 



We last saw this card in mid-January.  So it’s back in part to remind us that what we were working on all through the winter is still important.  Let me reemphasize that networking and communications might be kinda sorta important all the time.  So please keep that in mind DAILY.  [Reader gets down off soap box.  Replaces soap.  Carries back to warehouse from which it was pilfered.  Makes note to be taller next lifetime.] 

Some readers see this card as betokening recreation. [So do take at least a little time to celebrate something today, if you please.] Others find it to be about receiving news in writing.  Some say it indicates that the querent is juggling a lot of things at the moment, and must work to keep things on an even keel. [‘Scuse me.  Anybody NOT experiencing that?  Anybody?  I dare you to admit it!]

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend Tarot, writes of successful handling of fluctuating fortunes, employing creative maneuvers and the reevaluation of plans. 

So, dear readers [y’all],  if any of those things resonate for you based on what you’re experiencing lately, or expect to experience in the near future, by all means take advantage of this card’s confirming insights and make some skillful moves on your own behalf

In working with clients over a number of years, I find a couple other recommendations to be useful when this card comes up.

First, it shows up as a card about networking.  Get out and meet new people, learn about them and have them learn about you.  Do. Not. Hide. [Tarot guy grumbles and throws things at the monitor.  Then realizes HE’S the one who just typed that.] 

On a deeper level, it’s a card about honest and open dialogue.  You must speak your truth − calmly, calmly if possible – directly to those who need to hear it and/or those who can help you follow through with what your truth requires.  But then you must ALSO patiently, quietly, compassionately listen to the responses of the person you have addressed, and take their honest words into serious consideration.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly for all of us at any time, this is 

The card of

the Kozmic Giggle. 

[That’s the aspect portrayed in the Legend deck.  When Uther, Arthur’s father, came to possess Castle Pendragon, he felt it was hard to defend.  He and his chaps dug a moat and diverted the River Eden to fill it, to help make the place harder to get into.  Well, long story short, the River just wasn’t having any, and each morning Uther found the river running exactly where it always had.  He eventually accepted the situation, laughed at how the Kozmos will have its own joke, even on a king, and went on to work on other things.]  

So it’s also a card that counsels us to retain a sense of humor when done in by mishaps.  And even in a loving universe [and despite our best efforts], there will  surely be some!



So network.  Engage compassionately in honest and open dialogue.  And try to keep it light!

Brightest blessings!

Quote for the Day:  What a waste it is to lose one’s mind. Or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is.  ~ J. Danforth Quayle

Today’s Waethyr:  A great Kozmic wedgie.  Defend yourself with Little Debbie Interdimensional Multiplanar Cream Woozles. [The dessert of the future.]

  On This Date: 1630 – The Massachusetts Bay Colony outlaws the possession of cards, dice, and gaming tables.  Giggle.  Giggle.


2 Responses to “Tarot Card ~ March 22”

  1. Donna Allen Says:

    Ahhhh… If all we needed to worry about were cards, dice, and gambling tables. Days gone by, I s’ppose.

    Great pics! I think I made some skillful moves on my own behalf today. With help from the angels, I’m sure.

    ~ ~ Blessings and gratitude, Donna

  2. shamanspath Says:


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