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Tarot Card ~ December 25

December 24, 2010

Six of Shields

Castle of Maidens

Fortune Cookie: Know what you would bring back to into your life, for the highest and best.  Know that now, today is the time when that renewal, that reconnection, that return, can begin. 


[Please feel free to click on this link and listen to some wonderful music of the season while you read. ]

Fascinating card to show up for Christmas Day, no matter what spiritual path you walk (or run away from).

On a day that is often filled with both joy and longing, deep and immediate elation and extra-potent nostalgia, it really can be a good day to spend at least a few moments taking stock of what has been lost (or presumed lost) that we would have return into our lives.  So do pull out those musty old ideals and hopes and have another whack at what they may still help you bring into being.

Now, normally, this is where I would go off into the sillies about what Monty Python did with the whole Castle of Maidens thing.  But I’ll pass on that today.

Sadly.  Oh well, there’s always next time.

And although the Arthurian Castle of Maidens story may have led to about the kind of scenes you’d have expected from the Pythons (see above), the real legend − and the meaning of the card − is actually very good, very kind, very positive. 


Pretty much any reader will tell you that the Six of Shields betokens generosity, charitable acts and material gain. Sounds good for today.  Especially if there’s either omelets or Chines food involved.  Some might also indicate it’s a sign that you will soon reach a position where you feel you can help others.  (Always good!)

In my readings, I’m often intuitively prompted to take the interpretation a bit farther and in a slightly different direction.  [Which of you nastynosed skroots said, “What else is new?”  Eh?  Eh?  Today?] I’m likely to say something like:

Okay. Yo!  Focus for a minute!

Let your inner vision move back and forth in time across your life. 

Something that is yours by right

that was lost or taken from you

will be restored to you in full. 

So today, right now, this moment let yourself attend to what that might be and how it can most happily be brought into being, for the highest and best, of course.   

This card can apply to many different people and aspects of life [and really is very timely during Winter, when we may begin to feel a tiddly taddly that things aren’t as happy and bright as our ideals would once have had them be], such as:

~ the artist who (thinks he) has lost his Muse

~ the investor who (fears she) has lost her basis

~ the manager who (believes he) has lost connection to his artistic side

~ the writer who (worries she) has lost her hope of prosperity

It can even imply a return of misappropriated property, a renewal of a sundered relationship, or the reopening of a realm of hopefulness that seemed long gone.

So the important thing to do is − without bludgeoning yourself!! − scan your life and acknowledge what it is you fear has been lost to you, or what you have in fact lost. Then let yourself understand that

TODAY is the day

you can renew that connection, revivify that dream, and reconnect with that hope. 

By the way, some readers feel that this card tells us to be attentive to the possibility of helpful intervention by/through positive masculine energy.  So keep an eye out for that.  And if it’s there, for God’s sake, accept it!

Know what you would bring back into your life, for the highest and best.  Know that this moment is the time when that renewal, that reconnection, that return, can begin.  Go from there!

Bright blessings, joy and light! 

Thought for the Day: ‘This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want. Beware them both, and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy, for on his brow I see that written which is Doom, unless the writing be erased. Deny it.‘ cried the Spirit… ~ Dickens, from A Christmas Carol

Today’s Weather:  Poems, prayers and promises.  Carry sprigs of fresh rosemary for good cheer.  Holly to you!

On This Date: 1868 – U.S. President Andrew Johnson grants unconditional pardon to all Civil War Confederate soldiers.  1977 – Prime Minister of Israel Menachem Begin meets in Egypt with President of Egypt, Anwar Sadat. [Let’s all keep the peace train rolling, kids!]

In the spirit of the season:



And because I really can’t resist: We already have Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Christine O’Donnell lined up….  One more Horseman and we’re good to go. ~ Andy Borowitz

Daily Tarot Card will disappearr for a few.  Bless all till then!


Tarot Card ~ December 24

December 24, 2010

The Horned One


Fortune Cookie: Believe in and use your connection to Spirit to understand how you can bring about positive change through your very being and through your prayerwork in your day-to-day life.




Wow!  What a card for the season!  And if you walk a Christian path, what a card for Christmas Eve!  [And, fascinatingly enough, for me anyhow, it was the card for Christmas Eve of 2008!]

We last saw this card in September.  When this fellow showed up earlier, last summer, I was given the following Spirit-based insight:

“Now… remember that EVERY!!! day is a day of power, a day of connection,  a day of hope and magic and a day of celebration. 

Live THAT, why don’t you??

As I said then, I should probably just end the posting with that insight and walk away now, y’know?  It’s plenty good information, and would save you a few minutes of additional reading to boot.

But NO-OOOO-OH.  [Oh well.  You’re a grown up.  You can stop reading whenever you want to.  Or just look at the daily horoscope in the paper or something on Twitter or whatever.] 



Following a Shamanic spirituality as I do, I simply consider this the most powerful card in the deck.  Let me describe it a bit for you

as it’s portrayed by Anna-Marie Ferguson in her Legend deck.There’s a beautifully muscled fellow sitting cross legged out in the woods under a bright full moon.  His legs are shaggy and end in hooves.  He has stag’s antlers protruding from his head.  In his right hand he holds a golden torc ~ the old Celtic symbol of kingship ~ in his left a live serpent.  He is surrounded by folk of the wood ~ fox, otter, boar, stag, frog.  

It’s a beautiful, mystical, magical card. Wish I had it as a huge poster.

The painting on the card depicts images from the famous Gundestrup cauldron, a first century BC ritual silver vessel found deep in a Danish bog. 

Sacred, beautiful objects like this were ritually cast into bogs ~ which were considered places of mystery, power and great magic ~ as sacrificial gifts. [Better than tossing in the odd Ukrainian, I say.  And much better received by the Spirit of the place, as well.]

You can read more about the cauldron at .

Cernunnos, the fellow depicted in the card is the Celtic incarnation of the Horned God.  He is considered to be the Lord of the Animals.

[In the spirit of full disclosure: in other decks, this card is often depicted by the devil, with some attendant negative interpretations.  Even Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, alludes to the card’s primordial power, and emphasizes the need to channel this power positively and for good.]

But here is what I see in the card, based on many years of working with clients. 

This is a truly shamanic card in that it says,

You [yes, YOU!] have the capacity to connect with the realm of Spirit.  You have an ability to bring Spirit through into ordinary reality in a way that can functionally, positively bring about change. 

Because you have that capacity ~ from the Shaman’s perspective ~ you have the OBLIGATION to develop it and use it for the highest and best of all.

So, in this transitional season [whatever season or day of the year it may be, as we have been informed above]

~ explore your connection to Spirit (your guardian angels, the Universal Life Force, God, Goddess, The Infinite or however you perceive Him/Her/It)


~ believe in — in fact ASSUME — a functional connectedness

~ open yourself to the goodness and healing and wisdom that Spirit offers

~ use your connection to explore and understand how to bring about positive change through your very being and through your prayerwork in your day-to-day life.

Brightest blessings, joy, hope, deep spiritual connection and healing! 

Quote for the Day:  Business! Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were all my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business! ~ Dickens, from A Christmas Carol

Today’s Weather:  A blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of underdone potato. Carry a knowing ghost.   

On This Date: 1914World War I: The “Christmas truce” begins.

In Celebration: