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Tarot Card ~ December 7

December 6, 2010

Four of Shields

King Mark

Fortune Cookie: Believe in yourself.  Believe in your dreams.  Help give them focus in ordinary reality by working closely and deeply with insights from someone who can TRULY help be an architect of their creation.   [I.e., get a good mentor!]



Bugger! Bugger! Bugger!

Okay.  Look, Universe.  I know there are messages I have trouble hearing.  But really, do ya hafta lay this one on me again?  Right now already? 

[Spirit of full disclosure:  you might wanna take a couple Tylenol before you try to wade through my interpretation of this card.  Or a couple mushrooms.  Celebrex.  Vodka.  Something.]

I suppose I say O. B. (B! B! B!) because, as an Aquraius, this is a card that really gives me hives and reflux.  No attitude to have, perhaps, but the card leads me to say rude things and argue with God when it turns up for me.  So I suppose I better pay [even more] attention [than normal] here.  And if I must, you must.  I’m not dealing with this all by myself, by Grabthar’s Hammer!  

I feel MUCH better now.  Thanks!

Where were we?

The Four of Shields is, in part, a card about strategic planning with really honest, true, deep objectivity.  [I’m an Aquarian.  Need I say more?  See words in red above.]

As I have confessed before on this blog, I can come up with a brilliant, elegant project planning and tracking system for you if you like.  Just don’t expect me to use the [bleepin’] thing.  That scenario literally happened in an organization I worked for many years ago. 

Anyway, as I say pretty much every time the Four of Shields turns up:

This is one of those cards that clients, particularly intuitive, artistic clients, find incredibly less than charming when it shows in a reading. 

It IS, after all a very

Be grounded in ordinary reality

as you work to take the next steps on your path

until you are soaring –

so eventually you CAN soar

as you deserve to

kind of messenger.

But remember, O artistes, intuitivoes and others of our ilk [and I use the term ilk with the greatest of affection], there are times grounded behavior can be beneficial. And hardly painful at all.  Mostly.  I’ve heard.  Wouldn’t know meself.

[By the way, on that grounded until you get soaring thing: if, as you’ll see below, a key element of this card is to get yourself a wonderful mentor, why do we sometimes have trouble with wanting to do that or following through on it?  

Is it because we’re not clear enough about who we really are and what our goal actually is?  Hmmmmm…?   

And I ask again,  Hmmmmm…?

And I say again,



Because, you know, part of the REASON to hook up with a mentor is so that you can take an honest look at what some realistic goals might be − for the next part of your path, anyway.  And sometimes we’re afraid those goals won’t seem good enough, to us or to others.

Well… Flux that Shitake!!!!  {Cleaned that one up.  Yup! Yup! Yup!}

No matter how high or low the goal, it’s still a matter of one step at a time, over and over again.  And the mentor can help you see that in a useful, perhaps even kindly and encouraging way.  And perhaps help you get a handle on who you really are/who you’re trying to become as well.]    

Where was I? 

Oh.    Really?


For me the Four of Shields basically says:

~ Be prepared to become concrete in your planning,

    at least for the moment

    [and don’t beat up on yourself if it ain’t easy]

~ Do this in the following way:

~ Find someone who is an acknowledged expert in

   what you seek to achieve, and/or who is a

   respected (especially by you) wizard in the successful

   laying out of the kind of path you seek to walk

~ Work together closely, over some time to develop

   YOUR plan

~ Follow that plan.  And follow it carefully,

  at least for some good long time into the foreseeable future 

  until you will naturally and inevitably soar.  

Once upon a time, this whole process was called, simply, Get yourself an amazing and powerful Mentor!  And listen to that mentor’s guidance!  AND FOLLOW THROUGH ON IT!!!! And that can still apply here.

In this blog, if you’ve been around for a bit, you know that I’ve used John Lennon and the Beatles as illustrations of following your bliss despite predictions of failure.  (And if you’ve already read this story at least eight times, READ IT AGAIN!  Otherwise it’s back to hustling pay-as-you-go cell phones for you.  Right?) 

Well, aside from the fact that the Beatles were brilliant to the point of magical, they also were able to make some of their first huge leaps because of Brian Epstein

He was a superb businessman and their manager beginning in 1962.  He married his ordinary-reality-based magic to his aspirations to be a major player on the music scene and to the Beatles incomparable artistry and passion.  And the world was changed.

Now, maybe you don’t have a Brian-the-Wizard to pull out of your hat. Yet.  But who and what DO you have?  How can you access him/her/them?  Give it some thought today, and take that concrete and valuable baby step along the path by actually accessing them!

Believe in yourself.  Believe in your dreams.  Help give them focus in ordinary reality by working closely and deeply with insights from someone who can help be an architect of their creation. 

Bright blessings and tremendous success! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! YEAH!!!  

Quote for the Day: You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.  ~ C.S. Lewis

Today’s Weather:  Whoosh!  Ploppity plip!  VroomWhackThud!  

On This Date: 1869 – American outlaw Jesse James commits his first confirmed bank robbery in Gallatin, Missouri.




Tarot Card ~ December 6

December 6, 2010

King of Swords


Fortune Cookie: What are your highest ideals?  What are your deepest passions?  Where do they intersect and support each other?  What are the specific, definable, practical steps that will carry you to living them?  How can you begin those steps TODAY?  And how can you keep to them EVERY day?


No, he does NOT look like Johnny Depp.  Not a bit.  Not even a little.  Hardly. At all.  Really.  Just like last time.

Oh, well.

As those of you who are regular readers of the blog, AND have a fairly good number of still-functioning brain cells […which leaves me out {What does?} Never mind! {Okay!}] may remember, this was the card for New Year’s Day, and therefore for this entire year.  I shudder to wonder whether anyone has paid it any attention. Yet.  [{What?} Never mind! {Okay!}]

As I said then:

The King of Swords is one of those cards where each Tarot deck, each author writing about Tarot, and each reader has his or her own unique spin on what meanings are most truly representative and therefore accurate.

And then, to assign Mordred (more about him toward the end) to the card.  Lotta heavy weight here, friends!!

So here are some of the interpretations I’ve gotten from others:

~ the bloody bastard who never knows when to stop fighting

~ a ruthless and daring person (likely male)

~ one (usually a man or someone of strong masculine energy) who sits in judgement

~ the innovative but probably unpredictable leader

~ a revolutionary    

~ a sign that now is the time to make a clean break with what you have been doing up until now.

So if any of those interpretations mesh with how it seems you need to be in your life just now and in the rest of this year (or represent the energy that’s intersecting and/or interfering with your life), then pay attention and act accordingly – i.e., if the interpretation accurately describes someone else, accept that your perceptions about the person are TRUE!, then figure out what to do from there.

I did a shamanic journey to determine how I should generally interpret this card for my clients.  A spirit guide in the form of a great black and silver dragon came by.   It said,  

This is what you need to know about the King of Swords. 

The King of Swords has three major characteristics:

First, he is so idealistic he often lets his head drift away into the clouds and he becomes completely flakey – which will often cause him to fail.

Second, he is so passionate he often loses track of what’s sensible, appropriate − or even legal − and he blows his own ass up by getting crazy-emotional about what he wants or hopes for – which will often cause him to fail.

Third, as a result of the first and second issues, he has actually learned from the example of the Queen of Swords and he has FORCED himself to develop the will to become strategic about what he wants.

He asks himself what he would need to do in order to be true to his highest ideals AND his deepest passions.  He determines how they would best blend together. He refines his goals, and then develops a specific, detailed plan that incorporates every major step [and most of the baby steps] necessary to take him from where he is to where his ideals and passions would have him be.

And then he exerts the will to hold himself to that plan, day by day, until higher ideals or deeper passions cause him to rethink his goals and start the whole process over again.

Hard work, but worth the effort.  

How would your life be different if you had done that, and held yourself to it, twenty years ago?  It’s never too late to start.

[About Mordred:  pretty much everyone knows him as the ‘illegitimate’ son and only child of Arthur. According to most legends, Mordred, out of evil or just out of spite, plotted and schemed to displace The King and, in the process, brought down Camelot.  Maybe that is how it was.  There are a number of variations on that theme throughout the tales.  But in one version of the legends, Arthur and Mordred were reconciled in the end; they died fighting side by side against foreign invaders.  Maybe so.]

So:  What are your highest ideals?  What are your deepest passions?  Where do they intersect and support each other?  What are the specific, definable, practical steps that will carry you to living them?  How can you begin those steps TODAY?  And how can you keep to them EVERY day?

Bright blessings, high ideals, passion and success!

Quote for the Day: Be not lax in celebrating. Be not lazy in the festive service of God. Be ablaze with enthusiasm. Let us be an alive, burning offering before the altar of God. ~ Hildegard of Bingen
Today’s Waethyr: Milder.  [{Milder than what?} What?  {What?}   What? {Okay!}Uh… Right!
On This Date: 1849 – American abolitionist Harriet Tubman escapes from slavery.