Tarot Card ~ November 9

Seven of Swords

The Sword in the Stone

Fortune Cookie: Own your power and reveal it to the world. Be yourself.  All of yourself.  No ego. No apology.




This card used to show up just about monthly, and I thought of it as one of those cyclical reminders I’m grateful to see, because I think the information and direction in this card is SO tremendously important for all of us. 

It last appeared around mid-September, and I’m glad it’s back, because the clients who have turned this card in a reading, and really honored what it gives, have benefited tremendously.

So −

As I ask whenever this card comes up for us,

We all remember the story of the Sword In the Stone, right? 

Well, sort of.  Maybe.  A bit.  You think?

What’s important for our understanding of the Seven of Swords is to know that Arthurian legends contain at least two sword-in-the-stone stories. 

This one takes place long after Arthur has become king, and involves the introduction of Galahad to the court of Camelot.  It’s a story that has been known in and told with a number of variations.

Here’s the essence of the story as it has come to me in my own Shamanic journeying.  [And stealing from various ancient sources.] 

The Camelottish folk were all gathered for the Christian feast of Pentecost (or Whitsun ~ the 49th/50th day after Easter) when they saw a haayyyuuuuge red marble boulder come floating serenely down the river and right up to Camelot dock, as it were.  Gleaming and protruding from said big red stone was an ornate sword so beautiful and magical it had an aura of its own.

In some versions of the tale the rock is engraved with the words,

“This sword shall only be pulled out by the Best of Alle Knights. 

Of course, pretty much every guy lined up to have a heave at it, jostling, grunting, bragging, swearing, betting, whooping, loudly discussing potency inducers, passing around bottles of Armor All, quietly discussing horseback hemorrhoid  and chafing remedies ~ about what you’d expect of boys in chain mail in groups.

They all had a go.  And failed. Failed flat.

Then a new, completely unknown young guy quietly walked up to the stone.  Without a word, a hesitation or a glance in any direction, he took hold of the sword and pulled it from the stone like light piercing deep, clear water.  He then quietly turned, and walked back up to the castle and took a seat at the Round Table.  

Thus was Galahad’s presence and stature made known to all, and thus did he rightfully sit in the Siege Perilous, a seat at the Round Table so strictly reserved for the Best of Alle Knights that it was fatal to anyone else who sat in it.  (There were beefcake bimbos who tried.  Of course.)

Which brings us to the interpretation of the Seven of Swords.  [You did trust I’d get around to it eventually, didn’t you?] 

Traditional readings of this card are pretty much downers, with words like “dishonor,” “futility,” and “lone wolf” tossed about.  Some readers talk about a person who is intelligent but unorthodox, or suggest that it recommends vigilance against unexpected danger.

Me, I see wonderful and positive things in this card, especially as it is portrayed in the Legend deck.  Anna- Marie Ferguson, creator of the deck, by the way, sees it as betokening inspiration, enthusiasm, and the instilling of hope, faith and strength.

[Anybody out there NOT up for that?  If so… GET HELP.  Now.  NOW!

When I work with a client and we turn this one up (and it’s amazing how often it shows up in the career section of a reading), I say,

Own your power. 





but also WITHOUT APOLOGY to anyone.  

Be yourself.  

All of yourself.

Be who you really are. 

And get going at it.

The Seven of Swords indicates that it’s truly time for you to own your skills, abilities, gifts, potentials, intentions ~ your POWER ~ and let yourself begin to move in a new direction with new purpose.

Now that we are into the middle days of autumn, with all its unique magics, opportunities and challenges it is good to remember:

we honor our Creator and The Earth by becoming more and more who we truly are for the highest and best of all.

Own your power.  Reveal it to the world. No ego.  No apology.

Bright Blessings!

Quote for the Day:  The artist uses the talent he has, wishing he had more talent.  The talent uses the artist it has, wishing it had more artist. ~ Robert Brault

 Today’s Weather:  Buskers with artisanal whole grain and cranberry timbale loaf!  Dodge or finesse the occasional ocarina. 

On This Date: 1871Henry Morton Stanley locates missing explorer and missionary, Dr. David Livingstone in Ujiji, near Lake Tanganyika, allegedly greeting him with the words, “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”


2 Responses to “Tarot Card ~ November 9”

  1. Donna Allen Says:

    Precognitive experience: I walk into dreamwork class this evening. A lone man is sitting on the floor, back against the cupboards with papers on the floor in front of him and a large drum nearby. I’m a bit early and know others will be arriving shortly. I approach him cautiously, not knowing quite what to expect. He seems friendly and unassuming. He greets me with a soft but cheery “welcome, welcome.” I respond, “Neal Szpatura, I presume.”

  2. shamanspath Says:


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