Tarot Card for the Day ~ May 15

The Judgement


Fortune Cookie: Know what you want. Don’t be crazy, necessarily, but be willing to try something unusual or out of character to get it.  Reach out for your destiny.



A fine card for an early summerish Saturday, as we take a look at how we might want to shake things up a bit in some positive ways.  It is, after all, always a good card to work with and one we would do well to allow to guide us. I certainly need to pay more attention to it!

So.  Then.   Several layers of interpretations here, and all worth a looksee. 

If there’s any inkling in your mind that you might be being


just a tad


it’s tremendously important that you STOP THAT RIGHT NOW ~ don’t be judgemental of anyone else.  And especially don’t be judgemental toward yourself. It’s not useful or even valid to be that way.  Today, anyway.

That doesn’t mean you should let yourself – or anyone else − run hog wild, going off half-cocked and half baked in every goofy direction that occurs. That’s my job.

Nor should you beat yourself up if you really want to just get quiet and do what it takes to stay grounded – or want to just hide and say, “To hell with ALL these Bozos!” for today.  Oh. Wait.  That would be kinda judgemental.  So you can do it (hide away), just don’t say it (these Bozos).

It does mean

~ don’t repress your own tendency to wish for what you wish for

~ don’t berate yourself for wanting to be able to upgrade 

   WELL beyond what ordinary reality might provide

   this week in some area of your life, but 

~ stay grounded for the moment regarding what you actually grab

 or grab for 

And send kind energy and blessings of Light to those who do get sucked into any craziness that’s around at the moment. 

Also [and I’m finding this one to be unusually important with my clients lately],

be sure you are pursuing what really is for the highest and best of all

Don’t just do what you’ve always been told you should do in order to be successful, popular, spiritual, thinner, blahdee, blahdee, blahblahblah…



Different decks portray ~ and different readers interpret ~ The Judgement in exceptionally different ways.  Some say it indicates a change of position, a renewal or reawakening, an ultimate outcome.  Good stuff at any time of  year.

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, finds it portends passing through a gateway to a new existence, an understanding of how one’s actions influence others, good health or a positive legal outcome.

Me? [Thought you’d never ask.]  I tend to see this card as requiring some action. 

When this card appears, I’m likely to say:

Look.  Really.  There are powerful, helpful people who would be happy to work with you, work on your behalf, who might actually be out there looking for you right now.  But they can’t find you where you usually are. 

There are wonderful, transformational experiences waiting for you.  But they can’t happen where you are, in the rhythm of your life as you currently live it. 

You’ve got to

go new places,

meet new people,

do new things! 

And push yourself a bit to keep doing that for the foreseeable future.


So, while staying grounded and aware of what your wishes are − or could be if you really owned what you wish for − entice yourself out of your rut. Shop at different stores, from grocers to clothiers to where you buy your lottery tickets or get your dry cleaning done. Go to different movies at different theaters.  Eat at different restaurants.  Write at different coffee bars.  [Write AT ALL for a change!] 

Don’t let yourself stagnate where you are and have been

Perhaps the most important aspect of this card is that it indicates your destiny is trying to reach out to you and for you.  Will you be there?   If you will, bear in mind the insight of the card as it reminds us to understand the impact of our actions upon others.

Know what you want.  Don’t be crazy, but be willing to try something unusual or out of character to get it.  Reach out for your destiny.

Bright blessings — without even the least little hint of  judgemental! [I mean it!]   

Quote for the Day:  The tendency to turn human judgments into divine commands makes religion one of the most dangerous forces in the world. ~ Georgia Harkness 

Today’s Weather:  Generally owlish.  Occasional Canadians from the North/Northwest at a modest, unassuming and really rather  considerate rate of speed.  Eh?  

On This Date:  1928Mickey Mouse premiered in his first cartoon, Plane Crazy.


4 Responses to “Tarot Card for the Day ~ May 15”

  1. Donna Allen Says:

    Do you know how hard it is to not be judgmental…especially of oneself? Those judgmental thoughts have a way of cropping up like weeds!! Anyway, thank you for the reminder.

    “Help me to hit the delete button on judgmental thoughts…be they of others or myself. Thank you!”

    Love those pics. What a great poodle skirt. 🙂 (By the way, Mickey Mouse in French is pronounced “Mickey Moose”. Just in case you were curious.

    A great line: Don’t just do what you’ve always been told you should do in order to be successful, popular, spiritual, thinner, blahdee, blahdee, blahblahblah…

    I especially like the blahdee, blahdee, blahblahblah part….Made me laugh, ‘though the four previous words apply here as well. Especially the spiritual part.

    Last but not least, the quote you gave us a few days back has been super helpful to me: “Live your daily life in a way that you never lose who you are….” Been saying that every day, many times a day.

    Time for some sun! ~ ~ Much gratitude, Donna

  2. shamanspath Says:


  3. donna Baley-Presutti Says:

    Perfect! for my birthday, day. Just reading it helped me shift my energy to a better place…and to think I almost didn’t!! big hugs!

  4. shamanspath Says:

    Thanks, Donna.

    Happy birthday and a WONDERFUL year to ya.

    [And please remember that the card for your birthday is the card for the year as well — so keep a cpoy nearby for occasional reminders.]

    Blessings and light,


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