Tarot Card for the Day ~ March 28

Page of Spears

The Hare

Fortune Cookie: And again I say:

Love and honor your inner mad artist.  Embrace and empower him or her today.  And begin that wonderful new… WHATEVER!


I know I’ve said before, this little guy’s energy is ALWAYS welcome around here. But the implication of his leaping back this soon is… we’ve maybe lost the message he brought no longer ago than TUESDAY.


HUH?  [Yeah.  Like I never do that.  Oh well, M’Dears, WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT ME, WE’RE TALKING ABOUT YOU!


Some readers would find this card to signal a dark young man (person?), an envoy or postman, and therefore, NEWS!  So keep an eye out for all of those, if it feels right.

Others would see him as representing a strange message or a desire to learn new things or expand current knowledge.

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, finds the Page of Spears to betoken stimulating communications [like you wish this was], arrival of good things, and a trustworthy, enthusiastic assistant, among other possibilities.  [I’ll take a dozen God, please.  And a side of marketing director to go.]

As a totem animal, Hare betokens joyfulness, enthusiasm, wonderful loopy abandon (Mad as a March Hare) and creativity, creation or procreation.  So this card asks that you release your inner wildandcrazyjoyfulartist, especially today.   


Yep!  Somethin’ like that!

Let yourself connect or reconnect with those elements of yourself and your life that encourage freedom, playfulness, creativity and JOY!

And as far as the procreation part is concerned, if you’ve been thinking about making a baby − or opening a new business or giving birth to a major new project or direction in life − Do It!  Do It!  Begin today!

Love and honor your inner mad artist.  Embrace and empower him or her today.  And begin that wonderful new… WHATEVER!

Bright, joyful, creative blessings!

Quote for the Day: For children in their most impressionable years, there is, in fantasy, the highest of stimulating and educational powers.  ~ Arthur Rackham 

Today’s Weather: Heywilly wollickey hoo row row from Canada all the way down to the Ohio River.  Let the damn meteorologists deal with THAT, the wussies! 

On This Date:  1910 – Henri Fabre becomes the first person to fly a seaplane, the Fabre Hydravion, after taking off from a water runway near Martigues, France.  [That’s the Page of Spears in action!]

And: 1920 – Palm Sunday tornado outbreak of 1920 affects the Great Lakes region and Deep South states.  [Oh.  Charming.]

And a wonderful example of someone honoring the spirit of this card:

The E.L.F.E.N Project

(Elemental Life Form Encounters in Nature)  



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