Tarot Card for the Day ~ March 19


Six of Swords

The Eachtra

Fortune Cookie: Go deep within and find the treasure there, then bring it out to lovingly share with the world. 


Lessee… this one only showed up about ten days ago.  Who snoozed through the card last time?  Huh?  Huh?


As I’ve said other times this card has turned,  the Six of Swords as I work with it has several layers of meaning, and requires a bit of storytelling and explanation.  So, once again, bear with me. 

According to Anna Marie Ferguson − creator of Legend, the Arthurian Tarot  − The Eachtra is the Irish phrase for an Otherworld journey and adventure. 

Among the Arthurian legends, one such adventure involved a great quest in which Arthur and his knights ventured to the realm of Annwn − the Celtic Underworld − to meet Arawn, the Lord of the Underworld. Depending on which version you harken to, this quest was undertaken to form a brotherly alliance, king to king, (or to do grievous battle, army to army) so as to win and bring back (or steal and bring back) high magic and powerful magical tools for the grace and hope of Camelot.   

Funny how variable those legends are.  I blame it on the monk mead.  Maybe it was just those wonderful little mushrooms they ate with their salads.  


So, let’s see.  An otherworld journey and adventure… 

That’s still a pretty perfect thing to have recommended to us right now − a time full of near-springytimey magic, during which many of us (and many more people than actually realize it) are sensitive to a thinning of the veils between ordinary reality and the realms of spirit. 

And so, in this magical season [even though it may freaking well snow again Monday],

How will you let yourself explore the doorways to goodness, wisdom and healing that are available just now? Especially those which open by going deep within to find our own truer, better natures.  [I hope you’ll at least dream on it!]

Anyway, back to the card, more or less. 

In the teachings of modern “core shamanism,” journeying is the term given to the deep, powerful meditation used by shamanic practitioners to travel to alternate realities. Often, the first teaching journeys are to the Lower World –into beautiful, fruitful, healing darkness entered through an opening into the Earth.   

So, in my work with clients, and based on my shamanic work, I’ve come to refer to the Six of Swords as The Journeywork Card. 

This card directs us to go deep – deep within the self, into the core of our hopes and dreams, to the very essence of our being. It tells us to believe in, seek and find the beautiful, powerful, enlightening, inspiring treasure within us. And it asks us to then embrace it fully and bring it up and out into the world to share with and benefit all.

Isn’t that why you agreed to come into this lifetime at all, after all?  Eh?  Eh? At all?

Explore the realms of the sacred and the healing.  Go deep within and find the treasure there, then bring it out to lovingly share with the world.  Be part of the beautiful and powerful magics of the season.

Bright blessings and miraculous journeys!

[For more information on journeying, please see my article at 

http://shamanspath.org/index_ShamanicJourneyIntro.htm ]    

Quote for the Day: We have deep depth. ~ Yogi Berra

Today’s Weather:  Graylien brownies.  Best offplanet baked goods in the sky.  Sweet, moist and tornado resistant.   

On This Date: 1915Pluto is photographed for the first time but is not recognized as a planet.


And Talk about an Otherworld Journey:  

Wooden Churches – Travelling in the Russian North 



3 Responses to “Tarot Card for the Day ~ March 19”

  1. Donna Allen Says:

    I love the Pluto picture. Thank you! ~ ~ Donna

  2. shamanspath Says:

    Thanks, Donna.

    And thank you for the kind, generous and unexpected gift in supprt of the blogTarot work. You should know you are the only person who does things like that, amd I’m very grateful!


  3. Donna Allen Says:

    As always, you are most welcome. It is my true pleasure!

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