Tarot Card for the Day ~ December 25

Two of Spears

Bedivere and Kay

Focus for the Day: Know what YOUR family of spirit would be like.  Seek them.  Find them.  Let them help you change the world.

This card last turned for us less than two weeks ago.  And it’s a really good card to work with on a day that is celebrated as a very family-focused holiday by so many in our culture.  Especially when –how to say — familial connections may not be all one might hope.  You’ll see what I mean when we get to my personal intuitive interpretation of the card. 

The Two of Spears is, in fact, one of those cards where my intuitive guidance has me going off in a different direction than the standard interpretation.  [Yep. Again.]

Many readers say this card bespeaks things like riches, fortune, magnificence. Others might suggest you spend some time alone considering the advice of others in order to help make up your own mind about an important decision that NEEDS to be made.  [Yeah.  That’d be REAL easy to pull off today.]

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, writes of proving one’s capability to manage a large project [pulling together a holiday meal?  preventing a familial holiday brouhaha?]; planning for the future; exerting authority; riches and success, using all one’s talents to achieve a communal vision.

So if any of those issues are on your mind today, accept this info as an indication that you’re IN TUNE and placing your energy in the right place at the right time.  [And if you’re not up for riches and success, FortheLuvvaGod, Goddess, The Universe, Anybody, CALL ME.  Soon.  We gotta talk!  216-371-3433.]


When this card turns up for a client, I find myself telling them this:

I don’t know what your family life is like.  It could be great.  It could suck pond ice in winter.  Regardless, I find the Two of Spears to say

~ ~ It’s time for you to create a family of spirit that is even closer to you than family of blood or marriage. 

[That is, in fact, something some clients have a LOT of trouble with. 

They cannot envision EVER being closer to someone than to their blood family.  All their blood family.  However bizarre, weird, twisted, hurtful, etc. the family, or some of them, might be. 

All I can say is, it’s not impossible, and it’s often healthy to have others in your life who are closer to you than the Amazin’ Flyin’ Fussin’ Burrito Krazees God decided to lay upon you for some of your initial life lessons. 

So at least promise you’ll think about it.  Okay?] 

~ ~ You need to begin seeking and finding, perhaps one by one, a group of people who − because of the commonality of intentions, goals, hopes, spiritual path, etc. − will be as close to you as anyone could possibly be. As you, too will be to them.

So spend some time thinking about what it would be like to have a circle of people in your life who

~ would always have your back,

~ would always be able to hear your darkest secrets

    and continue to see the Light in you,

    as you would do for them

~ would seek to remind you of the highest and

    best in yourself, lovingly and always

Then go about creating that circle.  Slowly.  Intentionally.  With discretion.  But get going.

Know what YOUR family of spirit would be like.  Seek them.  Find them.  Let them help you change the world.

Bright blessings and joyful meetings!

[And Happy Christmas to all my Christian friends!]

Quote for the Day:  For everything that lives is holy, life delights in life. ~ William Blake

Today’s Weather: Boggly waddlers.  Meringue pilfering, macaroon dragooning pixies and other in-laws. You may avoid the wurst of the storm by wearing a HazMat breathing mask. I promise.  

On This Date: 1066William the Conqueror is crowned as king of England, at Westminster Abbey, London.

And: 1223St. Francis of Assisi assembles the first Nativity scene.
Another Quote: Nobody’s perfect. Well, there was this one guy, but we killed him…. ~ Christopher Moore, from Lamb, the Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal 

2 Responses to “Tarot Card for the Day ~ December 25”

  1. Donna Allen Says:

    Thanks so much for the Happy Christmas, Neal. Nothing like grandsons to make Christmas too special for words. 🙂

    As I was doing my morning writing, I was given the letters IGS. (Made me smile, as it brought to mind my newly purchased GPS.) The IGS stands for Intuitive Guidance System. I was being told to quit THINKING about the issue at hand, and simply tune into my IGS. Spirit is great.

    Thanks so much for all I’ve learned from you about trusting my intuition, not second guessing myself, etc.

    ~ ~ Blessings and gratitude, Donna

  2. shamanspath Says:

    Blessings back!

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