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Tarot Card for the Day ~ December 23

December 22, 2009

The Priestess


Focus for Today: Know your magic. (Know you’re magic!) Own your magic.  (Own you’re magic!) Do what’s necessary for you to be and feel inspired.  Then use your magic consciously to benefit yourself and others.

Hmmmmm… The Priestess hasn’t appeared for us since June 22.  And as I see it, it’s a wonderful holiday-season-magic-kinda-card. So pay attention here.  Or there.  Or wherever.

In general, The Priestess is seen as a keeper of secrets, of ancient or arcane wisdom.

She is also known as a wielder of strong intuitive powers.  So, this would be a good time to let your intuition guide you − try not to get in its way!

[Or, I suppose, this would be a good day to get a reading.  Or schedule one, anyhow.  HINT!] 

Or, if it wasn’t a weekday, this would be a superb day to go to the Art Museum and just hang out among the unsurpassably beautiful power objects from other times, places and dimensions.  Basking in their amazing vibrations can be spiritually empowering, and just sitting with them can alter your state of consciousness as profoundly as purposeful meditation.  Try it.  You’ll see!

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, sees The Priestess as indicating inspiration and a powerful connection with the collective unconscious or world soul.  Also, astute psychic ability.  A good time for it, as the wimter solstice brings a period where the realms of magic open for us!  There can also be elements of a need for solitude today, so honor that if you feel it and if you can.

Finally, the Priestess is recognized as one who can walk fully and successfully in two worlds – that of ordinary reality and its people, and that the of the higher realms and the Fay.  [Time to read old books about Findhorn again, maybe?  Or get to know Perelandra (]

When this card turns up for a client, I usually offer something like,

The Priestess is an important role model.  She owns her magic and uses it for her benefit and for the good of those she loves. 

So, one of the critical questions that I often finding myself working through with clients is, “What IS your magic?”  You can’t own it if you haven’t even identified it and been willing to stake a claim to it. 

And don’t try to weenie out of the discussion by assuming I’m ONLY talking about Dumbledore-caliber ceremonial high magic.

So what IS your magic

Is it a gift for healing from your hands or in your soothing voice? 

Is it a long-developed ability to coax amazing music from even the most beat-up old piano (or guitar, or flute, or djembe)? 

Is it a capacity to write clearly and with passion about things that normally be a complete yawn? 

Is it the knack to lighten the mood of a tense meeting with a smile and an off-the-wall analogy? 

Is it a love for numbers that helps a not-for-profit manage its razor thin margin? 

Is it a talent for teaching and inspiring? 

Is it an ability to grow moss in the desert or sell refrigerators to an Inuit?

What is your magic?  It’s what you love to do, and what lifts people around you when you do it, or what allows them some hope and healing because you do it − even if you’re stuffed away in a cubbyhole somewhere.   

Know your magic. 

(Know you’re magic!) 

Own your magic. 

(Own you’re magic!) 

Do what’s necessary for you to be and feel inspired.  Then use your magic consciously to benefit yourself and others.


Bright blessings, light and magic!          

Quote for the Day:  For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.  ~ Vincent van Gogh

Today’s Weather: Sometimes, oftenly not, although.  Dust with rose pollen.  

On This Date: 1893 – The opera Hänsel und Gretel by Engelbert Humperdinck is first performed.

Tarot Card for the Day ~ December 22

December 22, 2009

Page of Spears

The Hare


Focus for the Day: Love and honor your inner mad artist.  Embrace and empower him or her today.  And begin that wonderful new… WHATEVER!

As I’ve said about this little guy before, his energy is ALWAYS welcome around here.  And we haven’t seen him since September.  Good card for the holiday season, and for our soon-to-come yearend ruminations.

Some readers would find this card to signal a dark young man (person?), an envoy or postman, and therefore, news.  So keep an eye out for all of those, if you like.

Others would see him as representing a strange message or a desire to learn new things or expand current knowledge.

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, finds the Page of Spears to betoken stimulating communications, arrival of good things, [Maybe Santa come early?  Quiet, Mongo!] and a trustworthy, enthusiastic assistant, among other possibilities.

 As a totem animal, Hare betokens joyfulness, enthusiasm, wonderful loopy abandon (Mad as a March Hare) and creativity, creation or procreation.  So this card asks that you release your inner wildandcrazyjoyfulartist, especially today.   

Let yourself connect or reconnect with those elements of yourself and your life that encourage freedom, playfulness, creativity and JOY!

And as far as the procreation part is concerned, if you’ve been thinking about making a baby − or opening a new business or giving birth to a major new project or direction in life − Do It!  Do It!  Begin today!

Love and honor your inner mad artist.  Embrace and empower him or her today.  And begin that wonderful new… WHATEVER!

Bright, joyful, creative blessings!

Quote for the Day:   A child of five would understand this.  Send someone to fetch a child of five. ~ Groucho Marx [Truly an embodiment of this card!]

Today’s Weather:  Porridge-butt snowflakes swoopin’ down like vultures [or like new divorcees on the free mini-reubens at a Marriott Monday happy hour].  Carry an ash or aspen stake and a small sledgehammer. 

On This Date: 

  • 1807 – The Embargo Act, forbidding trade with all foreign countries, is passed by the U.S. Congress.
  • 1809 – The Non-Intercourse Act, lifting the Embargo Act except for the United Kingdom and France, is passed by the U.S. Congress.
  • [So you see, they HAVE always been {  insert your adverb & noun here  !}]
    And: 1964Comedian Lenny Bruce is convicted of obscenity.
    Talk about an inner mad artist!