Tarot Card for the Day ~ December 21

Queen of Spears


Focus for the Day:  What is your unique personal sacred quest?  How can you recommit to it, know it more fully, and take a concrete step toward it today? How can you open to that in you which is compassionate, kind, healing, artistic, gentle, honorable – and let those qualities become the pillars of your strength?

Well. We haven’t seen this card since December 11 of 2008.  And it’s such a valuable card. 

Certainly a suitable card for Yule –the Winter Solstice — a day which so many spiritual paths consider sacred, characterized by the deepening of spirituality and a thinning of the veils between worlds, realms and dimensions.

Some readers find the Queen of Spears to be a dark, kind, friendly and honorable woman, or any person whose energy reflects those qualities.  Others see her as a person of deep spiritual strength, one who encourages the higher aspirations of others.  I like that.  Still others find her to be the archetypal shepherdess, or a woman known for mysticism and visionary experiences

I perceive the Queen of Spears to be the card of the feminine sacred quest.  Although most people don’t know it or remember it – even the ones who have read Arthurian legends since childhood – there was one single woman who was among those who quested for the Holy Grail. 

She was Dindrane, Percivale’s sister.  A princess and an anchoress − in Christianity, a woman who chooses to withdraw from the world to live a solitary life of prayer − she was a most helpful director, motivator and advisor to the only three knights who did in fact ultimately achieve the Grail.  

In our culture, as in most cultures over the past 5,000 years, it is generally the guys who go off questing, pursuing the sacred, etc., etc., etc.  Or at least it’s the fellas whose stories get told.  Time for that to change, and also time for us, umm… penile Americans to aspire to, embrace and foster the divine feminine.

So, on this Yule, and therefore throughout the entire season of winter:

Ladies: each of you, what is your unique personal sacred quest?  How can you recommit to it, know it more fully, and take a concrete step toward it today?

Gentlemen: how can you open to that in you which is congruent with the energy of the Divine Feminine — compassionate, kind, healing, artistic, gentle, honourable – and let those qualities become the pillars of your strength?

Bright blessings and the touch of the sacred!

Quote for the Day: We are all affecting the world every moment, whether we mean to or not. Our actions and states of mind matter, because we are so deeply interconnected with one another.   ~ Ram Dass

Today’s Weather:  Traces of faeriefire across all quarters.  Carry a butterfly net and some macaroons.  Avoid toadstool remnants near you path.  Tread gently. 

 On This Date: 69 – The end of the Year of the four emperors: Following Galba, Otho and Vitellius, Vespasian becomes the fourth Emperor of Rome within a year.  [Coincidentally, the Roman Senate ends its practice of choosing as emperor whosoever can pee farthest in freezing weather.]

And: In England, during the 18th century, there was a revival of interest in Druids. Today, amongst Neo-druids, Alban Arthan (Welsh tr. light of winter but derived from Welsh poem, Light of Arthur) is celebrated on the winter solstice with a ritualistic festival, and gift giving to the needy. 

Blessed Yule!

A Solstice Litany:

 For the return of the sun ~~ blessing and praise!

 For all gift-givers ~~ blessing and praise!

 For the Children of Wonder ~~ blessing and praise!

 For children everywhere ~~ blessing and praise!

 For sunsets and starlight ~~ blessing and praise!

 For fabulous feast days ~~ blessing and praise!

 For those who cook them ~~ blessing and praise!

 For the tree in the corner ~~ blessing and praise!

 For the candles in the window ~~ blessing and praise!

 For the icicles on the trees ~~ blessing and praise!

 For light on the snowfields ~~ blessing and praise!

 For charity and peace ~~ blessing and praise!

 For the robin and wren ~~ blessing and praise!

 For animals everywhere ~~ blessing and praise!

                                                                   ~ John Matthews,

                                                                    from The Winter Solstice,

                                                the Sacred Traditions of Christmas 



2 Responses to “Tarot Card for the Day ~ December 21”

  1. Linda Says:

    Hi Neal!!

    Thanks for this card for today!!! I really appreciate your description and thoughts on this card!! This is a card that has alot of meaning for me right now!

    The Solstice Litany was just beautiful! Thanks for sharing it!!!!


  2. shamanspath Says:

    Thanks, Linda.

    Same to you!



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