Tarot Card for the Day ~ December 12

Seven of Spears

Arch of Twelve Kings

This card last turned for us on both November 11th and 12th.  So over the last three days there have been two instances where we’ve had the same card as exactly one month ago, and on the third day we had a card that has shown up for times in about five weeks. If you can follow that, you need more eggnog.  

Perhaps those recurring cards are a little cosmic reminder that there are always cycles to be considered in the way our life is flowing, always wheels still in spin — for the times they are a changin’.  [Sorry Mr. Zimmerman.  Couldn’t help m’self.]

As I’ve said again and again [and again], this is one of those cards we should work with  regularly to help us keep track of who we are and who we hope to be.  [Who? Whom? Who cares?]

The Arch referred to here is a monument created by Merlin’s magic in celebration of the defeat of twelve lesser kings who rebelled against Arthur early in his reign. 

And as I’ve asked before: do the twelve kings sound at all like the chaotic, nagging, self-defeating things we get stuck thinking about ourselves, our talents and abilities, even our lives?   Isn’t it wearying to find ourselves so often in rebellion against our higher and better selves?  What a waste of energy, time, peace of mind, hormones, talent and, uh… energy!

So listen up, y’all! [Again!]  I consider this to be the card of utter, total complete victory.  It may be victory after a long, tedious and/or hard-fought series of challenges.  But it’s victory nonetheless.

Some readers indicate the Seven of Spears to be a card of bravery and success.  Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, says it speaks of promoting unity for the common good and gaining the confidence of others, among other things.  If any of those indicators fit what you’re trying to be about lately, assume you’ve been given a green light and MOVE!

As we look at what this card is prompting, let me ask:

If you were absolutely certain that you would

ultimately achieve the victory you want

− maybe after considerable time, maybe after considerable strategy and straining, heaving endeavor, maybe after having to release some things in order to ultimately gain what you want –





~ How long are you willing to work toward it? 

~ How long are you willing to go after it again and again and again? 

~ How will you strategize for it? 

~ With whom, and what will they bring to the table

~ What endeavors will you put forth to achieve it? 

~ What help will you seek, from Spirit and from those around you?

~ What would you give up, release, put aside to have it? 




would YOUR victory be?

Assume today is the magical day that

if you answer those questions honestly

if you answer those questions fully

and begin to put into play the elements

of your responses

you will move toward sure victory.

Bright blessings and victory!

P.S.  Just as a corollary:  What do you want to be remembered for one hundred years from now?

Quote for the Day:  That’s it! You people have stood in my way long enough. I’m going to clown college!  ~ Homer Simpson  

Today’s Weather:  Hazy wavy derivations with overmuch hollyberry and some tangerine.  Wear bedsocks.

On This Date:  1531 – Our Lady of Guadalupe (Spanish: Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. An image appeared miraculously on the cloak of Juan Diego, a simple indigenous peasant, on the hill of Tepeyac near Mexico City.

Please think about joining me for a reading of a couple of winter holiday stories I’ve written.  It’s today at 1 pm at Liberation United Church of Christ, 13714 Madison Avenue, Lakewood .  Admission is $10 for adults, kids 13 and under free.  All proceeds to Liberation UCC. 


2 Responses to “Tarot Card for the Day ~ December 12”

  1. Heather Says:

    I would love to hear your stories – you turn phrases so well here, I’d like to hear more – I hope you have a lovely audience to share your stories with today, Neal!

    (and now for more eggnog, so I can try to decipher that first paragraph…)

  2. shamanspath Says:

    Thanks so much, Heather.

    (Heavy on the nog should do it. Nothing like a winding sentence with at least one typo to help keep everyone guessing.)



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