Tarot Card for the Day ~ November 23

Five of Swords

Gawain’s Penance

Well, well.  Gawain has shown up (in two different cards) two days in a row. 

I’m reminded of one of the worst movies I ever saw. It starred Sean Connery, in fact.  It was called Sword of the Valiant, and Connery played The Green Knight — brilliant casting, if you remember the legend. 

Unfortunatley, the director must have been aiming for an unsophisticated, probably American audience, or something.  He kept having Connery pronounce Gawain’s name GahWAYNE.  You could see old 007 become more furious every time he had to speak it. Nice costumes, though.


Oyeh.  The card.  Sorry.

Kindly PAY ATTENTION then, eh?

In the spirit of something resembling candor [but not actually being candor even though it looks remarkably like candor, as near as I can tell!], I will once again say that my interpretation of this card in readings veers away from that of most readers I know. Alive or otherwise.  Or in between.

Typical readers will say things like degradation, destruction, dishonor, loss.  Yummy, that.  Some might say something like, Move on.  Learn from your experiences, but be positive.”  Really helpful there.  Really.  I could come up with something like that before my morning caffeine of choice.  REALLY big help, and compassionate, too.  NOT!

Even Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, sees loss, regret, having to accept one’s limitations, or, at best, a valuable lesson, one not to be repeated.

Well buggrall that!  Phooo-hooooooooo-ey upon that !!!!

Based on my intuitive guidance and my experience over the last fifteen years or so, when this card shows up for a client, I stand, shamble up onto my soapbox, throw things at them, shake my jowls(all of them) and bellow:


Stop turning your life

into one long gawd-awful penance! 

It ain’t supposed to be.  And you don’t DESERVE it to be!

And stop living as though you have some penance you think you’re supposed to do, especially if doing so seems “justified” according to the sad, warped old belief structures of some bozos who laid their nastiness on ya years ago  ~ even if they are/were people very close to you.  And even if you know they were doing the best they could. 

Reach out for joy, for beauty, for healing, for the highest and best of your potential. 

Constantly rubbing your own nose in the messes of the past will never bring about positive change.  Or a happy nose.

It will only keep you from moving upward, and may even keep you stuck exactly where you are, causing you to repeat errors and disappointments of the past.   

Don’t do that.  That is just purely NOT RIGHT!


Know, know, KNOW that you deserve joy and beauty,

that you are entitled to reach for it at every moment

and with every ounce of strength and brilliance you have –

but know that YOU are the only one who CAN reach for it. 

Seek all that is uplifting, and wonderful, and full of Light!  Now!

Bright blessings and joy!  And did I mention JOY!!!?

Quote for the Day:   Only nothing is impossible.  ~ Grant Morrison

Today’s Weather:  Ratta ratta racka racka. (But look out the window, just in case.)

On This Date:  1963 – The BBC broadcast the first ever episode of Doctor Who, starring William Hartnell, which would become the world’s longest science fiction drama to date. 

And:  1995Grant Morrison asks readers of his comic book series The Invisibles to participate in a worldwide “wank-off” to give power to a sigil intended to keep the series in circulation.  [Really. Ya can’t make this stuff up.] 


2 Responses to “Tarot Card for the Day ~ November 23”

  1. Donna Allen Says:

    It feels good to have the opportunity to catch up on some of your blog messages — to have access to your wisdom and humor once again.

    Ram Dass’ words — If you think you’re enlightened, spend a week with family — come to mind now and again.

    It’s all good.

    Thanks for everything. ~ ~ Blessings, Donna

  2. shamanspath Says:

    Back at ya!

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