Question for Clients, Friends, Bloglodytes, Etc.


Question for Clients, Friends, Bloglodytes (Blogolinis?) and Everybody
Hi, Y’All ~
This question really applies to the nice folk in the Greater Cleveland area, but I’d be interested in feedback from all around. 
Some of you may be aware (because of the ruthless marketing demon who inhabits my keyboard) that I have written a couple of versions of a piece called “Alex, the Christmas Imp.”  It began as a children’s story, and has evolved into a fantasy for folks of… several ages. 
Anyway,  I’m thinking of doing a public reading of the children’s version, followed by a couple of sections from the… other version, so I can get some feedback via moment by moment audience response.  Or lack thereof. 
I would be doing the reading as a (relatively low-priced) fund raiser for a couple wee not-for-profit organizations; one of them might be a small church.  It would probably occur the week of December 7, before we’re all in final holiday frenzy.  It might be in Lakewood.
It would likely be in two segments of about 35 minutes each with a short intermission.  There might be some option to purchase refreshments. 
So, the questions are:
1. Do you think you might join me for such a thingy?
2. If you have kidlets of whatever age, would you bring them along (possibly at a reduced fee)?
[By the way, a THIRD version of the piece is available as a radio play on archived streaming audio at WKSU.  The link is  .]
So please let me know what you think.
Thanks so much!
P.S.  I apologize if you have received (many) more than one copy of this.  Darn that marketing demon!

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