Tarot Card for the Day ~ September 30

Ace of Swords

Sword of Strange Hangings 

This card last turned up in early July. 

More important, September 30 is the first anniversary of my offering a Daily Tarot Card via this blog.

 And what do you think the card for that day was? 

Yep.  Yep!  Yep!!!!  Couldn’t make this stuff up.  Nobody would believe it.  Yep!

The Ace of Swords!

All RIGHT now, boys and girls, ALL TOGETHER NOW:

Aces in any Tarot deck are cards of a new beginning.


~ How can you (how do you need to) begin your life anew, today, right now?

~ What changes can you begin, even in ways that may seem small? 

~ What potentials can you believe in, hope for, reach for and remember?

When the Ace of Swords comes up in a reading, I say something like:

“Your new beginning has to do with going on an adventure, of giving yourself permission to go after something that really sets your heart and soul on fire. 

Please understand, if you undertake this quest, it very well may involve the release of some element of your life that no longer serves you. 

Should you find that to be the case, strive to let the release be as quick and clean as possible, a very skillful surgery.”

I’ll stand by that. 

But as I’ve worked with clients who have had this card come up, I’ve also come to perceive that the adventure, the new beginning and the release tend to have an aspect of destiny to them: we often find that the person has reached a point where they must make some choices to move forward in order to evolve as their life offers them the potential to do. 

And what I often see is, in doing so, they do very well to remember that even big changes can be initiated and made without creating negative karma

By the way, I have also found that this card betokens a positive outcome for skillfully undertaken literal surgery. 

(And for some people, the adventure they decide to go on, and the “surgery” of the release they decide to make, can lead to a profound healing of the romantic side of life as well.)

What is your new beginning? 

What adventure does your destiny call you to − beginning today? 

What may you be called to release? 

Undertake your quest in a way that is firm yet considerate of the law:



Bright blessings and joyous adventures!

Quote for the Day:   Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius. ~ Mozart

Today’s Weather: Mediaeval baebes.  The Law of Gravity as a wisdom path.

On This Date:  1791 – The Magic Flute, the last opera composed by Mozart receives its premiere performance at Freihaus-Theater auf der Wieden in Vienna, Austria.   

And:  1207 – Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi, Persian mystic and poet is born.

And:  1955 – Film icon James Dean dies in a road accident at age 24.



5 Responses to “Tarot Card for the Day ~ September 30”

  1. Linda Says:


    Happy 1st Anniversary/Birthday of this amazing blog that you put out here for all of us!!!

    I so appreciate all of the wisdom, humor, thoughts, interpretations and information that you have put into every post!

    Thanks for an awesome year of wonderful you!

    Hope you have a GREAT day today!!! THANKS NEAL!!!!!

  2. Rita Says:

    Dear Neal,

    Wishing you and the blog a very blessed and happy anniversary! I have enjoyed reading your entries. I look forward to future musings from you!

  3. shamanspath Says:

    Thanks so much, Rita. Hope the musings are amusing and not too profusing. [I must need more coffee!]



  4. Donna Allen Says:

    Feliz cumpleanos a ti…..

    Bon anniversaire a toi…

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Neal’s blog, Happy Birthday to you! ….and many moooore!

    Blessings and gratitude, Donna

    P.S. I love, love, love Mozart’s quote. A stroke of genius! 🙂

  5. shamanspath Says:

    Thanks, Ms. Donna!



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