Tarot Card for the Day ~ September 8

Knight of Swords


Haven’t seen this guy since way back in mid-May.  And it’s an interesting card to show up on the unofficial beginning of autumn this year.

It’s a card that says,

Okay, okay, okay!  You over there!  And you.  You, too!  Everybody! Hey!  Everyone! Up’nat’em!!! 

The Knight of Swords is a card of action.  Fiery, passionate action.  So if there’s something you’ve been putting off, or something you have wanted to do but always delay, today is the day to get started.  With!  Gusto!

However, I will also share that this Knight has occasionally been known to leap before he looks, to the ultimate dismay of himself − not to mention everybody involved with cleansing him of the huge, deep pile of meadow muffins he has landed himself in. 

And, he has from time to time gone so far as to find himself moving with such great passion that, all unknowing, he oversteps appropriate bounds, doesn’t check out the situation and its implications thoroughly, and blows his rosy red Orkney rump up in the process − occasionally taking a pile of other good folk down with him in the destruction. 

If he thinks of them at all, he thinks of them as collateral damage.

Other readers see the Knight of Swords as representing skill and bravery, or wrath and war. [A wee tad of distinction there, don’t you think, chaps?] 

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, sees him as a determined, intelligent young man – so keep an eye out – but also as someone who may be overeager to display heroics which causes him to misjudge. [Thus, the meadow muffins.]


Get moving.

But take a few moments or a few steps back and check out the terrain pretty thoroughly first. 

And double-check that you are acting with integrity, and doing something that is in fact desired by all parties who have a vote (not to mention something that is in fact for the highest and best). 

 As I’ve said before:

That way you won’t paint your foyer in record time, but paint it the lavender shade that was discussed while tippling on New Year’s Eve rather than a pale ice gray − you know, the color that matches the paint chip that was left under your wallet before you headed to the hardware store.  Doofus.

Go after it, but go after it smart, careful, clear and clean!    

Bright Blessings and a Soft Landing!

Quote for the Day: For, as Paolo and Tonino Montana were told over and over again, a spell is the right words delivered in the right way.  ~ Diana Wynne Jones, from The Magicians of Caprona

Today’s Weather:  Nutella pergolinis with dwarfing encumbrances.  Scones probably.

On This Date:  1504 – Michelangelo’s David is unveiled in Florence.

And: 1930 – 3M begins marketing Scotch transparent tape.  [Also a masterpiece.]


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