Tarot Card for the Day ~ August 8

Three of Spears

The Horse Fair

I often like to frighten clients when this card comes up.  I glance at it darkly, lean forward to scan it more carefully, and whisper, “OhBugger!” under my breath. 

Or I say, “Ahhh… This is a card of very special inspiration.” 

[Thinks:  “Let ’em chew on THAT for a while!  Nyah—Nyah! Tee hee!”]


Once again, please remember that threes in any Tarot deck are power cards, or rather, that the issue the card is addressing is one of power, even if it doesn’t seem so on the surface.  Typically, a three would counsel things like

 ~ beware of power games,

~ be prepared for power struggles,

~ watch out for failure to own your power  −

   or, better,






~ have a care against disempowerment

   in any area of life, whether by the action

   of others, or by your own action

   or inaction 

~ empower yourself

~ empower those you love and believe in

~ accept the challenge of owning ALLof

   what you are and who you can be

Simple, really.  [I keep telling myself that.  Over.  And over.  And over.  And it IS getting better.]

The Three of Spears as I see it is a mentoring card; it gives very specific direction, in a big, global sense.   It says:

“Be ruthlessly practical in pursuit of a MUCH higher ideal.” 

The Tarot deck I use is Legend, the Arthurian Tarot

In my story of the card, which depicts The Horse Fair, I see a young King Arthur having the brilliant insight that, to finally take the throne, and then to more effectively secure his kingdom, he needs to resurrect a strong cavalry wing and make it the centerpiece of his armed forces. 

Having decided so, he would then have to go to Britain’s great horse fair and be ruthlessly objective in his examination of each animal, knowing that the future of Camelot might well rest on that very creature’s shoulders.   


envision your most exalted possibilities,

your highest potential achievement

your most deeply and dearly held hopes

for the Highest and Best. 

Set your goal. 

Then literally, practically, ruthlessly,

holding your nose to the necessary grindstone(s),

do the things required to achieve your will  

− if you’re clear that your will is truly for the Highest and Best! 

Own your most amazing and idealistic dreams.  Exert the power YOU possess to pursue them through practical means.  (One horse at a time, if necessary.)  

Bright blessings and amazing achievements!

Quote for the Day:   He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it.  ~ Douglas Adams, from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy [Seemed like a good quote for a Saturday.]

Today’s Weather:  Aneroid hatracks. Tequila mockingbirds with prehensile barometrics, lalala.

On This Date: 1220Sweden is defeated by Estonian tribes in the Battle of Lihula. [And were they embarassed!]


2 Responses to “Tarot Card for the Day ~ August 8”

  1. Donna Allen Says:

    I believe it was you who introduced me to the expression “highest and best” a few years (or more) back. It’s been most helpful to me. Now when I pray for a person, situation, event, etc., I inevitably find myself praying for my highest and best and the highest and best of all.

    We’ve also talked about “manipulative prayer” and how UNHELPFUL or even harmful that can be.

    It is very freeing to do this. The Divine/God knows what’s the highest and best. I surely don’t. It feels like all the bases are covered when I pray this way.

    So…today I pray that I own my power today and all days in whatever way is for my highest and best and the highest and best of all.

    ~ ~ Thanks so much, Neal.

    ~ ~ Blessings, Donna

  2. shamanspath Says:

    Hi, Donna,

    Sounds kind, generous, and for the Highest and Best!



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