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Tarot Card for the Day ~ August 7

August 6, 2009

The Lovers

Gareth & Lyones

This card last turned for us on 7/8.  Today is 8/7.  Numerologically-inclined folk will doubtless make something of that.   With my blessing.

You know it’s been one of those days when the card that comes up is The Lovers and the only things that come into your mind are:

Matt & Ben?

Morticia & Gomez

Oh well.  It’s a Friday.

Anyway, as I have said before when this card turned up, if you REALLY need to know what The Lovers portends as a daily card, you more ’n likely need greater, deeper and more intensive help than I can provide.  Nevertheless…  

Some readers see this card as a harbinger of attraction, love, beauty, and trials overcome.  Others believe it speaks of fidelity.

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, finds lots of wonderful things in this card, among them the blossoming of a valuable and balanced relationship or a connection on a higher level.  [I guess the Matt & Ben thing makes sense after all.  Intuition has a mind of its own.]

So yes, The Lovers is at the very least the card of a good, solid, balanced, loving relationship − one that is comfortable, open and committed, if not necessarily intimate.  Platonic will, in fact, do very nicely. 

When I work with clients and this card comes up, I tell them they are being guided to look for perfect partnerships in whatever areas of life they may be asking about. 

And I remind them to bear in mind that partnerships are not just about people. 

A perfect partnership can be the right romantic partner at the right time, certainly.

 But it can also be

~ the right working relationship (boss or assistant) or

~ the right work,

~ the right opportunity,

~ the right client(s),

~ the right doctor,

~ the right book,

~ the right business location,

~ the right prayer,

~ the right meditative practice,

~ the right sacred space,

~ the right Springer spaniel puppy or even

~ the right Tarot reader [This advertisement brought to you by the committee to keep Neal out of debtor’s prison.  Ima Just Foolin, Secretary.]

So when you have choices to make today, AND in the foreseeable future, look for PERFECT partnership.  You deserve it, and you should not settle for less.

Bright and perfect blessings!

Quote for the day: I don’t like the idea of missionaries.  In fact the whole business fills me with fear and alarm.  I don’t believe in God, or at least not in the one we’ve invented for ourselves in England to fulfill our peculiarly English needs, and certainly not in the ones they’ve invented in America who supply their servants with toupees, television stations and, most importantly, toll-free telephone numbers.  I wish that people who did believe in such things would keep them to themselves and not export them to the developing world.   ~ Douglas Adams, from  Last Chance to See

Today’s Weather:  Aeolians; miniscule frustrated Bjerknes, with moose.

On This Date:  1947 – Thor Heyerdahl’s balsa wood raft the Kon-Tiki, smashes into the reef at Raroia in the Tuamotu Islands after a 101-day, 4375-mile journey across the Pacific Ocean in an attempt to prove that pre-historic peoples could have traveled from South America.