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Tarot Card for the Day ~ August 5

August 4, 2009

King of Spears

King Pellinore

Haven’t seen him since early May.

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of  Legend, the Arthurian Tarot, finds the King of Spears to be a mature man [I suppose these days, for this blog, we should say PERSON] of wisdom, someone with humor and theatrical flair.  [Sort of like a mashup between Barack Obama and George Clooney or John Cleese, maybe?  Or Teddy Kennedy all by himself.]  So keep an eye out for that kind of energy today. Better still, seek to embody it yourself.

I see the King of Spears as the card of the Renaissance Man (or Renaissance Woman)

Look for 

or better still, give yourself permission to have

a restless, joyful, driving curiosity that you allow to take you toward many different fascinations

Here’s my picture of a typical Renaissance Person as represented by this card:

He or she

~ does trigonometry problems for fun and

~ does passable table magic and

~ can conjugate verbs in Latin, French and Japanese or Russian and

~ is on Neil Gaiman’s Twitter follow list and

~ converted a car to biodiesel with no help and

~ understands permaculture and

~ sang backup for Tom Petty in a bar late one night

~ rides a Harley and

~ wrote a published urban fantasy novel and

~ owns a Prius

~ works with Habitat for Humanity

He or she wants to learn

~ French cooking and

~ Feng Shui and 

~ Shamanic Healing and

~ judo and

~ Vedic astrology and

~ Thai massage and

~ book making and

~ classical guitar and

~ how to REALLY make money day trading and

~ how to build a PC by hand and

~ wants to design a line of edgy greeting cards and

~ wants to write a play for Broadway

And so on. 

(And will do so, by the way.) 

But remember, a true Renaissance Person is not just a dibbler-dabbler in lots of things.  The characteristic that distinguishes the Renaissance person is a real commitment to explore deeply, to develop true expertise in the many areas − one at a time if necessary − that appeal.  Patience, deep learning and wisdom, not just faking it or cramming to get by, are required here.

So, if you were to really own up to the Renaissancer in you, what interests, skills, and wisdom would you go after?  Which one first?  How can you start TODAY?

Brightest blessings, joy and wonder!

Quote for the day:    PEOPLE’S WHOLE LIVES DO PASS IN FRONT OF THEIR EYES BEFORE THEY DIE. THE PROCESS IS CALLED ‘LIVING.’  ~ Sir Terry Pratchett, from The Last Continent

          Today’s Weather:  Peccadilloes.  Indulgent moonbeams.

On This Date: 1583Sir Humphrey Gilbert establishes first English colony in North America, at what is now St John’s, Newfoundland.  [All together now: There goes the neighborhood!]

And: 1914 – In Cleveland, Ohio, the first electric traffic light is installed. [It. Figures.]

Tarot Card for the Day ~ August 4

August 4, 2009

The Fool


He’s Baaa-aaack!  And after only about two weeks, too.  That says to me that there is some serious resistance to simply following our bliss.  Or maybe to taking the time to really figure out what our bliss actually is.  But I’ll badger you more about that later.

I’m really grateful this card has come around again, for prolly more reasons than I can count.  But one reason for sure is that I’m still seeing gloominess in a number of wonderful people, friends as well as clients, even though I’m sure they’re working hard to break out of the gray-heavy-blanket-fogs.  

This card certainly speaks to that, because it’s the antithesis to that state of folks lassoing their own private storm clouds, knotting them in place just above their heads and walking around beating themselves with a stick [or a riding crop, if budget permits] while chanting that ever-so-helpful mantra, “Life sucks.  Life sucks.  Life sucks.” 

If these are in fact transformational times (and they are), then that is ZACKLY the wrong thing to do!

So, back to the card. 

Da Ful: this card does not mean that you are a fool or are inevitably going to be foolish today ~ at least not in the way our culture perceives foolishness. 

I call this The Joseph Campbell card.  It’s the card that says, “You.  You.  Yeah, you.  FOLLOW YOUR BLISS.  NOW!  With joy, and hope, and excitement and expectationNOW!

So it’s the card that offers you permission to go off on your personal quest, just like Percivale did. 

The important aspect (and for some of us, the hard work) is:

to actually know what our bliss is. 

And when we get down or times get a little tough, that’s often the first thing that goes RIGHT out the window.

So, as I have written before, this is the somewhat rambling response I’ve given to a few clients when they’ve asked,

“Follow your bliss?

What the hell does that mean?”

You start by knowing what your heart’s true desire is. If necessary, take some time to hone your understanding of what that means to you, for today, anyway.  Do it over an extra cuppa if  that’s all the time you have.  But do it.

Then, no matter how impossible or illogical it may seem −

I’m gonna write a children’s story about an orphan boy who goes to a school for wizards, and it’s going to be so beautifully done it’s going to earn me enough to support myself and my family for the rest of my life.  It’s going to make me the first person to ever earn a billion dollars from writing fiction.  Like that could ever happen!

 − take your first single small step on the path that follows your bliss. 

And see what that leads to

Then take the next step

And see what that leads to.  And so on.

The difference between The Fool and some other Tarot cards that offer permission to follow your own unique path is that The Fool in particular says,

Stay connected to your heart, moment by moment.  Know that your heart may change, and so your direction may change, moment by moment.  But DO NOT allow yourself to think less of yourself, your efforts or your path because of that.  Go where your heart tells you and you will achieve more than most will ever even hope for.”

This is the card of the Sacred Fool, the Holy Fool.  The one who is open to divine inspiration and honors it by following his or her bliss, harm to none and love for all, always.

Let me give you an idea of how The Fool’s gift once applied to me. 

I was watching one of the shows in the second season of “Torchwood” [if you still haven’t picked up on that BBC series, I think you’re missing something. Especially now that season 3 is out on DVD. But start with the first season.]   One of the characters made the point, in a way that hit me harder than I remember most TV shows ever doing , that humans on Earth are almost always at war. We tell ourselves that we are fighting “the war to end war for all time.”  Over and over and over.  

And I was really shaken.  Because, for just a moment, I had a glimpse of humans, with our nearly angelic powers and potentials, side by side with the reality of how we ignore them, or maybe even worse, use them in ways that are just plain selfish, demeaning and stupid, moment by moment.

And I got the very clear message that a big chunk of the problem is that we are following old habits, old programming. NOT following our bliss. Not honoring that which is angelic in us.  Not reaching for that which is for our Highest and Best.  But we can.

And then I came into the office and drew The Fool card and found great blessing in the message that that there is ALWAYS the possibility of doing it all differently

 IF we know our hearts truly

 IF we honor that which truly resonates for the Highest and Best,

which is always one with OUR Highest and Best;  

 IF we follow our bliss.

Wishing you a day of magic, and the sacred, and your true path.

Brightest Blissings!

Quote for the Day:  Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls.  ~ Joseph Campbell

And: Gandhi says create and preserve the image of your choice. The image of my choice is not Beatle George – those who want that can go and see Wings. Why live in the past? Be here now. ~ George Harrison

Today’s Weather:  Tricksy hobbits.  West Country boingers.

On This Date: 1693 – Date traditionally ascribed to Dom Perignon’s invention of Champagne.