Tarot Card for the Day ~ July 30

Two of Cups

Tristram & Isolt

Another card we haven’t seen on the blog before.  There have been a few of them lately.  And, as usual, my interpretation of the card varies some from the norm, which should no longer surprise anybody.

So, a typical reader would respond to this card by suggesting things like friendship, affinity, concord, union, even love.   Some might say it bespeaks a complementary match, or a solid relationship.

Even Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, finds things like the beginning of a trusted partnership, rapport and the forming of strong emotional bonds.

I won’t fight with that. So especially if any of those interpretations resonate with you – in terms of what you’re seeking lately or in terms of what the Universe seems to be offering today – honor it.  Seek it.  Go after it full tilt.  

But when this card has turned up for many clients, the intuitive information that almost always pops out of my mouth is,


Some amazing (or beautiful or tremendously healing or whatever) NEW ENERGY(or opportunity or person or position or vision) is trying to come into your life.

It will, if you let it, sweep you off in a wonderful, beautiful, incredibly positive NEW DIRECTION. 

Let it!” 


Be there! Be open!  Reach out for the NEW coming into your life!  Let yourself be available to receive and pursue it.  NOW!!!! 

Bright blessings and beautiful new directions!

Quote for the Day: I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be.  ~ Douglas Adams

Today’s Weather: Wild flying tofutti; byrds.

On This Date: 762Baghdad is founded.  

And: 1729Baltimore, Maryland is founded. [Coincidence?  That’s what they’d LIKE you to believe.]


8 Responses to “Tarot Card for the Day ~ July 30”

  1. Heather Says:

    I look forward to today, thank you Neal. (appropriate quote, too.)

  2. shamanspath Says:

    Thanks, Heather! Hope it’s fabulous!

  3. Donna Allen Says:

    Not sure why, but as I read your message before leaving the house this morning, it felt like a most welcomed cool breeze on a warm summer day. That feeling of happiness and lightness has stayed with me. So thank you.

    So often we’ve heard the expression “being swept off one’s feet” in terms of a romantic relationship. And while that can feel wonderful, it’s so good to know that that term can also be used in terms of a NEW ENERGY (be it a person, opportunity, position or vision)…or a NEW DIRECTION.

    So, I’ve simply said a little prayer (which I know was heard) that I be open to whatever new direction or energy God might have in mind for me.

    On a side note (for my dreamwork teacher), three nights ago I had a very memorable dream involving a parrot. Very unusual for me. It felt like I understood the meaning of the dream, ended up wanting a parrot feather, and wondering where the heck I’d ever find one. This afternoon I did a session for a friend who told me that she had a healing session yesterday with someone who gave her a parrot feather and that she felt I was supposed to have it. Ain’t Spirit grand!!??

    ~~ So much gratitude, Neal

    ~ ~ Donna

  4. shamanspath Says:

    Thanks, Donna.

    Very, very nice. [Polly wants a Mercedes.]

  5. Catherine Says:

    Tristan and Iseult

    “Now Listen, all you Lords and Ladies…

    to a tale of such love and anguish that your hearts will be wrung with sorrow… for this is the tale of Tristan of Lyonesse and the one whose flawless beauty was destined to run like some drug through his veins right until the hour of his death, even though he fled across the seas and sought forgetfulness in battle. For know you, that such longing is not the child of chance, but is born of the heart’s search for its own reflection and having once found it, the memory of the heart is long”.

    (Tristan & Iseult ~ Forrester Roberts)

    For me, that last sentence *is* the 2 of Cups. I love (no pun intended…) that legend and the book by Forrester Roberts. I bought it in Cornwall on holiday in 2004 and loved it ever since (and Cornwall, it’s a magical place).

    Loving your posts (love is all around isn’t?!)


  6. Donna Allen Says:

    [Yes, Polly REEALLY wants to live in the zone of manifestation, thank you.]

  7. shamanspath Says:

    Dear Catherine,

    Thank you so much, and thank you for the beautiful & inspiring insight from Forrester Roberts. I’ll have to look into that.

    On a more Nealian note, probably the WORST film Richard Burton ever did was a version of Tristan & Isolt. It was near the ned of his life. He played King Mark. The costumer put him in a hat that looked rather like a leather chamber pot.

    Burton must have owed someone a HUGE favor, or been blackmailed, or something.

    Again, thanks so much for the sharing.



  8. shamanspath Says:

    AYYYYmen! AYYYmen! AYYYmen!

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