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Tarot Card for the Day ~ July 17

July 16, 2009

Seven of Cups

The Questing Beast

What a great card for a Saturday!  Even if today is only Friday.  Work it out, people!

This is another card where my interpretation may diverge a tidly, tadly bit from that of other readers.  And I think that’s just fine.

Some see the Seven of Cups as recommending opening to visions through contemplation.  Mustn’t argue with that, ever, unless you’re ready to have the Mafia of Light come after ya.  Some find it betokens that the querent (questioner) has a choice to make, and must decide upon one of various options.

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, sees this card as betokening – among other things − fantasy, whims or perhaps a bizarre turn of events.  Right up my alley.

I see the Seven of Cups as the card of utter, total complete joy and joyful abandon

 There may be some need to stay at least a bit grounded, so you don’t go completely off into the realm of fantasy in a “Wow, look at all the pretty colors/I’ll betcha I can too live on air and rainbow/Right on down the primrose path” kinda scenario.

But this is also the card of Fairy Favors, creativity and clear vision around attaining true desires.  (And, as I said to a client in a reading this afternoon, it really does imply that you’re going to do some meaningful work on defining and owning what your TRUE desires in this life actually are!)

And this is a great, great time to become reacquainted with the Green Fay Friends down garden way, and re-earn the Fairy Favors they can offer.

So go after the joy. Seek it, quest after it, demand it!  And for pity’s sake, at least be sure you can actually define what it is − or what it would be, if you had your druthers − for you.

Let yourself renew your belief in and commitment to your happiness, and be open to the myriad magical ways the universe may have to bring it to you.  Let yourself be open to surprises and miracles in that regard.  And open to a little Fairy Magic today!

Joy!  Joy!  Joy!

Bright blessings!  And don’t forget joy!

Quote for the day:    Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.  ~ Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Today’s Weather:  Hinky gnarly bandersnatchisms; regulatory edema.

On This Date:  1717 – King George I of Great Britain sails down the Thames River with a barge of 50 musicians, where George Frideric Handel‘s Water Music is premiered.