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Tarot Card for the Day ~ July 14

July 13, 2009

Knight of Cups


 This fellow showed up for us just about two weeks ago, and less than a week before that.  Assuming that we really WERE paying attention after all, I guess this must be a pretty important card for the energy around just now.

I think of this as the card of the sacred quest

[Oh.  Yeah.  I guess that WOULD be kinda important lately, huh?]

Therefore, if you have been feeling that your life really isn’t going in the direction you and God (or The Universe, the Universal Life Force, the Big Enchilada, Madonna, The Voice of John Cleese, George Clooney – whoever) agreed to before you accepted birth this time around:


Don’t you think it’s time to reconnect and GET GOING?

Some readers might interpret the Knight of Cups as the coming of a messenger, advancement in the world, or a graceful but not warlike person of great masculine energy [think Baryshnikov, I guess].  Others could say it indicates someone (maybe you?) ingenious, full of original ideas.

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck I use, feels this card betokens a tempting proposal which deserves serious consideration.  Also, an approaching opportunity for advancement.  Or an unexpected gift.  So if something like that crosses your path today, assume you deserve it, accept it fully and gratefully, and run with it! 

I still like my intuitive interpretation best.

Think upon the commitments for this lifetime

                                        that you made before you came into being. 

 Determine the next few steps

                                        to keep you moving along that path –


or the first steps that will be necessary

                                         to move you back onto that path. 


Bright blessings and remembrance of your sacred self!  

 Quote for the Day: “When your Daemon is in charge, do not try to think consciously.  Drift, wait and obey.  ~ Rudyard Kipling 

Today’s Weather:  Witherspoon dodo camouflage; huddleby houndbounders.  

On This Date: 1789French Revolution: Citizens of Paris storm the Bastille and free seven prisoners (soldiers who had refused to fire on commoners during a demonstration).

Also:  1965 – The Mariner 4 flyby of Mars takes the first close-up photos of another planet.