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Tarot Card for the Day ~ June 21

June 20, 2009

Two of Swords

The Knight of Two Swords

A card we haven’t seen since I began this blog last September.  And a card that is given vastly different meanings depending on the reader and the circumstances of the reading.

Some readers would say this card indicates something like courage or balance in the face of adversity.  Others might suggest that a solution to a problem is available to the questioner, but he or she is blinded or distracted and can’t see it, and be careful about being stubborn.

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck, finds in the Two of Swords such things as having to make a choice without benefit of foresight, a moment of indecision, and a clouded perception of options.

That last phrase is the one that comes closest to my experience of what the card offers.

When the Two of Swords turns up for a client, I’m most likely to say something like, “Someone, possibly Khalil Gibran, wrote that the strength of the enemy is in our hearts, not in the enemy’s hands.” 

 So if there is something you would achieve, and there seems to be great opposition arrayed against you, don’t let yourself be discouraged or dismayed.  Take a moment to become very clear about your goal –at least as clear as you can beTake a deep breath or two.  Square your shoulders and wade into battle.  That which seemed to be arrayed against you may simply turn to mist or smoke and allow you to pass through it like beams of pure light through a hologram.

Know your goal.  Keep your courage up.  Ground.  Center.  Move forward with strength and a go after what you believe to be for the highest and best! 

Bright blessings, clarity and progress! 

Today’s Quote: Greebo’s technique was unscientific and wouldn’t have stood a chance against any decent swordmanship, but on his side was the fact that it is almost impossible to develop decent swordmanship when you seem to have run into a food mixer that is biting your ear off.  ~ Terry Pratchett,  from Witches Abroad

Also:  You mean the days start getting shorter again?  Aw, mayin!!!  ~ Neal

Today’s Weather:  Spongey; mildly observant crustaceans

 On This Date: 2004SpaceShipOne becomes the first privately funded spaceplane to achieve spaceflight.

Tarot card for the Day ~ June 20

June 20, 2009

The Sun


[No way!]


[No way!!]


[No WAY!]

[Yes, way!  Way!  Way!  Way!]

Yes, this really is the card that turned up for today  −  absolutely THE perfect card for the Summer Solstice!

There is so much hope in this card!

And that’s something we can all use lately, especially as the harbinger card on the turn of a season.

Anyway, this is a great card for any day, especially a summer day.  And it’s a card that has come up frequently since at least March (3/12, 4/12, 5/14, 6/1, 6/20), so it would behoove us all [you BET, even me] to pay some attention.

It’s especially aimed at those − like I am, without any question or possible hope of plausible deniability − who would be deliriously happy with a card that says, “Grab a double espresso or two.  Crawl into a corduroy-lined hole till that bright, shiny thing in the sky dims a bit.  Then check to see if it’s safe to come out.”

Unh –UH!  NO!NO!NO! 

[God, Neal will you PLEASE turn down the print?  You’re giving yourself a headache.]  [Sorry.]

On this Saturday of the Summer Solstice, it’s also appropriate for people [again, like me] who have been saying things like, “This isn’t working.  It really, really isn’t working.  What am I doing wrong?  In fact, what am I doing?  This just doesn’t seem to be working.”

Well, let’s all pay attention.  On this Saturday morning, the Universal Sun will be cruising just outside all our bedroom windows, saying,

“Hey!  HEY!!!!!!!! 

“The sweet woodruff is up and scenting the air!  The roses and peonies are still in bloom.  Tony down the street is showing off his first tomatoes of the season.  The robins and sparrows are dive bombing each other for seed.   The hawks are tying on bibs.  The cocker spaniel is yawning at the squirrels, and wondering why you don’t chase them for her.

“It really is amazingly beautiful out here!!  And there is so much AMAZING potential if we just open to it and connect!  LOOOOOOVE Your World!  Love Your Self!  LOOOOOOOOVE Your LIFE!  Yesterday’s gone.  Go after you most beautiful and beloved wishes!  Nooooow!!!!!!!!!!




A few specifics?

Okay.  Fine.  Be that way.  But only because it’s the Solstice.  You should remember from last time.  [Why?  Like I do?]

It doesn’t take too much work to figure out that The Sun betokens joy, light, and clarity of vision.  Not to mention material happiness and general contentmentA really lovely offering for any day, no?  So OWN that!

For me, The Sun is one of the two great wish cards of the deck. 

It says,

“You shall have happiness, health, wealth, peace and all good things

IF you are clear within yourself about what your wishes truly are

(now, not yesterday, not last year, not a decade ago)

AND you hold true to those wishes, moment by moment by moment.” 

After all, the Universe can only give back to you what you put out as vibration.


And the Universe will judge that in part by that to which you GIVE YOUR ATTENTION, moment by moment by moment.  Right?  Right?  Right!

(By the way, in some interpretations, The Sun betokens an engagement. So if you’ve wanted to pop the question… just be sure it’s what you REALLY WISH!)

What is your wish? 

What are your wishes? 

How can you stay conscious of those wishes as you go through your day? 

How can you honor those wishes? 

Hold your wishes as your focus − even as you go through all the activity, priorities and sheer STUFF you must attend to as you do what you must to deal with your day. 


See the beauty. 


Brightest, blessings and superb wishcraft!

Quote for the day:  The Monks of Cool, whose tiny and exclusive monastery is hidden in a really cool and laid-back valley in the lower Ramtops, have a passing-out test for a novice. He is taken into a room full of all types of clothing and asked: Yo, my son, which of these is the most stylish thing to wear? And the correct answer is: Hey, whatever I select.  ~ Terry Pratchett, from Lords and Ladies

Today’s Weather:  Dancing, dreaming, streaming

On This Date: 451Battle of Chalons: Flavius Aetius defeats Attila the Hun.  Also, the year and day of the death of Theodorid, King of the Visigoths.  Hell of a day for hairy guys with swords, no?