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Tarot Card for the Day ~ June 9

June 8, 2009

Five of Shields

The Wasteland

Saw this one a few weeks ago.  Makes sense, given that some people are moving beyond the fears that had been shaping their lives for a while.  Even the guy that cuts my hair says things are beginning to pick back up a bit.  

As I have said before:

Hmmmm….  Another card for which my reading is based more on my intuitive response to the Anna-Marie Ferguson illustration than on the traditional interpretation.

When I see the Five of Shields in a reading, I usually say something like, “Hey!  Good news!  If you feel like you’ve been wandering in the wasteland, YOU REALLY HAVE BEEN.  You’re not just whining!”  [Some of us need to hear that more than others.]

Even more important, this card indicates that it is now possible – and you are now ready – to move from the wasteland to the High Green Land.  But you must be conscious and make choices, moment by moment, that will carry you there. 

Of course, that would imply you have a pretty good idea WHAT the High Green Land would be for you compared to what you might have now.

“Something at least a touch better” isn’t really sufficient for the Universe to home in on.  It just isn’t.  And in my case, “something that would make Buckingham Palace look like a trailer park,” while swell, is a bit more nebulous and maybe a tad too much of a jump for the Universe to help me with. 

After all, if I can’t believe in it, why should I expect the Universe to bring it as a nice liddla giftee, eh?

Know you can move from The Wasteland.  Know the direction to the High Green Land.  Make the choices and take the steps, one by one, that will take you there.

Okay, maybe it’s important that I share some of the more traditional meanings that readers and scholars have given to this card.  They are things like exhaustion of resources, temporary hardship, material difficulties, blah, blah, blah, blah, hooey. 

That certainly seems to be in the news all over the place this year.  So, as metaphysicians, or at least as people who read a daily Tarot card, how do we not give in to such surrounding energy and get sucked down the tube?

First of all, we remember that what may be typical, even what may seem absolutely inescapable for the majority, is not necessarily true for any single individual, especially us! 

After all, during the worst of the Great Depression there were folks calling, “Drive on, Rodolfo!” as they tooled around in limousines from mansion to club to ocean liner.  And some of those most famous were NEWLY MINTED millionaires.  And some of  them were very compassionate people.  They simply refused to doubt themselves or give over their dreams to hopelessness and distress – or to the norm. 

Second, we affirm to ourselves exactly how much potential there is in us, and there is in life FOR us and for us to share with those we love.  Remember that in ultimate truth THERE IS NO LACK, and we have the capacity to experience that!

Third, we stay strongly enough connected to spiritual truth and to Light to remember that whatever may happen to the entire world, we are okay and we will be okay. 

[I know.  Even I have days where I say to myself, “Man!  What if the world goes up in smoke and I have to incarnate on a planet where all humanoid beings have khaki fur, smell of mothballs, sound like W. Bush and accept sniffing gasoline fumes as THE religion?”]  See?  It could be worse, right? 

So, once again:

Know that you can move from The Wasteland.  Know the direction to the High Green Land.  Make the choices and take the steps, one by one, that will take you there.

Bright blessings and incredible, miraculous deliriously happy progress! 

Quote for the Day:    Somebody said to me, “But the Beatles were anti- materialistic.”  That’s a huge myth.  John and I literally used to sit down and say, “Now, let’s write a swimming pool.” ~ Sir Paul McCartney

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